Highline School District may sell ‘surplus’ property to Burien; hearing is June 26

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The Highline School District announced Thursday (May 30) that it is considering selling a ‘surplus’ property to the City of Burien, and will be holding a public hearing starting at 6 p.m. on Jun 26 at the ERAC Building.

The property – located at 1010 S. 146th Street in Burien (map below) – is considered “surplus because it is neither necessary for nor required for school purposes.”

Here’s the full announcement:

The Board of Directors (the “Board”) of Highline School District No. 401 (the “School District”) intends to hold a hearing on June 26, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. at Highline School District ERAC building; 15675 Ambaum Blvd. S.W., Burien, WA.

The purposes of the hearing will be (a) to declare a portion of real property located at 1010 S. 146th St., in the City of Burien, County of King, Washington (the “Property”), as surplus because it is neither necessary for nor required for school purposes, and (b) to authorize the sale of the Property to the City of Burien pursuant to Chapter 39.33 RCW, the Intergovernmental Disposition of Property Act. The proposed use of the Property is for development of the Northeast Redevelopment Area (“NERA”).

The Property is legally described as follows:

That portion of the northeast quarter of the northwest quarter of the northeast quarter lying northwesterly of S. 144th Way and northerly of S. 146th Street.

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6 Responses to “Highline School District may sell ‘surplus’ property to Burien; hearing is June 26”
  1. Ann B says:

    What does Burien want with that property?
    How much is it going to cost?
    Where are we going to get the $$$?

  2. May says:

    Ann B…..

    Yours are smart questions….maybe I can answer.

    Brian Bennett is a big donator to Joey Martinez (PDC website) = Public Disclosure Commission.
    Joey Martinez also gets donation from a family by the name of Enghusen. Leia works for CBre (Richard Ellis Real Estate) . Erik and Barb Enghusen work for the Highline School District, Who their friends are on the Highline Board are ? …one can only imagine.

    Here is what I believe. The city of Burien is paying from the citizens tax money for the property to Highline School District. After that I believe, this property will be sold to one of their developer friends and turned into apt or condos. If it turns into apt, their friends will make income forever. if it turns into condos they get money for the units sold.

    • Joey Martinez says:

      May your “jump to conclusions” game is amazing and astounding.

      My wife’s maiden name is “Enghusen”. Jump to that conclusion please.

      Similarly to the contributions from California… I am originally from East Los Angeles and most of my family remains in California, more jumping please. I do have some family in Boulevard Park, any jumping for that?

      You ever ask a family member for help May? I happen to have a BIG family in California (we’re good Catholics) and I asked them for help in my campaign. I also asked my wife’s family…

      I welcome all comments and criticisms about me and where I stand, HOWEVER, I draw the line at family.

      You May, have crossed the line.

      Joey Martinez

      • Joey Martinez says:

        Still on my family May…. drop it.

        But since you MUST have more info for your conspiracy theories…

        My mother-in-law was until recently an office assistant and is now an Executive Secretary – if her boss is able to do his job more efficiently you’re helping me and my friends out..

        My brother-in-law is a union electrician. If your kids can safely read in school due to lighting you’re helping me and my friends out.

        My wife works in Human Resources. If a teacher is able to go on FML or retire, they’re helping me and my friends out.

        My dad is a Union truck driver – if you eat frozen foods you’re helping me and my friends out.

        My mom works in the fields – Oranges,if you buy California Navel oranges you’re helping me and my friends out.

        My brother is an oil worker (roughneck) in California. If you drive a car, use plastic, or a million other things oil is used for you’re helping me and my friends out.

        Leia is a facilities manager for Group Health, who contracts facilities maintenance to —– CBRE. If you use Group Health services you’re helping me and my friends out.

        Interesting indeed.

        I do hope I’ve stoked your paranoid conspiracies enough May.

        Joey Martinez

        • TbC says:

          +It all makes sense to me now, May! I’m glad to know who is REALLY behind Joey. A real snake in the grass that one!

        • shari says:

          And yet we all wonder why ‘nobody good ever runs for office anymore.’ I havent agreed with you on everything, Joey, but I admire your response.

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