CONFIRMED: Burien City Manager Mike Martin will take job in Lynden

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UPDATE 6/13/13 10 a.m.: BTB Senior Writer Ralph Nichols spoke with Burien City Manager Mike Martin Thursday morning (June 13), and it’s confirmed – Martin told him he “is planning to take” the city administrator position in Lynden, WA.

PREVIOUSLY: According to a Tweet sent out by Christian Hill of the Tacoma News Tribune at 3 p.m. Wednesday afternoon (June 12), Burien City Manager Mike Martin has taken a job in Lynden, WA:

As we previously reported, Martin was a finalist for the same gig in Lakewood as well.

Lynden is a small city of 11,951, located in Whatcom County just five miles south of the Canadian border (map below).

According to Wikipedia:

The town is noted for its manicured lawns, Dutch/European architecture and abundance of churches. In August, the Northwest Washington Fair lures over 200,000 people, and allows Whatcom County residents to display their agricultural products, art, crafts and wares. This regional fair is highly regarded as one of the best family friendly fairs in the state.

In 2005, Lynden gained renown for its infamous Lynden Drug Tunnel, built by a band of Canadian drug-smugglers in the basement of a residence 5 miles north of Lynden along the Canadian border.

This story is developing, so check back for updates…

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18 Responses to “CONFIRMED: Burien City Manager Mike Martin will take job in Lynden”
  1. Burienite says:

    Best of luck to him if this is indeed true. While I disagree with quite a few of the actions and endeavors he initiated, I do not stand with the hate-filled crowd who vilified him.

    Let the vetting begin for a new city manager. Hopefully a new manager and a clean slate will get Burien rolling forward at a better pace. Looking forward to new visions.

    • Joanne says:

      I so agree with your statement. Mr. Martin is one of the best of the best, and his departure Leaves me feeling great unease about the future of this city. His multi- faceted city management experience and successes in leadership have contributed to the sculpting of a New Burien with a positive pathway to the future. To Mr Martin I give my thanks for all you have done for Burien and its residents, and wish for you the very best.

  2. TbC says:

    I hate the new city manager already

    • TcB says:

      WHAT? you’ve got to be kidding? He’s wonderful. There nothing wrong in Burien. All is well. You are always so negative. You need to look through my glasses. Everything is rosey when I wear them. I’m off to Lake Burien park to smell the dandelions.Tweedle dee dum dum la ti da.

  3. Fred says:

    If this Tweet is really correct then I say good luck to poor old Lynden. They can expect that their citizen advisory boards will be destroyed. Citizen voices will be discounted at council meetings and cruel and mean spirited programs for animal control will be installed in their city. Eventually their City Council and advisory boards will be encouraged to meet less and less times per month and to give more and more power over to the control of the City Manager. The reports on their budget will erode to such a point that they will not even be able to follow what is going on in their own city. Old time city staff members will be forced to leave the city and the historical information that they had to run the city will leave with them also. City ordinances will no longer be enforced and they can expect no consistent answers from their city hall.

    The City Council, police and fire service will all be Mike’s own council, police and fire service. The citizens will no longer have any ownership of what had always been theirs. If they dare to raise any questions, they can expect to hear the lines, “Game’s over. End of the Discussion.”

    But in the meantime, Burien has been left with no plan for what happens when this City Manager leaves. The council majority of four can be blamed for this lack of planning and accountablity from Mr. Martin. The other three minority council members asked for a plan to be put in place but were out shouted on this issue. Not very smart planning for the future by Joan, Rose, Brian and Jerry.

    • Laura Stiles says:

      I think we can all see who is “cruel and mean spirited” here in B-town – take a look in the mirror “Fred,” or whoever the hell you are.

      • Mary says:

        Laurie or whoever you are.
        We need people like Fred a lot more than people who are in denial that just attack other people.
        Wearing a blindfold and refusing to acknowledge to whats going on in our city gov’t enabling the current cronyism and lack of accountability on our council.
        That’s what I would define as mean spirited.

    • Erin M says:

      Luckily the position up north is not a managerial position – only administration- luckily there is a difference between the two and luckily the size of the City is much smaller than what he was used to before…citizens/residents/people in general will be watching him …CLOSELY….

  4. Ghost of Maplewild says:

    What is the timeline for his departure? What plan does the council have in place to replace him? I thought Jack brought up the idea of having a plan in place for just such a situation.

  5. Well until we get NEW council members in chances are more than likely mike already has his “croony” picked out, seeing how 4 of the council members are “mike fans” that person will be voted/hired in.

    @Fred, this is why it is so important to find out who is running for council.

    Like I said I am already interviewing.

    Not impresses with Laura or Joey.



  6. Fred says:

    To Laura Stiles-

    Cruel and mean spirited animal control is writing contracts for animal control that you know the funding can’t provide quality animal control with. Then threatening and intimidating the provider (like Dr. Lesie Kasper) if she dares to speak out about the situation. It means writing still second contact for the same dollar amount that negects all of the other animals in the city except for dogs at the same ridiculous dollars amount that you know animal control can’t be done for.

    It means hiring a provider who has no skill or training to care for the animals. And when the three people who were originally on the board and part of the team complain about what is unethical about the situation, you threaten, intimidate and fire them also.

    Cruel and mean spirited means knowingly admitting three years later at a City Council meeting that all the time you knew that animal control could never have been provided for the ridiculous amount you wrote the contract for. Both Mike Martin and Joan McGilton admitted to that at a recent city council meeting. But they both liked the deal because it was cheap for the city but hard on the animals and provider.

    Cruel and mean spirited is constantly saying that the city has no obligation to provide any animal control to try to intimidate any citizens who might speak out on the issue. And the list of cruel and mean spirited examples could go on for another page.

    So Laura Stiles do you go to McLendons hardware to get a cavity in your tooth drilled because it is cheap or do you go to a real dentist? That is how low and uncaring the ethics have been about animal control in this city by the City Manager and some council members.

    If you ever take the time to remove your big ” I love Ray Helms, the dog catcher” blinders, you might consider looking at yourself in the mirror also.

  7. Interested says:

    In reading the above comments it is nice to notice that there are still some well mannered people in Burien and /or looking at things. I have noticed that the self appointed experts and complainers keep saying they represent the people of Burien. I hope that the Burien voters when election comes will remember that Hitler and all the Russian leaders claimed they represented the people! In the last council election less than 50% of the registered voters voted and does that show a representation of the people of Burien? I hope that in these new elections that a larger number of voters will vote. If you don’t vote then you will deserve whatever happens. I have heard most of the present council called names and verbal abused. Yet over the past years there seems to have done a good job over all in running the city. Now with Lucy’s anti everything thinking and Edgars negative approach and Blocks rabbit jumps you could get a council that would totally destroy Burien. Also if the present council got God to take the city managers job and the complainers and self appointed experts could not control him then they would bitch again. Hope you have a good election . You will need it.

    • Not Interested says:

      Interested : Your post shows the only thing you are interested in is maintaining the status quo and cronyism we have in Burien. I suspect you are JJ Grieve> its exactly the same kind of pro martin pro cronyism pro annexation propaganda you have been spewing for years.

    • Flashdog says:

      I couldn’t let that slam on Lucy Krakowiak and Bob Edgars go by. I haven’t talked to Lucy in over a year, but she used to be my neighbor. She is one of the most positive and upbeat people I know. She has a strong tendency to face every problem by looking for a constructive solution. You’re right, Interested, for the past few years, Lucy has been anti-everything that comes up in the council: anti-annexation that would cause the city serious financial problems, anti-wards that would result in undesireable council members having unlimited terms, anti-skipping the bid process and awarding an animal control contract to a restaurant manager with no animal knowledge or experience, and so many more. I know how out of character it is for Lucy to be negative. Furthermore, it would be so much easier to just go along with what the majority wants. So, this seems like a good time to say THANK YOU, LUCY, for doing the hard, disagreeable work of taking a stand against bad plans that would make life miserable for all of us. Let’s vote in some GOOD council members who can give Lucy and all the rest of us something to be POSITVE about.

  8. Truth says:

    Flashdog: Well said .. I ditto that. Kudos to Lucy and Bob for being the kind of council members that unlike the Rose’s and Joan’s on the council actually stand up for the residents.

  9. Hotrodgal says:

    haha…I can see the headlines now. “Majority of Burien City Council moves to Lynden in the wake of City Managers new appointment..”

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