LETTER: Candidate upset City of Burien excluded her from its Newsletter

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The B-Town Blog nor its staff:]

Letter to the Editor:

This Wednesday, the City of Burien sent out a newsletter to its approximately 48,000 residents and on the front page of that newsletter, it failed to list me as a candidate for Council. The information for who is running in the Council election comes directly from the King County Elections website. So I find it strange that my name was excluded from the list shown in the city newsletter. When I called the city for an explanation, they couldn’t explain why this error had occurred and they refused to send out a mailing correction for their error.

Now the dilemma here is that the city does not consider the blogs to be valid media sources so they are only willing to correct their error in the Highline Times and on the city website. If we are to believe the city’s surveys, only 20% of the Burien citizens get their information from the Highline Times and only 33% of Burien citizens have a computer that they get their information from. So this error in the city newsletter of not listing me as a candidate puts me at a disadvantage to the other candidates that have been announced as candidates by the city. Please tell your friends, family and neighbors that I am still running for Position #3 on the Council.

As I noted earlier in the week, the city has made it very difficult for the candidates to know at which of the city events candidates are allowed to meet and introduce themselves to the citizens. I have been clearly told that this is not allowed at the Strawberry Festival, etc. Based on how election business is allowed in the city, it is no wonder that incumbent candidates have an edge over new candidates in Burien elections. If your name is missed in the city newsletter, thousands of citizens don’t know you are running because 80% of the citizens don’t read the Highline Times. See the Letter that I wrote this week— and my announcement to run— here.

One of the reasons that I decided to run for City Council was because I was concerned about how citizens and businesses were dealt with by the city, how information was not fairly disseminated to citizens, how government and Council activities were not transparent to the citizens and how citizen and business concerns were ignored by some of the Council members. These last two situations, which I have just experienced and written to the blog and newspaper about this week, are perfect examples of how citizens aren’t being communicated well with by the city.

While the City Manager has just announced he is leaving, there are still major changes that have to happen to the Council to improve service to the city and its citizens. If elected, I will work to improve the quality of communication that citizens are given in the City of Burien. As a taxpayer (who pays a lot of taxes in Burien), I am very disappointed in how I have been treated by the city. Initially, I was not even offered an apology by the city for their error. Citizens deserve better treatment. I would appreciate your vote in this election.

Debi Wagner
Candidate for Position #3 for the Burien City Council

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20 Responses to “LETTER: Candidate upset City of Burien excluded her from its Newsletter”
  1. PanderBear Jack says:

    Two letters from the same candidate in the same week. Same subject matter playing the “poor me” victim.

    To Fred: (before you get a chance to comment)
    Would you comment if this person wasn’t a lake Burien candidate?

    To Mary/Marty/William/Poitras…
    Register to vote yet?

    • John Poitras says:

      Gordon Shaw or Pandering Bear whoever you are calling yourself today. How about addressing the point of this posting instead of continuing your incessant whining and complaining about citizens that happen to live near Lake Burien. What is your problem Gordon, still feeling petulant about being drummed out of office by Bob Edgar? I think the voters have made it pretty clear how they feel about you. I am guessing thats why your not running this time. Feeling a bit on edge now that your crony Mike Martin is leaving which reduces your influence in our city business? Just wait until your cronies Joan and Rose get taken out ,then the only influence you will have left is Robison. I can hardly wait. Debi will make a great council member and I suspect your influence over her will be less than zero.

      • TcB says:

        “We don’t like the council we have because they aren’t responsive to us, just wait until we can put in a bunch of people who aren’t responsive to you”

        That’s what you are saying. Believe it.

  2. TcB says:

    Oh! Smack to the down!!

  3. TbC says:

    See everyone! there is nothing wrong in Burien. If pander sez all is well and fair then it must be! I’m with Pander.

  4. Fred says:

    PanderBear Jack and TcB are politicians or want to be politicans, blog trollers. Their main objective is to create flame wars, distract from the topic of the blog letter and generate hate factions in the community or on the blog site. They never provide factual information that adds to the topic of the blog string.

    Yes, the city has an obligation to get the correct information out to the candidates,voters and citizens of Burien. There is no excuse for sloppy workmanship at tax payer expense. And no Debi Wagner is not playing the poor victim but pointing out how the city needs to improve its communications with its citizens. If Joan McGilton’s or Rose Clark’s name had been omitted from the city newsletter, you can bet Steve B. or MIke Martin would have immediately corrected the error and would be wondering how long he would be keeping his job.

    Both PanderBear Jack and TCB need to consider getting real employment rather than constantly flaming on the blogs. Our city does not have voting wards or district. Candidates are elected at large and represent all of the neighborhoods in Burien. Constant paranoia and preoccupation about one or two neighborhoods in Burien suggests the need for Prozac medication for the trollers.

    • Coverofnight says:

      I agree Fred, SlanderBear Jack is, as I’ve said before, all tongue and no teeth! He needs to just stay home and lick himself……!

      I’ve always felt that our local government operates with the same deceit and underhandedness that the dems operate on the state and national level. I feel that this omission is a deliberate effort, with no accountability (you’ll notice there’s no contact information on an editor in the directory on Page 2), to deny Debi Wagner equal and fair participation in this election announcement. I have seen misprints in an Eastern Washington district immediately rectified (though at additional taxpayer expense) with corrected mailings in the interest of being fair – this should be done here as it is such an important election. Unfortunately, it appears that the city refuses to do this which only adds insult to injury. If we were to press for responsibility, we’ll probably be told that it was a “rogue” employee!

      I am excited that true advocates for the people, Debi Wagner and Chuck Rangel, are running for council positions and I urge fellow citizens to donate to their campaigns.

  5. TcB says:

    Pot is introduced to Kettle. Pot says “Hey, you’re black!” Kettle says “So are you!’

    Please don’t try to reduce me to some non-person. I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me.

  6. SD says:

    Debi, thanks for the confirmation that you’re still running for Position #3. I hope to meet you at one of the community events this summer.

  7. Ray Ray says:

    Does Debi Wagner ever stop whining?

    • annatourinsky says:

      She never seems to have anything positive to say – about our city or her agenda. Compromise is the hallmark of politics and I fear she will further alienate our citizenry.

      • Mike says:

        IMO Debi sees that the current majority council and manager have been less than transparent. If you or anyone else was left off a mailing by the city you would feel the same way. Burien politics has become less and less transparent since Martin and his cronies took over. Whining? I think not. Just stating the facts. Burien not willing to make it right? Just more proof they are not transparent and hiding something.

      • Mary says:

        Annainsky: What city have you been living in? NOT BURIEN obviously.
        Cronyism is the hallmark of our current majority on the council. LACK of COMPROMISE has been the over riding theme of their administration. Its their way or the highway regardless of what the residents might wish. They have already alienated our citizenry and thats why they are going to be taken out this November. We need new blood and people that actually care about transparency and accountability like Debi Wagner.
        I think we can safely say that with Joan and Rose out of office and Martin gone the city will not be embarking on unaffordable unpopular attempts to force annexation down the throats of our residents and the residents of area Y.

  8. jimmy says:

    wow debi you dident even post your name until the bottom of your letter complaining about your name not being in a news letter it seems like you just want people read about your problems other than your poltical plans you tend to just complain about anything yes some one made a mistake and left your name out the news letter it does not mean that some one is out to get you we are humen we make mistake’s some times we not all perfect it happens there probly a lot better way of fixing this then post letters to editor on every local site you could of just call who ever puts the news letter together ask them what happened you don’t need to go pubic with every little mistake whats next if you get curly fries and you order regurl fries are you going post a letter to editor

    • Coverofnight says:

      jimmy, it’s called punctuation……this letter is one of the reasons we never should have legalized marijuana!

    • TcB says:

      Don’t let them get to you. ee cummings didn’t use punctuation either and he’s famous.

    • Jimbo says:

      Jimmy I have never seen you post anything on this blog that was not a direct attack on people that opposed annexation or think that Mike Martin was a crummy city manager.
      I have never seen you post a letter to the editor. Is that because all you want to do is whine and complain or because in fact you have nothing constructive to say.

  9. Seahurst Relic says:

    So, sounds like many of you would not be upset if you were running for Public Office and the city failed to recognize you on there candidate announcement?? That’s whining? How dare Debi Wagner expect to get fair treatment. Doesn’t she know that she will receive our votes through osmosis? Hang in there Deb, the Panda Bear Jacks of Burien are slowly but surely being put out to pasture, you’ll do fine!

  10. TcB says:

    ironically, being left off the newsletter has allowed Debi Wagner to get far more exposure through her letters to the Highline Times and B-Town Blog than if she were just on the newsletter. I expect she will milk this for all its worth. Demands for public apology, demands for special printed notice of campaign to be mailed out to all citizens, continued letters of disenfranchisement during the entirety of the campaign, etc.

    This is the best thing that could have happened to her.

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