LETTER: Did candidates violate city’s rules at the Wild Strawberry Festival?

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The B-Town Blog nor its staff:]

Letter to the Editor:

When one candidate running for a City Council position recently contacted the City of Burien about political booths for the Strawberry Festival, that candidate was told that no political campaigning promoting individuals, an issue or party was allowed from booths at the event. This was the city’s policy. The only thing that political groups or individuals could do from the booths was to provide general information to educate the public on things like where to vote or how to register to vote.

However, Joey Martinez, the 33rd Dems, 34th Dems and two potential Port Commissioners violated the city rules for the festival and directly distributed campaign materials for a specific candidate. None of these booths were registering voters or explaining rules for voting. City staff were at the festival and could easily have stopped this material from being handed out or closed the renter’s booth down. They did nothing.

This demonstrates what Dick West (Burien Citizen) has been speaking about repeatedly at Council meetings. The City of Burien makes rules and ordinances and then selectively enforces them for only some individuals or businesses. For other individuals and businesses, it enforces them vigorously. This is not how consistent, honest and transparent government works and it creates a general distrust and disrespect of the government and how it operates in Burien.

So my question is; what is the city going to do to those booth renters that violated the rules for booths at the Strawberry festival? John Creighton, Courtney Gregoire, Joey Martinez, the 34th Dems and the 33rd Dems?

If the city intends to do nothing about rules and ordinances, why make them?

If the city enforces them for only some parties then this demonstrates a clear prejudice in favor of some citizens and something doesn’t smell right about that. Also if the city only stated the rules to some of the renters and then neglected to post or give the rules to other renters or potential renters, the city needs to clear up how it does business during its events. I believe that this is the responsibility of Michael Lafreniere, Director of Parks and Recreation and it appeared that he and his staff did nothing about this issue during the festival.

The Council and city staff have a responsibility to make sure that ordinances and rules are enforced equally and fairly for all citizens, candidates and businesses.

– R. DeLorm

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33 Responses to “LETTER: Did candidates violate city’s rules at the Wild Strawberry Festival?”
  1. Kex says:

    Joey Martinez, here is a question for you. Why would you knowingly take advantage of an opportunity to promote your campaign when you know that the city had told other candidates this is not allowed? Mr. Martinez, do you believe that the rules should apply to some people and not others? Is that what your campaign is about?

    • Coverofnight says:

      This is the typical democrat/arrogant BHO disregard for rules played out on our local level. While many of the candidates have elected to stay off this blog for awhile, I know that they still monitor the comments/issues that are discussed. So, as this issue (no political campaigning, etc. at the festival) was brought up and discussed in this blog, it’s a safe bet that Joey Moretaxes knew the rules, but ignored them anyway. I suspect he had the blessing of the Hole-in-the-Head gang and their minions on the city payroll to look the other way…….oh, those rogue employees!

      As usual, there will be no backlash against these actions – only our calling of attention to the inequities, unfairness, lack of accountability, transparency and responsiveness by the current city administration toward the taxpayers. Voters, don’t forget this event as it’s probably the first of many to come by those who don’t have your best interests at heart (do you hear that Moretaxes? And Joey, what’s up with all the contributions from California? http://www.pdc.wa.gov/qviewreports/results.aspx?rpt=http://hera.pdc.wa.gov/PublicAppXtender/ISubmitQuery.aspx?DSN=IMAGE&AppName=PDC&FILER+NAME=MARTINEZ+JOEY+A*&OFFICE+SOUGHT=CITY+COUNCIL+MEMBER&ELECTION+YEAR=2013)

  2. SD says:

    Your letter speaks volumes. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

  3. John Poitras says:

    Lets hope with the departure of Mike Martin we will see an improvement in transparency and equal treatment vs the cronyism and mutual back scratching we have now.

  4. What a person does in order to win says a lot about their character.

  5. dcollier says:

    I could not agree with you more, Pat. And yet one of the council members hid the fact that there was a restraining order against him and his wife for harassing a neighbor. The press would not print the story for fear it would change the outcome of the election. I agree, who would vote for someone who cannot get along with their neighbors and then chooses to harass them. I am afraid there are members of the council with things to hide.

    • Marty says:


      You speak with a forked tongue and in fact you don’t have a clue what you are talking about. You are in fact lying about Bob and Chestine. It does not take much thought to figure out that you are a pro annexation sore loser who with the departure of Mike Martin (your pro annexation champion) has got you wanting to find someone to blame.
      Its likely that the only other pro annexation council members Rose and Joan will be thrown out of office so you have no one left to push your agenda and thank God for that.

  6. Fred says:

    Probably every person who uses this blog site has information about their personal life that they don’t feel is appropiate for the media producers in the City of Burien to write articles about and publish to the entire world. Most of the respondents to this blog site don’t even give their correct or full name such as; Daniel Bone, Daniel Boone, Ray Ray, jimmy, Dr. Mc Dreamy, outsider, by stander, TcB TbC, dcollier, etc., etc. just for the reason that they don’t want to be personally exposed. Why one of the Council members left his first wife, how they now get along and the conditions of their separation isn’t the public’s business.

    If you are a foodhander, then it might be important for the public to know how many times that Public Health made a finding against your business for health violations. But it is not appropiate for the public to know the details of your legal separation, child custody agreement, your mortgage payments or why you had to sell your house. If you were a police officer, it might be appropiate for the public to know how many times you had been taken to court for racketeering. But it would not be appropiate for the public to know your credit rating score, whether your children had been conceived in or out of wedlock or what is your sexual preference or for the mainstream media to write articles about these parts of your life. If you sold hardware, it might be important for the public to know whether you stood behind the product you sold or did fair exchanges and refunds as a business. But it would not be appropiate for the public to know that your mother gave you your house for free or still paid your property taxes.

    Thank heavens the media in Burien has not gotten into unrelated gossip in what it publishes related to elections and candidates and general citizens. Hopefully it will maintain that standard. Because they don’t do unrelated gossip stories,dcollier is trying to slam them. However, the topic of this blog letter is related to how Burien government makes rules and ordinances and then doesn’t follow or enforce them equitably. It is also relates to how some candidates or political organizations respond to following election rules. That is what the blog topic is about.

    Burien has an ordinance that claims that citizens are violating the law if they allow bird food to remain in their birdfeeders more that 4 hours. This ordinance makes everyone who feeds birds in Burien in violation of the Burien Municipal Code. And this code was clearly written to punish one or two people someone in City Hall didn”t like or that they wanted to get even with. Cities shouldn’t be writing codes that they do not intend to enforce equally or fairly or at all. I agree with R. DeLorm. Whether the city enforces a code or rule against someone should not depend on whether or not he/she is friends with the City Manager. In the last six years, this has been the way some policies and ordinances have been written in the city and enforced by the City Manager. This is what Dick West has been talking about at Council meetings and what this blog letter is about.

    • jimmy says:

      well fred i have nothing to hide other than I don’t some moron looking up address from my full name and comming to my house and possibly causing harm to me or my family over a comment on a blog I know most of the people on here would not do such a thing but it only takes one person having a bad day a little google search and who knows what could happen that is why I don’t post my full name and some have fiqure out who iam just by living near me it just a safty issue do to some of hot topics and heated post that go around somtimes and if I did post my full name i would still post the same way

      • This reminds me of a comment on my Youtube channel around Christmas, familiar with jimmyp29s?

        “and to give some more info i have seen your address you live on what is call a main artily street so yes your gets snow plowed it has priorty over backroads but most the backroads don’t except the step hills and have you look at seattle fireworks laws and also from what google shows witch might be out dated photo how can see the burien cops with all those bushes out front i mean my yard is not the best but i see the outside world”

        For full conversation with jimmyp29s:

        I can’t help but notice the similarities in argument and writing styles as a friend reminds me of the psychological term “Transference”, in this case where we accuse others of things we have done ourselves.

        Jimmy, I suspect there is a very intelligent highly motivated person behind the alias / alias’s, although I disagree with your position and tactics, I applaud your talents.

        • jimmy says:

          yes it people like you is why i don’t put my info out there you have put your info out and took under a 1 min for me to find out where live now i am a pretty nice person and have no crimanl record but if someone that might not be a nice person or have crimnal record might take convervaton a differtway and use this info to there anvatage and yes that is me on youtube so get over its its not alias my frist name is jimmy and also pat I never came to your house i never have had any other contact with you other than online i never punch you in the face so here you go twisting thing around like you did with your youtube videos/ coments ok you have away of try to get people upset you really should take you way someware else man its just not needed here we have people here that do that some of you seem to be friends with witch realy is not suprising

        • jimmy says:

          and pat i also had to block you from contacting me on youtube do to your harassing nature after i ask you not to connact me anymore you contiue to try contact me on there so i had to block you and contact youtube support about the harassment so thank you for pointing out the type of person you are yes i found your address with out even realy looking for it i simple type in your name on google and there was a link for some phonebook site a couple of links down that had your address witch i notice is on a main street witch is a emergency weather route for metro i was not looking to harm you or your family iam not that type of person i was simply trying to fiqure out why your street gets snow plowed and other cleaning servies done as you stated in your comment i found out why and posted that info

  7. Interested says:

    In reading the above comments it appears that everyone is a lyre when it comes to running for office. I did notice that during the annexation battle there was lots of ms-information and out right lies by the opposition. After the out come it appears that it pays to lie. The people that win with lies think they are the winners and think they can do as they please.. Its to bad that real losers are not the candidates or the issues but the people of the area that were lied to. I don’t know the council members well but do know that several who are always calling names and voting no on everything live in glass houses. Its to bad that the voters most of which do not seem to care that they are being led and lied to to by a batch of special interest group people that live in the Lake Burien area.. You voters had better take a close look at all the candidates and see where their true interests are. You may be voting to change the name of Burien to LAKE BURIEN if you don’t pay attention to what is happening. They have stolen a Lake from the State and the people of Burien and now it looks like they after the rest of the town. Check out the facts and vote. Don’t let your freedoms be controlled by self interest groups as most of the challengers are members of or supporters of them.. If you don’t look after your city you will earn what you get. Get out and vote. Last election only about 52% of the voters b voted. And about 45% of those that did are in the Lake Burien area. Good luck you will need it.

    • TcB says:

      “Those who tell the stories rule society.”
      ― Plato

    • Not Interested says:

      You post smells a lot like a JJ Grieve rant. Full of misinformation false accusations and a general lack of knowledge of the real state of affairs in Burien. Do you even live here? Somehow I doubt it because the tone of your rant reminds me of the NHUAC propaganda that no one swallowed before the annexation vote. What makes you think that people will swallow it now? lol

    • Funny Interested, I personally found the lies where coming from the Pro-Annexation side especially when we were told, “We did not have a choice, annexation is inevitable.” If that was the case why did we get to vote? I believe your comments are another example of Transference as I described in a comment above.

      Annexation failed because there was nothing redeeming about it for either the citizens of Area Y or the citizens of Burien. As another example that was caught on tape of the pro-annexation side propaganda where Mike Martin said on 10-18-12 at the Final Annexation Info Session, “I’ve heard people say you can’t trim your trees…” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R06vaavFLrw (50:50 in)

      If you look at http://www.burienwa.gov/DocumentCenter/Home/View/2138 top of page 2 under Vegetation Management Plan Review, which clearly states you need a permit to prune trees which was the crux of our argument. I suppose in the lofty world of lawyer talk there is a vast difference between the words TRIM and PRUNE but to us blue-collar simpletons they are synonymous and the argument tantamount to lying.

      The tactics used by the pro-annexation side left a bad taste in the mouths of both my neighbors and myself and the mere mention of it gets peoples blood boiling.

  8. Mike says:

    @interested, you’ve forgotten all the lies Martin told at his annexation meetings. Like the $140/yr cost increases. He had nothing to back it up except everyone that disagreed were haters and game over. Oh and taking money from the reserve fund (instead of raising taxes) right before the election. That could be part of the reason people of area y were smart enough to see through his smoke and mirrors pony show. Btw exactly what lies and misinformation we’re told by the “opposition” Interested?

    Area Y Mike

  9. Ghost of Maplewild says:

    I think it’s the Three Tree Point people’s fault. They stole the beach from the state. My quality of life is ruined because I can’t walk the beach on the south side. Anarchy now. Drops mic…

  10. Not Interested says:

    You post sounds a lot like a JJ Grieve rant. Full of misinformation false accusations and a general lack of knowledge of the real state of affairs in Burien. Do you even live here? Somehow I doubt it because the tone of your rant reminds me of the NHUAC propaganda that no one swallowed before the annexation vote. What makes you think that people will swallow it now? lol

  11. dcollier says:

    Isn’t it funny how Not Interested sounds a whole lot like John Poitras. Immediately they bring up JJ Grieve, NHUAC and the fact that they don’t live here. If you disagree with John he suddenly knows all about you. John does that every time he does not have a point to give in an argument.

    • Not Interested says:

      dcollier? Are you related to the caterer by the same name in Burien?

      Apparently you agree with” Interested” (JJ Grieves) misinformation propaganda rant against anyone that lives near the haunted lake. I think that is pretty much all we need to know about you.

  12. Feisty Brain says:

    FIRST off, let’s all note that this is a letter-to-the-editor. This letter is not “news” and it is not factual, it is the interpretation solely of3 R. DeLorm. The accusations made that candidates for the city council or the port commission are somehow violating “city policy” is utterly ridiculous, and smacks of the same whining on the same topic conducted by Debra Wagner, who finds herself incapable of actually getting out and campaigning and only knows how to fire up the blast furnace of blow hards to burn down the barn.

    The fact is that the Strawberry Festival, the Farmers Market, and all other Burien festivals take place on public property. NO ONE can prohibit political candidates from campaigning at such events, and NO ONE can prohibit candidates from handing out their brochures at public parks. Political speech is, like freedom of the press, extraordinarily well-protected by the First Amendment. Discover Burien has attempted to establish policies to rein in such freedom of speech, but that will land them in court if need be.

    For GAWDs sake, let the candidates campaign. This is an important election and the public deserves MORE access, not less.

    And while I’m on my soapbox, let’s hope that our good friends here at the BTB quit allowing their website to be used and manipulated by these so-called “Letters to the Editor” and placed into the same column as the LEGITIMATE news articles. Because clearly most of the commenters cannot tell the difference.

    • TcB says:

      Perhaps you’ve got something. Letters should be set apart from the regular blog roll. Anyone?

    • TbC says:

      “And while I’m on my soapbox, let’s hope that our good friends here at the BTB quit allowing their website to be used and manipulated by these so-called “Letters to the Editor”

      I’d write a “Letter to the editor”

      • TcB says:

        If the letters were set aside in another area a lot of the readers (evidenced by past comments) would not be confused as to the content and veracity of the publication of these “stories”. Do you disagree TbC?

        • TbC says:

          It’s called “America”. Scott can run his blog any way he likes. if you don’t like it read another blog. All is well in Burien tho! Gosh, I miss Mike Martin already. BTW, thanks for the WWMMD bracelet. I’ll never take it off.

  13. Debi Wagner says:

    Not only did the festival state that campaigning from a booth and handing out materials was prohibited at the Strawberry Festival, (the exact words were in a previous letter) I also had a conversation with Craig Knutson, Burien City attorney about this ban. He affirmed the festivals right to make and enforce these rules. When I debated with him whether anyone could prohibit freedom of speech at a public event on public property he said he agreed with it. I cannot say for certain whether he agreed with the ban or agreed the festival had the right to prohibit or both. Additionally he was unsure of what mechanism would be used for enforcement or penalty but would agree with that as well.
    So the argument is not whether the festival has the ban, they clearly do. The discussion should not be whether R. DeLorm is spreading false information either, he is not. What should be happening is free speech advocates Matt (who makes his living based on this right) and Feisty Brian should point their pens at the city about ensuring there will be no future bans on free speech from public events held on public property in Burien.

  14. shari says:

    Fire up the blast furnace of blowhards to burn down the barn. …i don’t even care what your main idea was because that line had me at hello.

  15. John Poitras says:

    This is a copy of a letter from the per
    This letter was published on June 12th see it here on Btown Blog


    This letter is from the Sponsor of the Strawberry Festival written on June 12th or there abouts:

    Subject: RE: strawberry festival


    We do allow political booths to register as Non-profit booths for $35 to share non campaigning information. (underlining added) But as a political booth, there is no campaigning for a party / person. Yes the booth needs to be manned the whole time and no, a candidate cannot go outside of their booth space to hand out flyers.

    I hope that answers your questions. Please let me know if I can provide more help.

    For all the naysayers that’s the reality of what the policy was at this months strawberry festival on political campaigning.

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