CALL FOR HELP: Three Tree Point Fireworks Fund needs more donations!

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Organizers of the Three Tree Point Fireworks Fund (Todd Manola and Fred Feiertag) are in a bind and need more donations, so if you’ve ever enjoyed Burien’s best barged-based fireworks on the 4th of July, here’s your chance to step up and lend a hand (or a couple of bucks)!

“We are in danger of having to cancel the fiesta due to a major unexpected cost of $2,500,” Manola said Friday. “The fee to pay a patrol boat for the fireworks barge was not in the budget that we received from last year’s event and therefore we did not know to plan for such an expense. It is not an option to forgo the patrol boat or we will be hit with a $10,000 fine!”

Manola adds that if you haven’t yet sent in a donation, now would be the time.

“If you have donated already we are asking that you increase your donation by $50 this year due to this unforeseen budget crisis,” he added.

Please use the link below to donate online:


Mail your check made out to “Three Tree Point Fireworks Fund” to:

Three Tree Point Fireworks Fund
P.O. Box 385
Seahurst, WA 98062

“Thanks for your consideration,” Manola said. “Fred and I have been working countless hours on making this a great 4th of July at Three Tree Point!”

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8 Responses to “CALL FOR HELP: Three Tree Point Fireworks Fund needs more donations!”
  1. Kex says:

    Or, instead of donating to fireworks, please consider donating to an organization or cause that genuinely needs the money to help people or animals.

    Fireworks are only enjoyed by a minority of people, and most people opt not to set off fireworks or attend shows. Fireworks spread toxins on crowds of people and into the environment, polluting our lungs and our environment with perchlorates, dioxins, heavy metals, radioactive elements, and carbon dioxide. A fireworks show puts out more pollution than all the cars in Burien combined. Fireworks scare away pets, breaking up families.

    Please consider donating to some other cause besides fireworks, and let’s all have a peaceful summer evening instead.

    • othersideofthetracks says:

      Only enjoyed by a minority of the people, so is most everything else, lets just cancel any event people only a minority of people attend or want to do to bring the community some entertainment or together if even for a short while.
      Breaking up families?? *heheheheh* Hope you have long arms because you are really reaching now.
      I could go on but there`s a stick in the mud like you every year here on the b-townblog
      and it turns into a never ending battle.
      Stay home, indoors and hide under your bed and I think you just might survive that night

    • Chris says:

      Obviously you’ve never been to Three Tree Point during the 4th of July, because if you had, you’d notice the massive amounts of people enjoying the show. Hardly a minority.

      Like the Lake Burien show, the Three Tree Point show is put on by professionals, and is a completely authorized event.

      I’m glad they’ve been doing it for all these years.

    • Feraldog says:

      Really??? OMG, there always has to be at least one. *sigh*
      I agree with OSOTT, you are a stick in the mud.
      You ever have any kind of fun? Ever? The 4th of July can be a great night of building with young children and families in general, especially when you understand the meaning of it.
      Do us all a favor and move.

  2. Firework Fan says:

    Just put in our share. It’s well worth it to NOT head downtown or anywhere else on the 4th. I’m hoping others will follow suit.

    Thanks guys for all your hard work.

  3. Burien resident says:

    I’m curious, where can Burien residents watch the two fireworks shows listed in this string? It is my understanding that they are private shows and there is little if any public space for viewing. Thanks for the info!

    • othersideofthetracks says:

      I guess nobody wants to divulge that info for ya resident.
      Sorry, but I have never gone ot it so I can`t help you but I would bet you have to go somewhere down by Sylvester middle school.

    • eelnej says:

      There is a tiny park where SW 172nd and Maplewilde Ave SW meet, right at the tip of Three Tree Point. You’ll need to ride your bike or walk though, because there is nowhere to park.

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