King Tides to hit local shorelines around 9:30 p.m. tonight; can you take pics?

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Area residents are being asked by NOAA to take photos of tonight’s “King Tide,” which should occur around 9:30 p.m., in order to share what impact to property sea level rise might do.

Also, Seahurst Park will close at a special time tonight – 10 p.m. – so visitors can see this especially high tide.

Here’s more from an announcement:

Tonight is one of the last of three consecutive nights of “King Tides” – very high tides.  It should be hitting the Burien/Normandy Park shoreline tonight around 9:30 p.m.  If anyone has the time and interest, NOAA is requesting people take photographs and post them to the web – see the instructions and times below.

Next week’s full moon provides a glimpse of the future!

During the next week the full moon associated with the summer solstice will bring extreme high tides called King Tides to our coast. The term ‘King Tide’ is a non-scientific term used to describe naturally occurring, exceptionally high tides that take place when the sun and moon’s gravitational pull align making the oceans “bulge.” While the King Tides during the summer are not as large as winter King Tides, these exceptionally high tides depict what could be the new normal as sea level rise progresses. This June high tide event marks a good opportunity to select your favorite locations to photograph both now and in December to compare!

Photos taken during king tide events document impacts to private property, public infrastructure, and wildlife habitat across the state, highlighting areas most vulnerable to sea level rise. We want to continue capturing what happens during extreme high tides, and we need your help to do it! Be safe! Take extra precautions when you walk on slippery areas or near big waves, and always be aware of your surroundings and the weather conditions.

Please participate in the Washington King Tides initiative by photographing these high tide events and uploading them to Flickr!

To participate:

  • Find a convenient location along a shoreline.
  • Check NOAA tide predictions for the specific daily high tide closest to that location:
  • Record the date, time, and location of each picture.
  • Go to to sign up for a free account, if you don’t already have one.
  • Join the Washington King Tides Photo Initiative Group:[email protected]/
  • Edit each photo in Flickr to include in the description, date, time, direction facing, and any recognizable structure or location.
  • Add pictures to the Washington King Tides Group.

Please visit this link for general national King Tide Initiative information, with a WA website coming soon:

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7 Responses to “King Tides to hit local shorelines around 9:30 p.m. tonight; can you take pics?”
  1. Coverofnight says:

    “…these exceptionally high tides depict what could be the new normal as sea level rise progresses…”

    Just more “planting the seed” of man-made global warming/catastrophe by granola bars and our inept, incompetent and wasteful governments!

    As I’ve always said, how arrogant of man to think that he can control the Earth and its systems! The Earth’s going to do what the Earth wants to do – and there’s NOTHING man can do to stop it.

    Now I’m all for reasonable conservation and minimizing waste, but to perpetuate this man-made global warming crisis is fraud! All proponents of man-made global warming that have profited from this scam (Al Gore) should be in prison. And that also goes for any politician that buys into this nonsense and causes economic hardship on Americans through unnecessary (and unlawful?) regulation. The president launches a war on coal, putting thousands at risk to be put on welfare and yet he’s spending MILLIONS of our taxpayer dollars on a vacation to Africa; which includes all the fuel burned by the entourage.

    democrats = epic fail; you people are morons!

    • Wanker says:

      *Scratched Head*

      Yes, you’re correct. What do all these scientists know with all their education, research and data anyways? All Democrats are morons, because they believe the LIES that all these smart people are perpetuating.

      I agree with Coverofnight. I think we need to ignore all the warning signs that Earth is giving us. Just because our cars, and factories emit greenhouse gasses, there’s no way it could have any effect on the environment. Let’s burn coal until we cannot see through the smoke on a sunny day! Let’s bomb pesticides on any plant with a bug. Oh, and last but not least, let’s DRILL BABY DRILL! None of this will have any effect on the environment.

      Okay, I could go on, but I have to go change the oil in my 76 Ford Pickup and pour the old oil down the storm drain.

      • Shanghai'd says:

        LOL-Laughing out loud!–Oh, and yes let’s start our stump fires, field clearing with rubber tires and don’t forget to tip the Middle East for all the oil we need. Saves money and puts medical staff to work reviving patients with lung problems-oh, and the insurance companies get a piece of that action too. Yes, jobs at any cost. Forgot the red sunsets from coal burning, beautiful hazey red.

  2. Shanghai'd says:

    Coverofnight, been to Beijing or Shanghai lately? Presuming not, visit the web, see the results of unregulated coal burning, choking sulfurous smog and new extremes in temperatures. What is putting millions at risk is the healthcare needed for this spreading epidemic, corporate money first mentality!

    Everything costs too much to do the right thing for your neighbors, friends and family if you are making money polluting. Do your part with the rest of us. There are better ways to make money without hurting your fellow man.

    What we all do together does affect the world. Cut down the shade and oxygen providing trees, burn the rain forests, pave everything with scalding hot asphalt. Guessing you think our combined actions have no effect. So sorry-!

  3. TcB says:

    Hmm. The trends are favoring Democrats. I guess most people are morons. Have fun in your ivory tower by yourself.

    • Shanghai'd says:

      Trends are favoring having compassion for one’s fellow man, a conscience-Yes, you are absolutely correct, some people are morons, they refuse to see the science, the world is flat for sure. ”

      So…Never try to teach a pig to sing. Besides wasting one’s time it annoys the pig.”

  4. choking says:

    The only kind of legacy I have to leave is my carbon footprint,
    and you know what they say,
    the bigger the better,. *lol*

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