Planning underway for new Pharmacy at former Herr site at Five Corners

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The former Herr Lumber/Backyard & Garden Center site at SW 160th Street and 1st Ave South – now occupied by Lasting Legacy Antiques – will be turned into a CVS Pharmacy soon.

by Ralph Nichols

[Reporter’s note: This story has been revised with three corrections for accuracy.]

While no pharmacy is currently located in the immediate proximity of Highline Medical Center, that’s about to change.

Plans are underway for construction of a CVS/Pharmacy on a prime commercial site at Five Corners. It will be the first CVS/Pharmacy in Burien.

The 15,400 square foot lot at the southwest corner of SW 160th St. and 1st Ave. S was the long-time home of Herr Lumber, which closed in June 2012.

Displaced by the new pharmacy will be Lasting Legacy Antiques, which occupies part of the Herr Lumber building. The stand-alone Bean Hut Espresso coffee stand might be able to remain in the parking lot.

“A development like this when it displaces existing businesses is always a double-edged sword,” Burien Economic Development Manager Dan Trimble told the B-Town Blog.CVSPHarmacyLogo

“You always like to see new development but if it dislocates an existing business, that’s always a counter-balancing issue.”

Still, “you always like to see new commercial investment and improvements” Trimble added. Much of the Herr site is vacant and “you like to see properties get used.”

Burien Senior Planner David Johanson said city staff have received the application to build the CVS/Pharmacy, and it is now in the land use review process. The public comment period closed July 12.

A nearby wetland will be considered during the land use review.

Johanson said he “anticipates” that after land use approval, the investor will apply for building permits, which could be issued before the end of October.

Final approval of the planned commercial development is an administrative decision that will be made by Community Development Director Chip Davis.

Johanson noted that the pharmacy will be a one-story building, and that review by city staff will make sure it conforms to zoning code and parking entrance and exit standards.

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17 Responses to “Planning underway for new Pharmacy at former Herr site at Five Corners”
  1. Tom says:

    I feel some empathy for the antique dealer, but bucking your landlord is seldom a winning hand.

  2. Kay. says:

    I wonder if some of those empty store fronts on 152nd might work for the Antique store? I’d love to see SOMETHING in those spaces. 🙂

  3. Cynthia says:

    Seems to me that the city likes big bucks rather than local businesses. The store fronts are empty due to crazy rent prices. Now they want to evict 40+ vendors from the antique mall, which houses local business owners. They run flea markets in the summer for locals. Now big pharma wins again. I will be voting against counsel members who support this.

    • TcB says:

      “Seems to me that the city likes big bucks rather than local businesses. ”

      Private decision by landowner, the city grants permits, nothing else”

      ” The store fronts are empty due to crazy rent prices.”

      Property owners set prices, not the city.

      ” Now they want to evict 40+ vendors from the antique mall, which houses local business owners’

      Property owners make that decision

      “Now big pharma wins again”

      “Big Pharma” has traditionally been used to describe trans-national pharmaceutical companies, not CVS…so…ya.

      “I will be voting against counsel members who support this.”

      Every voter has to make up their own mind with the facts they’re presented with. Some voters have considerably fewer facts at hand.

    • PJ says:

      Cynthia, the City of Burien doesn’t own the property on 152nd, that houses empty store fronts. Neither do they own the property in which the old Herr Lumber sits on…..

  4. H says:

    Completely unnecessary.

  5. Ralph Nichols says:

    It is amazing – and troubling – that some commenters fail to understand that the property owner has the right to do with his (or her) land whatever he (or she) choses to do as long as it conforms with local land use plans and zoning codes. And makes economic sense in the free market. This is the sacred right of private property ownership (yes, ready what John Adams had to say on the subject) that is protected by both the United States Constitution and the Washington State Constitution, which are recommended reading.

    • TcB says:

      It would seem that most readers of the blog do not understand this, or choose to live in some kind of fantasy world where the city council decides what businesses go where and at what time.

      Or worse, there are some who want to take advantage of those who do not understand this to push their own agenda. I suspect some know full well that property owners make the decisions and the Council doesn’t, but make comments that would seem to imply that the Burien City Council is to blame for anything and everything.

      “TbC the Troll”, I’m looking at you.

  6. Pat says:

    Too bad. Burien certainly doesn’t need another pharmacy. And some businesses, like Lasting Legacy, serve as ‘destinations’. Folks come from other neighborhoods to visit a fun shop like Lasting Legacy. We have a few other very cool businesses that set Burien apart from the next town. B-Town, a fun town? Or Burien the Blah. Where do you want to live?

    • The Glue says:

      B-Town the fun town, please….a lot of interesting businesses have popped up in the past several years, some make it, some don’t. But having lived here my whole life it’s neat to see new business show up. The wine vendors, the new restaurants, the train shop (remember the one we had in the alley near 149th and Ambaum?), the tin room and it’s movies…so much has come here, but it’s kind of a buzz kill to see all these new store fronts appear then sit vacant. I yearn for something new, something exciting and vitalizing! (Not that CVS is all that and a bag of chips) Business must do what business must do, I get that….kudos to Subway for making that leap, now we need more to follow…imo a new business site needs to prove its value before the rent can go up…get em in, make it the happening place that it should be, reap the rewards of adding value to your investment….I know…blah blah blah..

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