REMINDER: Next B-Town Blog Candidate Forum is Tuesday, July 23

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The second of our two 2013 B-Town Blog Candidate Forums, featuring Burien City Council races, is set for Tuesday night, July 23, starting at 7 p.m. at the ERAC in south Burien.

Candidates who will be participating are:

Position Three:

  • Debi Wagner
  • Andrea H. Reay
  • Joan McGilton
  • Robert L. Richmond

Position Five:

  • Nancy Tosta
  • Rose Clark

Position Seven:

  • Steve Armstrong

KIRO-FM talk show host Andrew Walsh will serve as Moderator.

You are invited to attend, listen, learn and, if you wish, quiz the candidates yourself.

These forums are free and open for anyone and everyone to attend.

The ERAC, (Educational Resource and Administrative Center), is a Highline School District building located at 15675 Ambaum Blvd. SW in south Burien, across the street from Azteca Restaurant.

To read about our first 2013 forum – including full raw audio and video – click here.

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24 Responses to “REMINDER: Next B-Town Blog Candidate Forum is Tuesday, July 23”
  1. John Elliott says:

    Well after 12 years in the City of Burien, for the first time one of the candidates graced us with their presence canvassing. Congrats to Andrea Reay for passing out flyers. I was beginning to think no one did that anymore.

  2. It was wonderful to meet you John. It’s impossible to be a voice for the people if you don’t get out and talk to the people and listen. I have enjoyed greatly getting out over the past few weeks and meeting my friends and neighbors. I am the candidate who will listen, ask questions, and learn. I’m running my campaign, the way I think the city should run: open, transparent and inclusive. Together we can and will move Burien forward.

  3. Marty says:

    Andrea : I have a couple of questions whose answers will influence my vote.

    Will you try and annex white center again if you are elected?
    Do you think Mike Martin did a good job as city manager?

  4. Fred says:

    In the many years that I have lived in Burien, I have had many candidates come doorbelling to my house and leave campaign literature at my door or with me. Those candidates have included Shaw, Nelson, Fitzgibbon, McDermott, Hughes, Edgar, Lucy K., Martinez, Rangel, Wagner, Smith, and at least several others. So I’m not sure where you live John but candidates do doorbell in this city and not just Andrea Reay.

    When Andrea Reay came through my neighborhood she was dragging her two very young children along with her doorbelling. I and some of my neighbors felt this was an inappropiate, tiring and a boring activiity for young children. And we felt she was trying to sell herself by using her children as a prop.

    Both Ms. Reay and her husband are employed full time and have two very young children. When will she have the at least an additional 20 hours per week to give to being a member of the council? The last thing we need right now is another dead beat council member who misses lots of meetings, doesn’t get the packets read and is unprepared for the discussions. Ms. Reay works for the opera company as does her husband. Opera is a dying art form in America. It serves only the elite due to the cost to attend and the type of material it presents. Less than 1% of the U.S. population gives a rip about opera so I’m not sure Ms. Reay is really tuned into what the average citizen cares about and she doesn’t know the important issues in this city.

    In the Voter’s Pamplet and on this blog she claimed she was running for the council because she thought the city council needed a mother to tell them how to behave. Currently we have two mothers on the council and it hasn’t made one bit of difference in how the council functions. Andrea Reay clearly has no idea of how the council runs and she appears to not have been a regular attendee to the council meetings. If she has had such a passion about the issues and how the council is running why hasn’t she written letters or spoken before the council about these issues?

    On her website she tells us her Grade Point Average from high school. In the adult world who gives a rip about a high school GPA. While Ms. Reay may be a well meaning person she needs to grow up and mature and she needs to get a baby sitter for her children rather than dragging little children doorbelling. It would also help if she read the Burien Comprehensive Plan and followed the real activities of the council.

    John, it’s nice she came to your house and you liked her but lots of candidates come out to homes in Burien. Her statements and actions make her appear to be too immature and too busy for a council position. By the way, this election cycle, I have had 4 different candidates come through my neighborhood peddling their election materials already.

    • Hi Fred,
      Thanks so much for your comment and for taking the time to visit my website. I am responding because I think it’s important that the voters know the truth. I have never taken my children out doorbelling with me, and would never use them as you refer to “as a prop”. If you or your friends saw me with my children in your neighborhood, we were probably visiting friends.
      I volunteer more than 20 hours a week now making our community a better place and prefer to use my time to make a difference in my community instead of writing letters, blaming others and pointing fingers. Henry Ford said “Don’t find fault. Find a remedy”, that’s how I live my life, and how I am going to lead the city on the council.
      Thank you.

    • SR says:

      Fred sure sounds unhappy. Friend of an opponent? Pot stirrer? Lots of silly speculation and personal opinions that have nothing to do with being an effective City Council member. Thanks for bringing a breath of fresh air into the race for City Council and keeping it classy, Andrea.

      Oh and just an FYI, you can see a performance at McCaw Hall for as low as $25 per ticket… about the same as most professional sporting events, concerts, plays, or a reasonable dinner out. Even us non-elite types can enjoy a little bit of culture once and a while.

    • John Elliott says:

      I live in Burien regardless of what neighborhood like I said for over many years NOT ONE CANDIDATE has graced my neighborhood. I am so glad that they have done so for you. My point was I have not moved from my location in that amount of time and not once did any of those candidates you brought up had the guts to come my way.

      Who I vote for will be who I vote for not because you or others think I follow someone because they came to my neighborhood. Vote your conscious and I’ll vote mine. Like I always do. But I will say again, if she is willing to come to my neighborhood (over others let’s say they feel are more important) then she’s already got a point. Too bad for the others who did not take the time to find it out their doors. Action speaks a thousand words not a bunch of rhetoric and that is what I will be looking for. Blessings

  5. Allison Stone says:


    You are as vicious as you are incorrect. And obviously, sexist. Are you suggesting that any of the women currently on the council have children in the home? They do not, and have not for many, many decades, or at all. Perhaps that is why those in the council majority are so out of touch with the needs of Burien’s citizens.

    You seem to think that perhaps Andrea, as the mom of two young children, is not capable of serving the citizens of Burien. Well pal, you might want to check the demographics of this fine city: a substantial majority of the population is comprised of people under 45. Burien is a diverse community where one out of five people were born in another country and one in four is under 18. But by implying that Andrea, or any other mother of young children is somehow unfit to serve on the City Council is to insult every working mother in Burien, if not the entire United States. One-time GOP Vice Presidential loser Sarah Palin, who is supported by Debi Wagner, is a working mother. So is First Lady As Andrea says on her website, “Major countries throughout the world have been led by working mothers, and Burien deserves no less. Every day, working mothers in thousands of Burien families balance life, family, community service. I am passionate about setting a good example for my young children and that I devote my life to things that matter. Those things are: my family and friends, the arts, and my community. As a member of the Burien Arts Council and numerous other community organizations, I seek to expand my dedication to Burien through elected office and ask for your support.”

    Andrea has served for several years on the Arts Commission, along with many other dedicated public servants (all volunteers, unlike the city council) on the Arts, Planning, and other commissions. You seem to imply that only retired individuals can serve in office.

    Perhaps you have decided that attacking Andrea’s employer is appropriate. Let’s be clear: as Andrea stated at last night’s forum, she helps manages a budget that is $3 million MORE than the City of Burien’s budget. While you seek to engage in some kind of Neanderthal clubbing of the Arts, it might help you understand that the Arts not only employ tens of thousands of people in our region, but provide for a quality of life.

    Honestly, trolls use aliases so that they can freely attack. Go back to your cave.

  6. Marty says:

    I have nothing against Andrea Reay but lets make this election about the future of Burien and not get distracted by red herrings.
    I can confirm the claim that Debi Wagner supports Sarah Palin is a false accusation.
    In fact I like to think that Burien is blue enough that Sarah Palin could not get elected to any position of trust here.

  7. Marty says:

    To clarify.. Imho both Andrea and Debbie are head and shoulders above Sarah Palin in any public capacity they might participate in.

    How did Sarah Palin get into this conversation anyway??

  8. Fred says:

    I stand by what I previously stated in my blog entry. At the evening forum, Andrea Reay has her young children present for a forum that they could not understand or benefit from.They were political props as was the city flow sheet that was too small to see and the budget that she physically embraced and declared that she loved it. Cindi Laws, her campaign manager from Purple Mountain Consulting and Jack Block stood at the back of the room coaching her as how to play to the house audience.

    Andrea stated that one of her strengths was collaboration in decision making. Her work on the Arts Commission has not always reflected that. She and two city staff members selected the artist to the exclusion of the other Arts Commission membersfor the mural. The Arts Commission members were so shocked by what had gone on that they went to the media to complain about the by laws process being ignored for selecting artists and art for the city, see the Highline Times article. Once the project production began, Ms. Reay do not lift a paint brush to help or chalk a single section of the wall, see the city article thanking people who worked on the mural.

    Ms. Reay has spent 3 years on the Arts Commisson and in the beginning had spotty attendance according to the public minutes posted. She did not take a strong stand for declaring the Town Square area an Arts District. She left Shelli Park and Robbie Howell out on point for that hard work. She has taken little to no positon on the things she now claims she had strong passion or feeling about relating to city issues. It has been Debi Wagner and Chuck Rangel who have shown the leadership and guts to write and speak out to the media and counsel on these issues. Ms. Reay has been a rubber stamp girl to what the city staff wants and she always wants so be the winning side with the majority voting council members. It has bought her political positions and favors in the past. In reality she has most of the same key positions on city issues as Debi Wagner but has been gutless about speaking out at public hearings or council meetings.

    As to Allison Stone who appears not to live in Burien according to the public records, she is as much of an alias as John Smith, Jane Doe, Dr. McDreamy, Daniel Bone, etc.
    So how did Debi Wagner even get dragged into this Blog string. Well Allison wanted to set her up with the term loser which she used for Sarah Palin and then tried to make the quantium leap that Debi said that she thought Sarah was a great working mother. Not true and the Facebook page doesn’t say anything like that. Allison Stone is a blog troll who doesn’t live in Burien. Then Allison tries to make the arguement that working mother run major govts. Well they might do that as their first jobs but not as their second jobs.

    Ms. Reay has made a point to let us know how busy and important she was in the opera company. Like wise her husband is busy, works long hours and is important in the opera company also. So she might go back and look at why Brian Bennett who has two young children decided not to run again for office. The campaign time is small work compared to what the time demands are for serving on the council and we don’t need any more members who don’t read their packets and come unprepared to the meetings. It was that lack of attention to detail that allowed Mr. Martin to supplant the council in decision making.

    The council doesn’t need a mother to tell them how to behave and Andrea should get over her ego trip about this. She sounds like a young version of Joan McGiltion who was always telling citizens and council members what to do and what decisions she had made for them without actively listening to them.

    As to knowing about the opera and who attends and supports it, I have had season tickets for a number of years to it. It is an elitist crowd, can’t support itself from ticket sales, requires wealthly patrons or govt. dollars to keep it afloat and is a dying art form with most Americans. It tends to be a moldly, oldie crowd or those hoping to impress that attend it. $25 buys a nose bleed seat behind a post in a seat you barely can see and hear in. Get real. And I would even wager that I have attended more operas than Andrea, SR and Allison, Andrea’s attack dog on the blog have ever seen or helped to produce. So I feel I speak from a first person experience position about the state of opera in America. Working for an elitist non profit is very different from public service to all of the citizens all of the time.

    Andrea is not a fiscal conservative who is watchful of the budget. Take a look at her campaign spending on the PDC site. She could get elected on a mini campaign of $5,000 or less but she is going the luxury car route. She has written to potential donors that she must raise $5,000 in one week just to survive in the campaign. Not true. So Debi Wagner speaking about being a fiscal conserative and running a lean financial campaign seems more like the council member we need here in Burien. Contrary to what Joan said at the forum, Burien is not in good financial shape as it is losing revenues and still has not resolved how to remedy that situation.

    And yep, I have Neanderthal genetics in my DNA as do 99.9% of the world’s population and so I consider Allision’s comment to be a genetic slur. Allison Stone is a polished campaign attack blog writer who has attempted to covertly and viciously attack Debi Wagner in a blog string she was not a part of.

    • John Elliott says:

      Fred, or whomever you are, you have a lot to say more than a lot of people yet I do not see you running for an office, why is that? If you think what you have to say is that more truthful, important, and a movement that Burien should be considering then the next time around put your name into the running. Throw up what you believe and let us tear you apart. The brave one’s are up for the vote it’s the one’s who come to these dialogues who are afraid and fear what they do not know in my opinion are only stirring up the pot passing along hatred and confusion. What’s your point any ways? Can you say that in a sentence or two? Convince us without attacking who the right person is then.

    • Burien Fan says:

      Uh, Fred, if Allison Stone is a blog troll, then what exactly does that make you?

  9. Amy says:

    Fred, (of course not your real name), Why are so threatened by Andrea Reay? All of your comments are ridiculous and spiteful. I read your comments on other blogs and it is always the same old thing. You pick a person or subject to rant about and go on and on. Do you not have anything better to do? Why don’t you use some of your hot air blowing up balloons? It might be time better spent. Anyone who reads your comments can see that you are a sad, miserable troll who just wants to spread the bad vibes around. GET A LIFE!!!!

  10. Ghost of Maplewild says:

    You have officially changed my vote from Debi to Andrea. I am 99% sure you are a certain wife of a sitting council member. Which makes me feel very saddened due to the respect I have/had for said council member. Your attacks on a number of candidates on the BTB and Highline Times web site show me just how hateful and bitter of a person you are. I would like to see Debi,Lauren,Chuck, Joey and the others come here and decry your rant as an unwarranted personal attack. But I feel we will not hear from any of them. I am very disappointed in Lauren especially due to her tireless work for womens rights for not responding. I guess she only sees it necessary to show her feminism when she is attacking her opponent.

    • Debi Wagner says:

      Ghost of Maplewild: I don’t know who Fred is. I do not approve of anybody attacking any candidate personally. I would hope everyone would stay focused on the issues.

      • Ghost of Maplewild says:

        Thank you Debi for responding. Yes, lets all stay positive and help move our amazing city forward. It will happen I’m am sure of it. Both you and Andrea are very good candidates and I am having a hard time deciding.

  11. Firework Fan says:


    Your tired, sexist voice is growing weaker with every post. Perhaps you should let it rest awhile.

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