Man arrested after going on Ramming Rampage in Burien Saturday morning

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Photo of damage done by ramming truck at Highline Medical Center Saturday morning courtesy Sgt. Cindi West of the King County Sheriff’s Office.

UPDATE 8/3/13 11:35 a.m.: A 58-year old Seattle man was arrested Saturday morning (Aug. 3), after he repeatedly rammed his pickup truck into the Highline Medical Center building, as well as into other objects and structures around Burien.

Police say he intentionally drove his vehicle into the hospital’s outpatient care entrance, causing significant damage to the entrance and lobby, before taking off.

The suspect is known to Burien police for having suspected mental health issues.

Police were called to the hospital and encountered the man as he was trying to leave the area in his pickup. The suspect then tried to ram a deputy’s patrol car and yelled for the deputy to kill him. The suspect drove away and that deputy pursued the suspect. The suspect successfully rammed the pursuing deputy and also hit a light pole near the Burien branch of the King County Library system.

The deputy was able to use a PIT (pursuit intervention technique) to stop the suspect. Then two deputies pinned the car into a pole at the intersection of SW 146th and 4th Ave SW where the pursuit ended. The suspect was pepper sprayed and taken into custody with minor injuries.


This is the truck responsible for the carnage in Burien Saturday morning. This pic was taken by Michael Brunk around 10 a.m. at the intersection of 4th SW and SW 146th near the skatepark.

Photo courtesy Sgt. Cindi West of KCSO.

Another view of the truck responsible for the ramming rampage. Photo courtesy Sgt. Cindi West of KCSO.

The suspect was transported to a local hospital for his injuries. The deputy whose vehicle was rammed by the suspect suffered minor aches and pain from the collision. The KCSO major accident reconstruction detectives are investigating the case.

Nobody was injured at Highline Medical Center, and the hospital is operating without any effects on services. Patients who use the outpatient entrance are directed to enter the hospital through the emergency room for direction on where to receive their care.

UPDATE 8/3/13 9:52 a.m.: We have also just learned from Detective Jason Stanley that this same suspect is apparently responsible for ramming other things around Burien, including light poles, flower planters and perhaps even the old community center building.

On our Facebook Page, Amer Halilovic posted this:

There is some damage with a car smashing into light poles and flower planters all over the road. Downtown Burien and the old community center location.

Burien police is all over the city.

The Highline Medical Center is located at 16251 Sylvester Rd SW.

Here’s a Tweet sent out at 8:18 a.m. from Sgt. Cindi West of the King County Sheriff’s Office:

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17 Responses to “Man arrested after going on Ramming Rampage in Burien Saturday morning”
  1. commonsense says:

    Why chase this guy and destroy all the property and endanger lives all the way to the skate park on 4th and 146th on a Saturday morning. I know our police have the aggressiveness issues and this won’t help at all. Pretty sure our newest black fendered cruiser was under that truck when I drove by and all of them had their BIG guns out. REALLY…for a hospital sign! Cement planters and poles right through the heart of our city smashed and the cement “welcome to burien” wall is what they smashed him into. Guess who will be paying for all of that. Use the helicopters that are hovering over our city all the time to follow the guy until he stops or follow from a distance. Then get him SAFELY. Police were high fiving as I drove past. You don’t want to do anything wrong in this city as the police are just sooooooo ready and excited to pretend they are in a movie and chasing a killer. Sadly they will turn someone into one when the erratic driving caused by being chased will send someone into a house or school. Can’t believe this was over a sign! Sure hope there is more to this story that warrants this kind of activity. That is not made up by the same police who are there, but that’s where it will all get foggy as they need to make it sound like they saved the city.

    • Burienite says:

      Your post is pure nonsense…

    • chrisrose says:

      Did you even read the story? It sounds to me like he was smashing into things well before officers were even involved. So really you would have rather had police ignore him, while he continued to smash into things anyway, possibly someones pet, or child, or other vehicles? Get real, the police did their job and stopped him from what he was doing with or without their attention.

  2. Shorewood Mama says:

    I don’t know how outrageous it is to stop someone as reckless as this guy sounds in the manner he was apprehended. I wouldn’t want that guy driving down my street and potentially running down something far more precious than some property….you know, like a human being! Good work Burien and King County. I for one am grateful this guy is off the streets, even if it means some damage to our police cars.

  3. steve says:

    Interesting because when the guy hits some poor person going to get groceries after he hits the hospital and the police do “nothing” which is what the idiot who first posted would like, he would be the first asking “Where were the police?” Guess how much fuel costs to run a helicopter the length of a tank of gas in a car you moron? And when he runs from the car does the helicopter watch him still? Burienite seems to have all the answers from his posts which when I read I think of the old commercial “this is your brain on drugs.”

  4. commonsense says:

    I guess your all right…not like there was a lot of people out for their Saturday morning walk (a lot of whom can’t move quickly) at 7 AM, and also getting those groceries so much better to chase him around the city at 60 MPH on the sidewalks even then to let him think he’s not being followed to and to apprehend him later. Surely a camera at the hospital has a great pic. As for the helicopter comment…they go up for much lesser reasons you have no idea, and yes I have worked for a company who puts the equipment on them to track you where ever you go. Expensive yes, but you have already paid for them. Besides that we have awesome dogs that you would have a very hard time getting away from if you left that vehicle. You are correct in saying you would not want this guy driving down your street, but I really don’t think you want him being chased down your street. Could have a unwanted visitor on that couch. Like I said they will make someone a killer by chasing him through a neighborhood. If you haven’t experienced the aggressiveness of our police all you have to do is read up about it or witness some contact. Speaking from experience…..are you?

  5. commonsenseisamoron says:

    *CommonSense* Your sense is broken. Go home, cop hater.

  6. David K . says:

    Yes it would be much better to just let the guy go and continue to damage both city and private property. There is no way that it could escalate and cause someone to be injured, why do the police even need to do their jobs anyways?
    Remember that it isn’t just snout the person that they stop who is doing the damage, it is also about setting an example that this type of behavior is not acceptable and that they will stop and arrest you.
    The article even pointed out that the gentlemen is mentally unstable. Maybe now he will get help that he needs and the help that he wouldn’t have received if the police didn’t put a stop to it.

    On the other hand I’ve received bills from Highline medical that were outrageous. I could have ran my car into the ER entrance too!

  7. commonsense says:

    pretty funny as I’m related closely to SOLID SPD officers who have been very high on that pole for 30+ years and are embarrassed by this kind of stuff, so I’m not at all a cop hater. Just the aggressive ones that we have here….they can’t make it in a real city so end up here in our small towns and push the limits. Story gets better when you read elsewhere they even knew who it was and his mental state. Zero reason to push him into a frenzy. Go to his house and get him! pics on those other sites have been “cleaned up” from the scenes I actually witnessed this morning as cars where removed from the wreck site and sidewalks had crews on them in minutes to look like they were never on the sidewalks and unsafely chasing. Any pic you see will be from “Cindy W” who has a vested interest in you seeing what you do. So go with what you like. Just stating what I SAW and real experiences with these people. And you again I ask? obvious you have nothing so your one liners are meaningless and show you live in some kind of bubble. More power to you, let me know when there is a whole so I can jump into your world and pretend all is well too.

    • ATKMH says:

      Really, no they don’t make it in a small city, they make it to a large county. This is not some small municipal police force as you suggest. I’m closely RELATED to several deputies and police officers. Some one driving into a hospital is NOT just your common run of the mill offender. Until you can run the license plate, see the offender’s identification, or finger print them, you don’t know who you’re dealing with. SPD has had it’s share of over zealous responses over the past few years. For you to imply that the officers serving in Burien are less professional is just ludicrous. Until you have worked with them, you are too quick to judgment. As you should know, since you ARE CLOSELY RELATED to SPD, media doesn’t always get it right the first time around. Details count, and it certainly sounds like you came to your conclusions without them.

    • peter says:

      I think using SPD officers as the gold standard is a little off the wall.
      Were your associates on the SPD embarrassed by this incident from last week?

  8. ellen ripley says:

    Common Sense, the ability to perceive, understand, judge, and also to spell correctly. Apparently you did not do your homework, shame, shame, on the whole common sense community. Have you talked to the victims of Highline Hospital, who had to jump out of the way to avoid being run over? Have you seen the damage that the vehicle did while fully encompassed inside the hospital? Have you talked to the deputy whose car was rammed by this unstable person and how he told the deputy to kill him. Did you see how he failed to pull over and be stopped and endangered all of the public? Is this the person you want police just to say, “hey, bye see, you, when you calm down?” No, this person is a danger to the public and needs to be stopped. I am disappointed Common Sense, that you are completely oblivious to the facts, ie: common sense. You instead have had a bad experience and not only do you not know the facts, you lie, High Fives, really? Do you really think this happened and if so produce it on your cell phone or video, because it will be villified and your common sense will go bye, bye. I am sorry for you. And the fact that you seem fixated on a new car being involved, which it was not, only contributes to your weak intelligence and lack of investigative skills, which is imperative to COMMON SENSE.

  9. Risley says:

    @Common the article said the truck driver was going around town and slamming into things…should the police have waited until he slammed into enough stuff and he finally stopped? I lived in this town a lot of years and really have not had a bad run in with the police, have had them to my aid more than once and witnessed a couple members of the Sheriff show great restraint way past the point I think even the most patient person would. When someone is dangerous to our society our police department has to protect the rest of society and you can’t always do that by acting passively. But you made it clear if anyone was every breaking into your home and was a threat to you or your family you would like the police to just take their time and drive slowly getting there and not pull a weapon, because that could put your neighbors in danger.

  10. ellen ripley says:

    Oh, Dear Common Sense, you really have lost it, if you want to go get the dispatch reports, you will see that police only had a partial plate and no name. So they did not know who they were dealing with until the full plate was run at SW 146 and 4th SW, when he was taken into custody. I have come to the conclusion that you either do not have a life or are a clown. Pictures were taken from all scenes prior to a emergency pole having to be replaced due to the hazard. I see from your comments you are now doing the backword shuffle. You now have SPD cops as friends and don’t hate cops except small town cops. You are all over the place. Make up your mind. And get a new name, because COMMON SENSE is a hoot or maybe this is a Pranked Ashton Kutcher blog, I give up with trying to talk common sense into changing your moniker.

  11. Tony g says:

    I am happy the cops caught this guy. I live on 4th ave and this guy could have drove right into my house. Clearly anyone who is driving their vehicle into things has some issues
    . Happy the cops did at least one thing right by catching this guy .

  12. jme says:

    Buriens officers are amazing. Enough said.

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