LETTER: And now, Debi Wagner responds to Andrea Reay’s response…

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The B-Town Blog nor its staff.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: This will be the last Letter to the Editor on this topic published on the blog.]

Letter to the Editor:

Regarding the latest claims against me by Andrea Reay, I have the following clarifications:

Clarification #1-I was always willing to open my books to Andrea Reay and her Campaign Manager, Cindi Laws. I had several conversations with the PDC on how to legally comply with Ms. Laws demands. Ms. Laws was unwilling to arrange a meeting with me after I got off work and demanded I comply with her schedule while tipping off the local media that she was ready to file a complaint before she even viewed my records. Andrea Reay never viewed my books.

Clarification #2– Cindi Laws, on behalf of Andrea Reay’s campaign, did go to the media before, during and after viewing my books with the claim that I was probably involved in wrong doing. Ms. Laws even brought the media to my home on the day she viewed my books without notifying me that she was doing so (EDITOR’S NOTE: No representative of The B-Town Blog was present). She claimed she had the right it do it and that she was a PDC Compliance Specialist/Expert. The PDC has confirmed she doesn’t work for them. Upon filing the complaint with the PDC, Ms. Laws immediately sent a copy of the complaint to both the B-Town Blog and the Burien Daily.

Clarification #3-Andrea Reay specifically used the term hypocrisy when referring to my campaign, the examination of my books and why she and her Campaign Manager had to file charges against me and reported this to the media. This falls into the category of a personal attack and a form of mudslinging.

Clarification#4-Cindi Laws, Campaign Manager for Andrea Reay has filed false violation charges against me with the PDC. The PDC is aware of my concerns about what has happened. Ultimately the PDC will make the decision on this case but I feel it should not have been taken to the media by the Reay Campaign in an effort to smear my reputation right before the final days of the election. This is a divisive method of campaigning and lacks integrity.

Clarification#5– To the best of my knowledge, I have never criticized mini-reporting for low expenditure campaigns as dishonest, or because it lacks transparency. And even if I had chosen full reporting, my records on the PDC web site would have looked exactly like the records Cindi Laws saw at my home. Her false complaints against me might have happened sooner and this is the only difference. Her complaints are about what she didn’t see not what she saw and her insistence that these alleged “other” records should exist is ridiculous. The argument from Andrea Reay that I was not transparent is not relevant because I showed Cindi Laws everything I had and would have done the same for anyone else if they had called.

In the interest of time and trouble, this is the last letter from me on this issue.

Thank you for your time.

– Debi Wagner
Candidate for City Council Pos. #3

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3 Responses to “LETTER: And now, Debi Wagner responds to Andrea Reay’s response…”
  1. Marty says:

    Thanks for summing up Debi. I hope none of this hard ball politics influences any voters because in fact they are basically irrelevant to the very real issues and challenges facing our town.

  2. Karen says:

    Praise be to God if this is the last hot air response we have to deal with from you!!

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