ELECTION RESULTS: Early returns favor Lauren, Jack, Joan, Debi, Steve & Joey

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The first round of results for Tuesday’s Primary Election have been released, and the early tally for Burien City Council seats shows leads by Lauren Berkowitz and Jack Block Jr. for Position #1, Joan McGilton and Debi Wagner for Position #3, and Steve Armstrong and Joey Martinez for Position #7:

City of Burien Council Position No. 1:

  • Lauren Berkowitz 2299 51.21%
  • Kip Walton 255 5.68%
  • Jack Block, Jr. 1911 42.57%
  • Write-in 24 0.53%

City of Burien Council Position No. 3:

  • Debi Wagner 1466 32.54%
  • Andrea H. Reay 1035 22.97%
  • Joan McGilton 1489 33.05%
  • Robert L. Richmond, III 495 10.99%
  • Write-in 20 0.44%

City of Burien Council Position No. 7:

  • Chuck Rangel 990 21.93%
  • Steve Armstrong 2245 49.73%
  • Joey Martinez 1262 27.96%
  • Write-in 17 0.38%

Here are some other races worth following:

King County Water District No. 49 Commissioner Position No. 2

  • John Levich 247 17.43%
  • Roger Gee 394 27.81%
  • David G. Lutz 766 54.06%
  • Write-in 10 0.71%

King County Executive:

  • Alan E. Lobdell 27472 12.32%
  • Goodspaceguy 9252 4.15%
  • Everett A. Stewart 16658 7.47%
  • Dow Constantine 168521 75.57%
  • Write-in 1096 0.49%

King County Proposition No. 1 Parks Levy:

  • Approved 163085 68.93%
  • Rejected 73517 31.07%

Metropolitan King County Council District No. 1 short and full term

  • John Fray 1565 5.75%
  • Naomi Wilson 6576 24.16%
  • Rod Dembowski 18912 69.47%
  • Write-in 169 0.62%

Metropolitan King County Council District No. 9

  • Kristina Macomber 2298 9.27%
  • Shari Song 8635 34.83%
  • Reagan Dunn 13759 55.50%
  • Write-in 97 0.39%

Port of Seattle Commissioner Position No. 3 short and full term

  • Andrew Pilloud 30968 14.87%
  • Michael Wolfe 38515 18.49%
  • Stephanie Bowman 137285 65.92%
  • Write-in 1486 0.71%

City of Seattle Mayor; Descriptors added to distinguish candidates with the same

  • Doug McQuaid 1887 2.02%
  • Ed Murray 28248 30.24%
  • Kate Martin, planner 1730 1.85%
  • Bruce A. Harrell 14458 15.48%
  • Mike McGinn 25364 27.15%
  • Peter Steinbrueck 15189 16.26%
  • Mary Martin, factory worker 1124 1.20%
  • Joey Gray 914 0.98%
  • Charlie Staadecker 4287 4.59%
  • Write-in 205 0.22%

This is a “top-two” election, meaning the top two winners for each position will advance to the Nov. 5 General Election, regardless of their party affiliations.

We’ll post another update Wed. (Aug. 7) sometime after 4:30 p.m., so stay tuned…

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25 Responses to “ELECTION RESULTS: Early returns favor Lauren, Jack, Joan, Debi, Steve & Joey”
  1. Question Authority says:

    The single reason I did not vote for Andrea H. Reay was her campaign quote which was so removed from reality – “I realized a mom needed to set things straight” Is that a threat that she will spank the fellow council members when they don’t play fair, or go her way???

    • concerned citizen says:

      How unfortunate that you let a comment like that sway your judgement. If you listened to EVERYTHING ELSE she said at the meetings you would realize she is the brightest and best qualified candidate running for that position. We must turn over this city council!!

      • Question Authority says:

        I felt that “quote” was indicative of a viewpoint I do not support. How about we just roll the clock back people and say one sex is better than the other, and the ability to produce a child makes you more superior or better qualified to hold a political office or lead people.

        • Concerned Citizen says:

          I don’t support that viewpoint either but I don’t think that is what was meant by the comment. Maybe I am not paranoid enough, but I certainly don’t get any such vibe from the comment. From everything she said she is supportive of the community and the neighborhoods and she has a brain. Much improved over what we have had for the last few years.

  2. steven says:

    Seems like we got more of the same. So much for making Burien better…..

  3. Ghost of Maplewild says:

    What bothers me the most about these results is the lack of voter turnout. Very disappointing.

  4. Question Authority says:

    Now we just have to vote Joan McGilton out and the old guard will be gone and we (Burien) can start in the new direction.

    • Tbc says:

      You gotta remember that Joey is a clone of the old guard. He’s been guided and groomed by them the past two years. He didn’t get appointed to the planning commision because of his qualifications!

      • Question Authority says:

        I, in retrospect withdraw my vote for Joey M. because of your profound observation which I had failed to realize at the time of my post. I totally agree with the damaged goods idea!

  5. Question Authority says:

    Oh, and by the way I hope Joey Martinez wins because he has the “heart” to bring about positive change and the goal of kicking scumbags out of our town which I appreciate.

  6. John Poitras says:

    I will be supporting Steve Armstrong. Joey is part of the old guard and would likely support another attempt at annexation and support wards. Neither of these are in the best interests of a better Burien.

    • Question Authority says:

      I agree, see you at the first new council meeting as we climb out of idleness and blah.

    • concerned citizen says:

      I like Steve too. Joey is a very nice man with a heart of gold I’m sure, but we need some really well-qualified smart people on that council and Steve seems to be both. That’s why I like Andrea Reay too. Not that the rest of them aren’t good people, but we really need some brains on that council.

    • TcB says:

      Interesting that both you AND TbC (my troll) just posted using the claim “part of the old guard” in the same story.. Was that an OOPS! moment? Now I know who TbC really is….

      • TcB says:

        So you basically just admitted that you are John Poitras. With your cover blown, there’s no need to keep posting as TbC now is there? And stop saying you’re going to vote for anyone, we all know you’re not registered.

        • TcB says:

          Look, TbC, we probably don’t disagree on most things. I predicted months ago that Mike Martin would be leaving soon based on his tenure of near 7 years in Burien and viola! he’s gone. No comment on whether he’s done a good job or not…just the change I predicted.
          You want the annexation to be kept off the table? Well the people in White Center voted against it, so again, a moot point.
          What other stuff besides an insane hatred of Mike Martin and a rabid support for anti-annexation do you have to offer? TbC, they’re both moot points because they’re over and done
          What else do we disagree on TbC?

  7. Steve Armstrong says:

    “I am overwhelmed by the support I received in the Primary election! Your vote is more than I ever could have hoped. I am ecstatic to move forward in the next stage of being your Council member and your voice in Burien’s future.”

    I am only halfway there and need your continued support to ensure being your representative on the Council.

    Burien is a fantastic community with much potential. We have pride in our community and together we can make our homes and community even better.

    Thank you!

    Steve Armstrong”

    • John Poitras says:

      Hey Steve. You have my families vote. Do you have a campaign web site where we can contribute further to aid your journey to council member?

  8. Seahurst Relic says:

    I am a 53 year resident of the Burien area, my family roots in Burien date back to the early 1930’s. I still live on property that my ancestors bought and built upon in the 30’s.
    As I live and breath, if Clark, McGilton and Martinez hoodwink the citizens of Burien into awarding them seats on our City Council…..well the last of my family tree will gladly relocate to an area with a real future. Really Burien, haven’t you seen enough???

    • TcB says:

      But Rose Clark is running unopposed isn’t she?

      • TbC says:

        And I thought YOU were the voting authority! Nancy Tosta ….. TSK TSK

        • TcB says:

          So is it because Rose has only one other opponent that Nancy wasn’t in the Primary? I kinda missed that information somewhere. And I never said I was a voting authority. Where did I say that John?

    • Question Authority says:

      Your time in the community far outweighs mine by 52 years, but I choose to live here because of my long ties to the area (born and raised in “old Tukwila” and graduated from JFK High) I love Burien but it has amazed me how disfuntional the current council is during my short time here. I have long term plans to stay in the home I have bought and need a local government that supports the needs of the people it has been elected to serve. Clean sweep the council and let’s get our home town back on track.

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