ELECTION UPDATE: No changes; here’s who you’ll choose from Nov. 5

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The second round of results for Tuesday’s Primary Election were released Wednesday afternoon, and it looks like it’s settling into solid leads for Lauren Berkowitz and Jack Block Jr. for Position #1, Joan McGilton and Debi Wagner for Position #3, and Steve Armstrong and Joey Martinez for Position #7.

A couple of surprises for sure – Berkowitz’ 51+% tally vs incumbent Block Jr.’s 42%, Wagner’s victory over Reay, who filed a very public PDC complaint against her just days before the election, and Armstrong’s strong showing against Martinez and Rangel.

So, be prepared to have to make decisions between the following finalists on Tuesday, Nov. 5:

City of Burien Council Position No. 1:

  • Lauren Berkowitz 2541 51.28%
  • Kip Walton 285 5.75%
  • Jack Block, Jr. 2101 42.40%
  • Write-in 28 0.57%

City of Burien Council Position No. 3:

  • Debi Wagner 1617 32.57%
  • Andrea H. Reay 1140 22.97%
  • Joan McGilton 1628 32.80%
  • Robert L. Richmond, III 559 11.26%
  • Write-in 20 0.40%

[City of Burien Council Position No. 5 (NOTE: not in the primary since there were only two candidates)]:

  • Nancy Tosta
  • Rose Clark

City of Burien Council Position No. 7:

  • Chuck Rangel 1090 21.91%
  • Steve Armstrong 2457 49.40%
  • Joey Martinez 1410 28.35%
  • Write-in 17 0.34%

This is a “top-two” election, meaning the top two winners for each position will advance to the Nov. 5 General Election, regardless of their party affiliations.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Rest assured that The B-Town Blog will again be holding Candidate Forums (we’re the only local media source to ever do so here), so be sure to check back often for updates!

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32 Responses to “ELECTION UPDATE: No changes; here’s who you’ll choose from Nov. 5”
  1. John Poitras says:

    My picks are :

    Debi Wagner.. Fiscal conservative, listens to the people, is against annexing white center and at great personal expense took on the Mike Martin attack machine and uncovered a lot of facts that Mike Martin tried to keep out of the public domain.
    vs her opponent who only listens to special interests, still has not given up on the annexation pipe dream and gave this miserable failure of a city manager high marks.
    I think we want Debi Wagner choosing who our next city manager NOT Joan McGilton!

    Steve Armstrong. Will make a great council member and will not allow annexation to raise it ugly head again. I also trust him to pick a competent city manager. He realizes that Mike Martin was a disaster for the city of Burien. vs his opponent Joey M who is a strong annexation supporter and was a big fan of Mike Martin.

    Jack Block who also opposes annexation and despite the tempest in a teapot about his facebook page which had nothing to do with his job performance has done a good job as council member . He also was not a fan of Mike Martin which is a huge plus in my estimation and bodes well for choosing our next city manager vs his opponent who has publicly declared her support for another attempt at annexation although I admit that other than her close affiliation with Joey M I do not know much about her.
    However imo her support of annexation disqualifies her from consideration.

    Finally I pick Nancy Tosta who is running against Rose Clark .
    Rose is not only a huge annexation supporter, she violated protocol and walked out of a council meeting to stop a vote she did not like. Rose also gave Mike Martin very high marks (undeservedly) and I have no doubt if given the opportunity she would vote to try and annex again. She is also very close with the NHUAC (the pro annexation PAC)

    I think Nancy will do a good job of listening the PEOPLE of Burien and will oppose any further attempts at annexation rather than being the tool of special interests which imo describes Rose Clark to a T.

    • Jennifer says:

      So surprised to see these are your picks! The only one I agree with is Nancy….although I am not as anti Rose as you are.

      • TbC says:

        My big question about Joan McGilton is her support of CARES. She claims to be a scientist and bases decisions on facts and best available science. With that being said I don’t see how she can say CARES is so wonderful! I also noticed she was excused from many council meetings in the past year for health reasons, missing many critical votes and causing much disarray among the council. Is she healthy enough to properly serve? It’s a question on my mind and would like to hear her answer.

        • PJ says:

          TBC- Have you ever heard of Hippa?

          I don’t think Joan’s health is any of your concern, oh that’s right it is not that your concerned just obsessed.

          • TcB says:

            Amazing how John Poitras and TbC have the same writing style, use the same quotes like “old guard”, post right around the same time as each other. No it’s not.

            • John Poitras says:

              TcB are you also dcollier because you both sound exactly the same and obviously have personal vendettas against me.
              How about coming out of the closet and telling us who you really are. Then you “might” be a little more credible in your accusations even if they are empty of truth.
              I suspect you live in white center not Burien.
              As far as your incorrect belief that just because annexation failed last year that those council members that supported it (Joan and Rose) and those that have declared they are for annexation (Joey and Lauren) would not try again is naive.Its NOT a mute point and in fact its actually worse than naivety, its a form of denial which borders on neurotic because you refuse to accept the truth just because you don’t like the source.
              I am not running for council but I do like to live in the real world and it should be obvious even to a fourth grader that if you voted to keep someone in office that was a miserable failure and in fact gave him high marks then its likely your poor judgement would spill over into the next pick. That should be obvious to anyone with a shred of objectivity.
              The fact that you refuse to see the logic just adds to the lack of credibility you already have a reputation for.

          • ATKMH says:

            You are right on PJ. Besides Joan’s absence, several other council members have been excused and missed voting opportunities due to health issues in the past, including Mr. Block, who also decided to post photos of the “healing” progress, disgusting, not to mention his other posts. I think Debbie LOOKS unhealthy, but I certainly wouldn’t demand that she answer and/or explain why to me. Life happens, it doesn’t take a holiday just because you’re on council. Too many, like you say, are just obsessed, not concerned.

    • Kex says:

      John Poitras, if you are not a registered voter in the state of Washington, why do you care so much about Burien elections? Or, if you care so much about Burien elections, why aren’t you a registered voter in the state of Washington?

      If you can’t or won’t answer that question, why would anyone ever listen to anything you have to say in the future?

      • Kex Fakey says:

        Tcb or Dcollier ? Posting another another fictitious name to pretend your malignancy is shared by others? Anyone with half a brain could figure out you are the same person.
        Do you have anything constructive to add or are you just like a cancer that is untreatable.

  2. dcollier says:

    John, Thank you for letting us know whom you support. After hearing all the nasty things you have said on this bog over the last year, I know exactly who I will NOT vote for. I think if I were running for office, I would make sure I let you know that I did not want you to publicly say that you are voting for me. But, of course you would not vote for me because we all know that you are now going to accuse me of A. not living in Burien B. being a Mike Martin supporter and C. favoring annexation (even though you do not even know me).
    Keep up the good work, John, the people running against your candidates need your help.

    • John Poitras says:

      Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.
      Do you live in Burien? Who knows because you post under a fictitious name.
      If you do you certainly have nothing good to say about it and are clearly part of the problem not part of the solution.
      Are you really trying to claim you did not support annexation? Lol
      Are you really trying to claim you were not a Mike Martin supporter? Lol
      Be careful because you are on record of being both.
      I am not surprised you are not running for office because with your negative attitude you would have no chance of getting elected anyway. How about declaring who YOU would vote for instead of maligning the good people I am supporting. Have the courage to put yourself on record instead of wasting peoples time with your vitriolic propaganda.

  3. Marty says:

    PJ considering that Joan missed so many votes because of her health I think it is a viable concern that TBC raises.

  4. John says:

    From the candidates moving forward, the only one that now interests me is Steve Armstrong. I could care less about the others and obviously I have nothing better to vote for now.

  5. dcollier says:

    John I find it so ironic that you continue to harp about people using fictitious names when you got busted using William Forest and a host of other names. You are not even registered to vote and yet you try your best to call out others. The sad reality is, I think you are so delusional that you think no one sees how negative and destructive you are.
    In your last writing to me, you did exactly what I said you would do. You claimed I am a Mike Martin supporter and favor annexation.
    After you declaring that you like Steve Armstrong, I am taking him off my list even though I know nothing about him.
    Keep us the good work, John.

    I am sure Steve is cringing after reading your comments

  6. Dcollier says:

    Dcollier or Tcb or whoever you are pretending to be today I was not busted as you claim however you are no doubt using this name and other malicious posters alias’s. You have some gall trying to call me out when i use my real name and you hide your venom behind many alias’s. There is a psychological disorder called “projection” you are definitely afflicted with. You are not fooling anyone by trying to hide your affiliation with the NHUAC pro annexation gang and your support of Mike Martin> You do not live in Burien and cannot vote in our elections yet you pretend you do. None of the people I am supporting are in favor of annexation and so you would not have voted for them anyway even if you really lived in Burien. You blundered into a big tell because of course you know nothing about Steve Armstrong.. Why would you? First of all you cannot vote in Burien and second of all Joey Martinez another pro-annextion supporter would have been your pick even if you did. I am sure that anyone that actually lives in Burien and see’s that annexation is not a good idea sees what you are dishonestly trying to do.
    Apparently you are unwilling to declare who you are pretending to vote for and why. I suspect its because you are a coward that lacks the courage of their convictions. I wonder if you are afraid to do so because your endorsement is basically the kiss of death?
    I also wonder how malicious people like you sleep at night?

    • TcB says:

      Another whoops John, you posted as someone else…

      • TbC says:

        Yea, What’s with that?

        • TcB says:

          C,mon John lets start working together. Mike Martin is gone and so is annexation. What other ideas that are positive and pro something can we work on.

      • John Poitras says:

        Check your pulse TcB it was done on purpose and was meant to be a case in point.,
        If you are unable to understand why I really can’t help you.
        Sure we can work together but until Rose and Joan are gone Annexation is still on the table please don’t be in denial on that because its too obvious to argue over.

        Here is something we can work together on >>> Stop the planning commission from changing the zoning for town center so the developer can build lower quality apartments with reduced open./recreational space and lower amenities. This is before the planning commission right now for approval. Not what the residents were promised obviously.

        All this will do is enable the developer to sell or rent cheap apartments to low income families with high human service needs that Burien’s budget is not equipped to fund.
        Lets see if Joey Martinez votes to approve lower quality apartments in town square. if he does he should be held accountable in November.

        • TcB says:

          You know I support the original vision for Condos and retail ground level. We’ve had this discussion, I think you supported either all condos or all retail, I can’t remember.

          The only way I would support apartments being built in this location is if they have retail on ground floor, and are available to purchase if the buyer wants to. And they would have to be quality apartments that would rent for a high price tag.

          I do not support low quality apartments, but I am not so cynical to believe that the developer really wants to build low rent apartments in this location.

          • TbC says:

            Are you cynical enough to think that someone would want to pay high end rent in what is now Town Square? It doesn’t have a lot to offer.( A couple of pawn shops and a “high end” tattoo parlor) Maybe we should be worrying about the economic development of Burien first, then develop the property. Oh wait. I forgot that all is well in Burien. Nevermind. Build it and they will come.

          • TbC says:

            sorry,got called away and forgot I already commented. I can’t hear anymore, either!

          • John Poitras says:

            Then why the push to rezone it?

            • TcB says:

              Are you talking to me John? What do you mean rezone? I think it’s zoned for medium or high residential (enough for either condos or apartments). I haven’t been pushing to do anything to the zoning.

              • John Poitras says:

                The planning commission was going to vote last Tuesday on the rezoning of town square to allow lower quality apartments with reduced open/recreational space requirements.

                • TcB says:

                  Do you have a link for this? I can only find that the area is zoned “downtown commercial”. I don’t see any other zoning information from the city. Do you have information about the result? What are “lower quality apartments”? Does that have to do with Building codes? Define “Lower quality” to me because i’m interested.

                  • TcB says:

                    Oh, it related to decks and patios if i’m not mistaken… from reading the minutes…is this wrong?

                    • John Poitras says:

                      I know that it is related to the reduction of the current zoning requirement concerning private recreation space for multi family developments. I conclude that less recreation space means more space to build apartments of a lower quality. (the developer more than makes up for the reduced cost by the increase in volume.)

                    • TcB says:

                      Replying to myself since there’s no room.

                      I see that zoning can be set for 24 units or 48 units? Did I read this right? I don’t even know what it’s at right now.

                      “Private recreation space”

                      “Decks and patios”

                      The two could arguably be the same thing. Based on my reading of the minutes that’s what they’re talking about.

                      While this does detract from an apartment slightly, it does not necessarily define them as “low quality”. Some things I would consider to watch for:

                      Insufficient sound proofing between apartments.

                      Low quality of building materials

                      Non-existent design standards

                      On the whole, I’d rather have grass fields there than cheap apartments that will last for 75 years. But, it’s up to the property owner, and the City Council. I would say if the apartments are at least condo quality, and could be purchased as well as leased, then go for it. People living in this location helps business on 152nd and the surrounding area. In the end it’s all the people buying online that will kill off what you think of as “Burien” (Olde Burien and 152nd street). It will be interesting to see what comes from the ashes.

  7. elizabeth2 says:

    I am not a fan of much of the rancorous “debate” which is sometimes posted here.

    HOWEVER, I can say that for anyone who decides who NOT to vote for with the sole reason that an arch enemy supports them can’t be much of a free thinker or a well educated voter.

    Read the campaign material, study the campaigner’s platform and then make up your own mind using your own intelligence.

    You do not have to agree with your favorite target’s reasoning but by odd coincidence, luck, alignment of the planets, fate, karma, or good reason, he may actually support a candidate who is good on his on merits without any connection, real or imagined, with someone for whom you find scorn.

  8. John Poitras says:

    I agree.. The rub is there is a huge difference between buying and transient renting.

    • TcB says:

      I forgot to mention that it’s really between the Property Owners, The City Council, and the Bank. If the Bank doesn’t think that it’s a good idea to build Condos, then no money…

      It’s all about what people who hold the money think will work. And of course they’re very conservative. When the market is really ready for Condo’s they’re still thinking from a perspective that is old, and says build Apartments.

      When the market is asking for Apartments, they”ll finally be around to believing they should build Condos

      And so it goes…

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