LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ‘One gym quest, one heck of a workout’

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The B-Town Blog nor its staff:]

It was a simple idea. Go to the gym, I said. So, I walked out my door and I started my quest by visiting the one just north of Walgreen’s. You know the one. Once in, it appears as a clean environment. The equipment seems standard, but new and nice. The problem is I am standing at the desk and I do not see an attendant. I look around for one. Nope, no attendant. After five minutes, I leave. I think as I see some unsavory people in the parking lot partaking in what appears to be that new legalized drug, that it was probably for the best.

Next stop, the gym with two words in one name. You know. The one on the corner of 152nd and Ambaum. My friend already warned me. “It took nearly an act by the BBB and almost a month of pleading to the owners to get my money back when I injured myself and requested a refund on day two of my membership,” she said. Oh well, I said. I will look and see. It had one open room, a corner area partitioned off with kids playing. Someone finally noticed me. A sweaty woman jogged over from her workout. She skipped the introduction. I might want to join I say. “There’s a $35 membership fee and it’s $150 per month.” “Ooh, that’s steep,” I reply. How often do you have workouts and how does your childcare work? We have three one-hour sessions per day, Monday through Friday. Childcare is available for no charge, but it is only available during our 9 a.m. session.

Needless to say, I jog on. This time to the gym that offers a pool. The pool is okay if you are into maybe 20 yard laps, and you like to aquacize. They did have a nice whirlpool. It was clean. The price was reasonable, and there was no sign-up fee. Just $76 for a single membership. The only catch is that their cardio room will not reopen due to maintenance until late August 2013.

So, I am jazzed to hear that the club bearing California’s largest city’s name might be coming to Burien Plaza. It will give me another opportunity to get some excersize. See, going from gym to gym I realize that the best workout is the one that makes me walk to the next one.

– Janelle Landers

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13 Responses to “LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ‘One gym quest, one heck of a workout’”
  1. Jonica says:

    I have been a member of the one with the pool and liked it ok, but it felt more like a business networking “club”. I too, am awaiting the “California’s City” one to make it to town. I will see you there. 🙂

  2. YMCA Fan says:

    The Matt Griffin YMCA has everything you mentioned. GREAT childcare (included), clean new facilities, and a separate lap pool. Affordable ($95 / month for a family; less for singles and single parent families) and great!

    It’s down the road in SeaTac but worth the trip.

  3. SD says:

    You missed Freedom Fitness at 5 Corners Love this gym, their trainers and my sweaty cohorts! Drop in or check out their website.

  4. Angela says:

    You missed one! Freedom Fitness right behind the one with the pool and next to Albertson’s. No pool but training comes with your membership and they’re SERIOUS about your fitness. Check them out.

  5. BT says:

    Yea I tried the one North of Walgreens too. Took just as long to find someone come to the counter then when they did, they were dressed and acted like some Hollywood flunkie (you know the types with the large lapels open shirt down to their belly, jewelry, and attitude). Yes I joined, was supposed to get three free designed workouts which they took most of the time in stupid questions. I lasted three visits then asked for my money back….years later I never did see it…Never go there again.

  6. sean says:

    This letter appears to be an advertisement for LA fitness. Also, unless I am mistaken was edited from the first time that I read it. There seems to have been some changes, in regards, to the club with the 20 yard pool. Something about the name and that most of the people are there doing business. Scott, please feel check and see if the letter has been edited.

    My experience with the Highline Athletic Club was very positive.

  7. Katherine says:

    The one behind the Walgreen’s and the one that used to be on the corner of 152nd/Ambaum were one in the same. The current one on 152nd/Ambaum has only been there for a couple of years, which are you referring to?

    Yes, the one behind Walgreens has quite a history with the BBB and the State. A bit of Googling on their respective names should provide you with more information.

    The trainer I go to use to work at the large California chain – talk about horror stories…

    A gym is a very personal thing, some like the anonymity of a big complex, some like the personal attention of a personal trainer in a private setting and some like something in between. The one and only thing that counts is getting out there and exercising. Now, if we just had a running store/group like West Seattle Runner I’d be one very happy camper.
    If in doubt head for the/a Y — In addition to getting a good workout, they always have great deals (Reciprocal agreements with other Y’s if you travel) and they provide a lot of good services to the community that your membership supports.

  8. Eaton B. Verz says:

    I’m personally a fan of the Y. Clean and cheap. Can be crowded at time though.

  9. flashdog says:

    As Katherine observed, a gym is a very personal thing. Some people regard one feature as most important and others are more concerned about something else. I LOVE Normandy Park Athletic Club in Normandy Park Town Center (at the intersection of First Ave. South and 200th St.) It is VERY clean. They have lots of different kinds of equipment, weights, and classes. When I go (in the mornings), it’s never crowded. The staff is friendly and helpful and the prices are very reasonable.

  10. Greg Duff says:

    If you are tired of the fancy gyms and just want a real good workout with personal attention
    you need to visit United Gym at 10778 Meyer Way South. It is open from 5am till 10pm. The owner, Ron White, loves to work with you and will not charge any extra for his time. This is a gym where you will learn to lift weights, work on machines and see results. There is only a couple of treadmills but two floors of weights and lifting machines. The club is 20.00 per month and they do have a discount if you pay for the year.
    Stop by for a visit and have Ron show you the facility.

  11. Laura says:

    Before posting a negative tale or your harrowing gym search you should check the facts. 99% of establishments post their schedules, rates, and hours of operations online. Do some research before running around town and putting local businesses on blast.

    Secondly, double back and check your facts. I’m a member of CrossFit Burien and nothing about their scheduling you posted is accurate. There are over 6 classes a day M-F. The “sweaty” coach ran over to you and was preoccupied because she was busy doing her job- coaching.

    CF Burien is one of the best ways my family spends our time and money every month. Everyone involved cares about each other and fitness. I’m sure people who belong to the HAC and 24 hour fitness will have similar sentiments that my family does with CF.

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