SEATAC BLOG: Judge strikes down measure to increase wage to $15/hour

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Our sister site The SeaTac Blog is reporting that King County Superior Court Judge Andrea Darvas on Monday reversed the decision of the SeaTac City Clerk’s “issuance of the Final Certificate of Sufficiency” because the initiative proposing the new ordinance “Is not supported by the required number of valid signatures of registered voters.”

The proposed ordinance – which would increase the minimum wage in that city to $15 per hour – was placed on the November ballot by the SeaTac Council.

Read the full story here.

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10 Responses to “SEATAC BLOG: Judge strikes down measure to increase wage to $15/hour”
  1. VERY TIRED says:

    I have worked for 17 years. I don’t make much more than this “proposed” wage. The idiocy of this idea is beyond measure. Some snot-nosed little teenager does not deserve to make anywhere near $15 an hour without any experience.

  2. givemearaise says:

    Everybody deserves a shot at making a living wage.

    • Wanker says:

      Everyone has a shot at a living wage, but it isn’t going to be handed to them. They have to work for it.

      • givemearaise says:

        You don`t think those people making minimum wage “earn” their money?
        What makes you feel that way? Maybe the fact that because it`s called minimum wage it`s also minimum work? I don`t know, I`m just speculating of course,
        but if you don`t think most of those people earn their “minimum wage” salary go give it a try for a couple of weeks then post here again.
        And it` wouldn`t really bother me paying a few extra cents for a burger or whatever if it meant helping someone feed themselves. At least they are trying.
        Our society is breeding greediness (if thats a word) and not to judge, but you sound like a part of it.

  3. Wanker says:

    I have never felt that minimum wage was supposed to be a livable wage, rather motivation to better your self. If you want higher pay, do something to earn it! When I was 16 I worked at McDonald’s and made minimum wage. It was perfect for a young kid. I learned very valuable skills to help me in the work place, but I always knew it wasn’t a career choice.

    In the end if the ridiculous $15 per hour minimum wage was passed, who do you think would pay for it? The cost would be passed on to the consumer. Why do people feel so entitled?

    • PanderBear Jack says:

      The median age of these workers is 28. Most used to have family wage jobs until the recession hit. The fat cats got richer during and after the recession and the rest of us got the shaft.

      People like Wanker keep protecting those who are betting against people like Wanker!

  4. Terry says:

    I have had many jobs in my lifetime from minimum wage to well paid, and I have observed that the toughest jobs I have had have been the lowest paid ones. The market doesn’t reward people based on anything other than the economic equivalent of a high school popularity contest. Do you think financial workers on Wall Street deserve an average pay of over 300 thousand per year? Do you think hedge fund managers deserve their multi-million dollar compensation?
    If the minimum wage had kept pace with the growth in productivity since 1960, it would now be $22 per hour. Instead most of the rewards from increased productivity have boosted the income of the top 1% while the median American family income adjusted for inflation has actually decreased since 1999.

  5. GEA says:

    First, if you don’t think you are getting paid what you are worth then have a discussion with your boss and make your case. If you do twice the work of you peers then ask for 2x the base pay.
    Second, are there people standing in line to take your job? If so, then the odds of an increase is diminished due to basic competition.
    Third, in general physical labor jobs pay less than jobs requiring brainpower. If you want to make $300k, then learn how to be a hedge fund manager instead of whining about it. Most likely the hedge fund manager invested $50k to $100k for an education to qualify for such a job. If you are to lazy or risk adverse to invest in an education, then you can enjoy the minimum wage job. Don’t forget that such high salaries come high levels of pressure to produce profits.
    Fourth, many jobs in IT pay 6 figures, or close to it. Again, education is required to secure such a job. Education is the key to high pay.
    Fifth, businesses are not responsible for your family, you are!

    Life is hard, and hard work along with good education will get you and your family out of poverty. Whining will only keep you in the dirt.

    • TcB says:

      “Get yourself an education” was something you could argue about 40 years ago when you were college age. How can a person getting minimum wage today afford to go to college? The minimum wage should be $22 today if it were to match the bing power of yesterday’s minimum wage.

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