Three Tukwila motels seized by Feds after year-long investigation

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From our sister site The Tukwila Blog comes this report:

Three motels in Tukwila were seized and boarded-up by federal agents Tuesday (Aug. 27) following a year-long investigation of criminal activity in and around the motels, announced U.S. Attorney Jenny A. Durkan.

More than 400 law enforcement officers and agents participated in the serving of search and seizure warrants on the Great Bear Motor Inn, Boulevard Motel and Travelers Choice Motel, all located on Tukwila International Boulevard.

Read the full story here.

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26 Responses to “Three Tukwila motels seized by Feds after year-long investigation”
  1. David says:

    It’s about damn time!

  2. Kathleen says:

    Pacific Highway or Hwy 99, None of us who have lived here for a long time will EVER call it International Blvd! Cops still there as I write, windows all boarded up, UHaul trucks there to load things into. The refugees now there going through boxes of people’s possessions.

    • elizabeth2 says:

      Kathleen – are all the people going through the boxes of “people’s possessions” wearing T-shirts with bold lettering on the back which says “REFUGEE”? Shame on you.

      • Question Authority says:

        As my neighbor adamantly says ” Burien started to go downhill when they opened the transit center, it let’s all the riff raff find their way here and now look at the crime rate!”

        • John Poitras says:

          I agree >>> What did the transit center do for the majority of the residents of Burien? I cannot think of anything. It does cause major congestion on our main thoroughfare out of town. I don’t think it does anything to help business’s in downtown Burien because most people with disposable income drive a car!
          We got it because Mike Martin did King County a political favor and it has resulted in a lot more negatives for Burien residents than positives.
          You can also blame the majority on the current council for going along with it.

          • TcB says:

            Except that we had a transit center already, that stopped on 4th ave where the parking garage is. There were a lot of buses that already came through that area, and went to all the places that the buses go now.
            Oh, I guess you haven’t been here long enough to know that it was there for years and years.
            Here’s some nice pictures

      • Question Authority says:

        “Kathleen” (like most of us in America) likely comes from a refugee family if she looks back through her own family history. I’m not the biggest fan of unchecked immigration, but I also know my own grandparent came from elsewhwere in the 1800’s – 1900’s.

        • elizabeth2 says:

          Refugees in this area are legally and officially resettled here through the federal government. Per the government, U.S. policy allows refugees of special humanitarian concern entrance into our country, reflecting our core values and our tradition of being a safe haven for the oppressed.

          The largest groups of refugees by far last year in Washington were from Burma/Myanmar and Bhutan fleeing ethnic violence in their own home countries.

          They do not deserve the disparaging comments.

  3. Question Authority says:

    Is the ghetto apartment complex across 160th from Andy’s Handy Mini Mart on the list?
    By the looks of some of the tenants/clients hanging out around there you have to wonder.

  4. Pimps & Ho's says:

    What took em so long???? Bulldoze the whole damn neighborhood so all the Pimps, Ho’s, Drug Dealers, Illegal Aliens & Refugees move down the road to Kent.

  5. TcB says:

    This is why I don’t want hotels or motels in Burien.

    • Lee Moyer says:

      Lets keep up the good work pf preventing tourists and traveling business people from spending their time and money in Burien. We don’t want transients here. We gotta protect the Pure Burien Core Cartel.

      • TcB says:

        Nice snark! You are in it to win it!
        I’m all for some nice B&B’s for our tourists.

        Let’s keep the motels on highway 99, not 1st ave.

      • Eaton B. Verz says:

        All Right Lee!! You gotta remember that comment is from the same poster that was for annexation so that “Those People”in the white center projects could be zoned out of their homes. Good call!

        • TcB says:

          You got some links to back up your false claim about what I said or didn’t say?

          • Eaton B. Verz says:

            Should be archived here. I really have a hard time believing you cannot remember our spirited debates about your comments. First it was” ya,so what”. Then it was ” I was only joking” and now it’s “I never said that” Ever consider politics? You’re a natural.

            • TcB says:

              So no proof. I thought so.

              • Eaton B. Verz says:

                You know in your heart what you said. If it’s real important to you,go ahead and look it up. I remember well what you said. With that, I’ll be done with you.way off topic anyway. Go Hawks!!!

                • TcB says:

                  You know in your heart that you have nothing but smoke and mirrors. Smear me and run. No proof. No truth. Look over here! Don’t look at that! Go hawks!

              • Eaton B. Verz says:

                Oct 4th,2011. While you’re there look at Aug 5th,2011 where you endorsed annexation to bring in jobs. Specifically the Hotels and other service industries. You should spend some time and go over your posts. The random ones I looked at shows a definite difference between then and now. Or was that your partner TbC?

                • TcB says:

                  Here is an actual link

                  This is what I asked you to do, supply links.

                  Why would you go search out my comments but not supply links? Because you’re hoping people will believe you. You haven’t supplied links, you haven’t supplied quotes with links, you haven’t supplied facts. You haven’t supplied truth.

                  I never said those people…

                  I said “those people”, always supplied in quotes, always used as a device to pretend myself as a conduit for the people who really did think that the lower economic working classes are undeserving of being a part of Burien.

                  I never said that those people should not be a part of Burien, I said that there are those that think “those people” should not be a part of Burien. You have been ever since, twisting this quote device to try and portray me as something other than what I am.

                  Now getting back to the comment I made, “That’s why I don’t want motels in Burien”. Sure it could be wrong of me to say this, it’s just my opinion. Have I ever had a different opinion in the past? Could be. Would I ever be afraid of changing my opinion? I hope not, that’s how you get people who stand on the steps of the schoolhouse blocking some group from attending.

    • TbC says:

      Yup, I agree. What we do need are more high end apts! just like the ones at 136th and Ambaum. Or maybe even the ones at 160th and 2nd. My personal faveorites are the ones on Ambaum and 124th. We should build them in town square! The tenants would have thier choice of tattoo parlors and pawn shops. All within walking distance. Bonus!!

  6. Wanker says:

    Great…. Now where am I supposed to go on Saturday nights?

  7. GEA says:

    400 law enforcement personnel. Average hourly rate $150/hr. hmmm, average of 8 hours per employee??? Equals about $480,000 probably more. Was the bust worth it?