SEATAC BLOG: Increase in SeaTac Minimum Pay will be on November ballot

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Our sister site The SeaTac Blog is reporting breaking news Friday that Proposition #1 – a proposed increase in the minimum wage to $15 per hour – will be on the November ballot after all, just hours before the deadline.

A three judge panel of the Washington Court of Appeals panel granted a motion for discretionary review.

“We reverse the trial court, vacate the trial court’s August 26, 2013 order, and quash … all writs issued pursuant to that order.”

Read the full story here.

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20 Responses to “SEATAC BLOG: Increase in SeaTac Minimum Pay will be on November ballot”
  1. Burienite says:


  2. VERY TIRED says:

    When voters (mob) is a smart as rutabaga, this is the kind of ridiculous items that appear on the ballot. If this passes, businesses will fold up, close shop, and move to Burien or Tukwila. The quickest way to destroy job creation is to raise the minimum wage.

    When will people realize that Socialism is just another way to steal money from people who work to give it to those that refuse?

    An example:

    I was in the store yesterday in line listening to a woman pay for her items complain about how expensive it was. She talked about how she had to wait to get her food stamps. After paying for my items, walking into the parking lot I saw this woman get into a brand new Fiat 500. Talk about FRAUD.

  3. True Capitalist says:

    If a business can’t survive and be a benefit to society, it should go out of business. Paying wages people can’t live on is virtual slavery, worse that slavery actually. Plantation owners had to feed and house their properties.

    • sureok says:

      The employer is providing a service via it’s product(s). If they raise wages, the price of the product(s) must go up. Perhaps out of reach of many. Entry level jobs were never meant to be careers. Once upon a time these jobs were held by the teenagers in the community.

      There is no correlation between these employers and plantation owners. If you want a higher paying job, go get one! You have that freedom. Of course, your skillset will need to be worth the wages you seek.

      • Burien Fan says:

        You need to stop making (stuff) up. Baggage handler and hotel service staff jobs were never held by “teenagers in the community.” If there were better jobs available, people would be in them. The manufacturing jobs, and many of the service jobs, have all been outsourced to cheaper labor countries.

        The arguments you make are old hat. They are the same stupid “supply and demand” arguments that were made 100 years ago. People found them unacceptable then, just as they are unacceptable now. Do you know how things changed then? People stood up and FOUGHT for living wages, and they got them because they FOUGHT for them. This is what people are doing now. They are exercising whatever political muscle they can, just as the employers are doing.

        I suppose it’s just fine with you that the 1 percent can hire lobbyists and buy and sell members of Congress and state legislatures, and even presidents, to rig the game in THEIR favor. But when labor does it, it’s bad?

        “If you want a higher paying job, go get one!” That’s just what these workers are doing. If you don’t like the way they’re doing it, that’s just too damn bad for you.

        • VERY TIRED says:

          If you choose to use the rhetoric of the discredited creation of the “Occupy” crowd, then you have no place in a rational discussion. You have been played by Marxists and Communists, and you refuse to see it.

          Capitalism works. We have a nation of 200+ years as evidence to show that it does. IF you would like another example, look at China which has used their own bastardized form, even it has CREATED a middle class from nothing in the space of 25 years.

          Socialism doesn’t. That is why this idiotic idea that you can just set a minimum wage and “abracadabra” everything is fine is a FALLACY.. It’s self-defenestration as you blindly walk through a window pane.

          • Burien Fan says:

            I’m sure that’s your opinion. But your rhetoric is as “very tired” as your handle. These are the same “sky-is-falling” arguments that have been used against every single wage fairness legislation that has ever come down the pike since this nation was founded. The sky hasn’t fallen, in case you haven’t noticed.

            At its base, your argument is the “golden rule” argument — those who have the gold make the rules. That’s what you stand for. That’s who you are. You think the rich should rule, and those who are not rich should obey. Admit it.

      • True Capitalist says:

        I’m glad you used the phrase “once upon a time”, it lends perspective to the fairy tales you tell here. 28% of private sector workers make less than $10 per hour, Slave wages coupled with relentless attack on labor unions, reveals that industry exploits unrepresented labor just as “massa” did in the 19th century, just more subtly. Private business expects government to invest tax dollars to develop new industries (railroads, communications, airlines, space science, the internet, etc.) with the promise that the citizenry will benefit. But that benefit shouldn’t be only cheap stuff, it should be to maintain and raise the overall standard of living. People shouldn’t need food stamps to make ends meet on their low wage jobs – another example of socialism targeted at industry.

  4. Banker Bob says:

    Entry level jobs are not supposed to be permanent careers with high wages. If lower skill jobs have high wages, then there is no incentive to achieve greater skill. It is simple economics that if businesses are forced to increase wages, not supported by the free market, prices will increase and/or businesses will close. The $15.00 per hour wage is artificial and not supported by an economic principal. It is fake and a fraudulently obtained threshold with no supporting reason except for the feel-good idea that people deserve to have better wages. But there is a flip-side, people deserve lower price of goods and services too and a market that creates jobs for their entry level children who have no experience or skill. People must know that they need to work hard to achieve success. It should not be handed to them arbitrarily.

    • Burien Fan says:

      There is no such thing as a “free market” and there never has been. It is a myth, just like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and “clean coal”. Please stop insulting our intelligence.

      Every player in every market since the dawn of humanity has attempted, with varying success, to game and manipulate the market for personal or corporate advantage. If employers can collude — which they do beyond any shadow of a doubt — to keep wages down, then employees can organize politically to force wages up.

      It’s all about who has the political muscle. Economics cannot be divorced from politics any more than the ocean can be drained with a spoon. So it is with efforts for the $15 minimum wage in SeaTac.

      Will there be unintended consequences? Certainly. Can you or anyone else say for sure what those might be? Certainly not. Might you be right? Certainly, but it’s only your guess.

      It will be a matter of managing the tradeoffs, that’s all. The airport can’t move, the baggage must be handled, and the hotel rooms must be cleaned. If CEOs have to take less so that their bottom-scale employees might make more, that’s a tradeoff I’m eager to make. Some others most surely are not so eager. We’ll see who has the votes.

      • sureok says:

        The airport can’t move, true However, it isn’t true that teenagers never held those jobs. I had a baggage job in my teens. Granted, it was quite some time ago. Regardless, this will end up in lost jobs. Retail stores will try to get to 10 or less employees and the hotels and other airport employers will cut their numbers as well. Perhaps not to the 30 or less, but less overall. It’s a given. No one can tell a business how many employees they must have. I feel sorry for those that will go from a non-living wage to no wage.

        • Burien Fan says:

          I doubt that you care about them one way or another.

          • VERY TIRED says:

            This is called deflection, and is used by the Saul Alinsky school. You have no real rebuttal, and so you make an illogical statement.

            You cannot make an argument based upon feelings. Simply put, the statistics do no weigh in your favour.

            You want to know why people make less money right now? It’s not the businesses. It’s not the “evil” corporations. It’s called a fiat currency, created by Keynesian policies from people like yourself that seek to “grow the pie”. The problem is that money has to be based upon something, and you cannot grow something when you have nothing to back it up! As of now, it is simply printed when more is necessary. That’s a problem, because the more of something you produce, its intrinsic value is diminished. Notice your food bill going up in the past 5 years? Overall, the buying power of your Dollar since 1988 has declined massively, as the wages have stayed fairly stable. This is because of economic policy, not because of anything a company or corporation has done.

        • nowages says:

          you said, I feel sorry for those that will go from a non-living wage to no wage.
          No worries, obamacare is taking care of that . Look at how many business have already said they are cutting their workers hours because of obamacare. So I don`t see anything wrong with raising the minimum wage some.

    • Mike says:

      With that being said BB, then you can also say $9.19/hr Wa minimum wage as well as the $7.25 federal is also too much. The right wingers want every worker to work for nothing until they drop. They are close to achieving this with send virtually all manufacturing living wage jobs off shore. This very rich and very poor scenario is what y’all wanted. Now comes the blow back. There’s 1% of you and 99% of the blow back. You asked for this.

    • Question Authority says:

      I once worked for minimun wage, then I grew up (turned nineteen) because I wanted more and I was willing to do what was needed. Four years in the military then tech school and my wages have only increased because my skill set and experience have also, over time. I have never looked back and said ” O gee I should have stayed working at ? so my life could stagnate and I could long for money and life security” Instead I stepped up to the plate and made the choices needed that now have me living well enough with money in the bank!

    • othersideofthetracks says:

      Really, you insinuating that $15.00 an hour are “high wages” even for entry level?
      I would hardly call $15.00 a living wage but at least its a start.

  5. Btowner says:

    If the $9/hr job gets $15, then will the person making $15/hr get a $6/hr raise?

  6. True Capitalist says:

    If that current $15 per hour persons joins a union, he may.

    If he waits for the largesse of Alaska Airlines, good luck to him/her.

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