PHOTO: Group of locals holds vigil against military action in Syria

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A group of approximately 20 people from Burien and neighboring communities held a vigil Monday evening (Sept. 9) on the corner of 1st Ave South and SW 148th to speak out against a military strike against Syria (click image to see larger version):

(Photo courtesy Rebecca Dare)

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4 Responses to “PHOTO: Group of locals holds vigil against military action in Syria”
  1. VERY TIRED says:

    You know what else takes courage? Going after the regime in regards to the murder of our Ambassador in Benghazi one year ago today. Calling out a president that left 3 of our brave soldiers to be slaughtered by a mob of terrorists that his regime knew about 2 weeks prior.

    These peace protestors are the same people that voted for this regime in the first place. Remember the Nobel Peace Prize for doing NOTHING? You were so quick the vote for this man TWICE. He was more that willing to bomb a country without incontrovertible proof. You were more than willing to turn a blind eye to the fact that the first ambassador to be killed in the line of duty in 40 years was left to be strangled to death. You support peace alright…when it falls in line with your cowardice.

    I’m sorry, but on a day like today, this protest was ill-conceived and without merit.

  2. MCQ 1974 says:

    I could not agree more with the first statement made here (VERY TIRED). What a useless exercise in ‘group think’ (?). All of these ‘peace at any cost’ types have VERY selective memories when it comes to national/world affairs.

  3. Lee Moyer says:

    I think standing up in public for what you believe in takes more courage than anonymously sniping on a blog.

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