Care about the extension of SR-509? Here’s your chance to share your thoughts

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SeaTacMap509Throughout September and October, local residents, businesses and organizations will have opportunities to share their feedback on the proposed completion of the SR-509 Corridor/Puget Sound Gateway Project with Washington State Senate transportation leaders.

“The completion of SR-509 is a top priority for SeaTac,” said SeaTac Mayor Tony Anderson. “By connecting SR-509 to I-5, the project would reduce congestion on our city streets and bring a wealth of economic and development opportunities to our area.”

Senate leaders will host a series of meetings across the Puget Sound area to seek input on statewide transportation needs. Each meeting will begin at 6 p.m. and feature presentations from regional transportation officials and an opportunity for public comment.

City and Port of Seattle leaders on the SR-509 coalition plan to join with business and labor representatives to attend three key sessions listed below:

  • Tuesday, Sept. 17, 6 p.m.: Stevenson Elementary School, 14220 NE 8th Street, Bellevue, WA 98007
  • Wednesday, Oct. 9, 6 p.m.: Evergreen Tacoma Campus Lyceum Hall, 1210 6th Avenue, Tacoma, WA 98405
  • Monday, Oct. 14, 6 p.m.: King County Courthouse Room 1001, 10th Floor 516 3rd Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104

The SR-167, SR-509 and I-5 Puget Sound Gateway Project would relieve traffic congestion and improve freight mobility by completing the long-planned SR-167 and SR-509 corridor connections and improvements to I-5. Construction could begin as early as 2016 if funding is received in the 2013 transportation budget.

Cost for the Gateway is estimated at $1.72 billion over 10 years.

Comments will generally be limited to three minutes per speaker. For more information on this proposal, visit

For more information on these transportation meetings, visit

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6 Responses to “Care about the extension of SR-509? Here’s your chance to share your thoughts”
  1. Tom Taaffe says:

    The proposed extension is absurd.
    It will turn 509 into a traffic clogged extension of I-5. The First Avenue S Bridge will become the mother of all bottlenecks. It already is the older sister of all bottlenecks. Convenient access to the airport will be shut down.
    The suggestion that this will be an antidote to the diversion of ship traffic by the new Panama Canal is a pipe dream. Panamax will shortly be a reality and traffic will be diverted.
    A phalanx of semis hauling containers on 509 won’t change this one iota.

    • Bill Zimmerman says:

      I agree with Tom Taaffe…..connecting I-509 to I-5 will ruin a viable option to Seattle and overwhelm the 1st avenue bridge. When I-5 is jammed, it is a great alternate route and sometimes continuing on 99 through north Seattle is a good way to avoid the I-5 disaster. If you want more gridlock, build the connection.

  2. Stuart Jenner says:

    These meetings in Bellevue, Tacoma and downtown Seattle are not exactly convenient for people to get to who live near the 509 project. If they really want input from people nearby, they should have a meeting locally.

    My opinion is we need to be looking at tolling of commercial vehicles as a way of paying for part of this project. Trucks coming to / from the seaport and airport are going to be the main beneficiaries, with very clear economic gains. Those gains should help pay for the project.

    • Tom Taaffe says:

      Stuart: All the tolling in the world won’t solve the problem. It is not the cost of the project that is the problem it is the horriffic impact on local traffic and local neighborhoods. The supporters are folks who would sell ltheif souls for what they say will be economic benefit. How many sins have been committed in the name of money?.
      And you are spot on about the locations of the meetings. Why would they choose inconvenient locations. My paranoia thinks it knows.
      And thanks for not writing anonymosly. Writing from behind a pseudonym is the epitome of cowardice. Tom T .

  3. UnionThugWithABrain says:

    Less Semi Traffic on I-5 means less congestion on the main commuter-routes and more productivity for our region.

    More productivity means a higher quality of life for us all.

    Build baby build.

    • Tom Taaffe says:

      Dear Mr Thug: Sorry, higher productivity does not mean a higher quality of life for all. That is a mantra that has no basis in fact.
      “Build baby build” sounds uncomfortably like “Drill baby Drill” And would have the same effect.
      And , as I said to Mr. Jenner, thanks for not using a pseudonym.

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