‘Mama Sambusa’ closed by Public Health at Burien Farmers Market Thursday

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‘Mama Sambusa,’ a Burien-based restaurant that also has a booth at the Burien Farmers Market, was closed by a Public Health food inspector Thursday, Sept. 19 at 1:30 p.m., due to the “imminent health hazard of no handwashing facilities available.”

The business will be reopened once the inspector confirms that this issue has been resolved.

Mama Sambusa African Kitchen is located at 15217 6th Ave SW in Burien.

The Food Establishment Closures homepage is online at www.kingcounty.gov/health/closures

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11 Responses to “‘Mama Sambusa’ closed by Public Health at Burien Farmers Market Thursday”
  1. Divine says:

    What is Mama Sambusa anyway?

  2. Jack Block Jr. says:

    It was the booth at the Farmers Market that was closed, not the restaurant, right? I’m not nitpicking, but if you’re not absolutely clear it can hurt their regular restaurant. And Divine, Mama Sambusa is an African restaurant on 6th SW between 152nd and 153rd across from the old Sal’s Deli.

    • Question Authority says:

      I doubt it was the booth at the farmers market because from my visits there I have not seen any booth that served food have it’s own hand washing setup. Hand washing is required when you prepare food, the booth at the market “served pre-made items” I agree bad press can hurt, but when it’s in the public’s best interest and you break the law tough luck. I appreciate knowing which restaurant follows the rules regarding public health requirements.

      • Jack Block Jr. says:

        I agree totally QA on health issues. I’m concerned that the article does not make it clear what was shut down, the restaurant or booth.

        • The story has been updated after finally getting ahold of someone from Public Health:

          To clarify, it was the vendor’s booth at the market that was closed, NOT the restaurant itself.

          “Mama Sambosa African Kitchen on 6th in Burien has not had its permit revoked,” Hilary Karasz told us.


      • elizabeth2 says:

        If you are SO concerned about the facilities,”I appreciate knowing which restaurant follows the rules regarding public health requirements”, then why don’t you check the Public Health page for ALL Burien businesses who have had issues with hand washing facilities and many other issues. It is all there in black and white and Mama Sambusa has a great deal of company..

        Check the records for Bella Luna, Bistro Baffi, Café Press, El Fogoncito, Gregory Heights School, Pauls, Quiznos, etc and see what issues they have had as I believe from what I read they have all had concerns. It is not unusual and part of human nature to have things that need ttention. But for you, . I am sure that “when it’s in the public’s best interest and you break the law tough luck” should apply to everyone. .

        • Question Authority says:

          Mama S is the only one being mentioned on this blog therefore garnering all my attention at the moment to your obvious displeasure. I feel the same way about any and all food that is prepared for my consumption so all resturants are fair game when it applies.

  3. elizabeth2 says:

    The King County website quoted above specifically says Burien Farmer’s Market.

    I hope she can get things straightened out as her food is wonderful and a real addition to this community. We should encourage and welcome these kind of small businesses.

    And Question Authority – she is far from the first food business in Burien to have been found to have issues with Public Health. She will learn as have those before her. Give her a break!

    • Question Authority says:

      The only break I am concerned about is the one from being stuck in the bathroom after catching something from her dirty hands. Follow safe food prep rules for all of us ok!

  4. AD says:

    As someone who has eaten several times at Mama Sambusa’s, let me say that I have seen her washing her hands before food preparation each time. She also wears gloves. She trained in a major US hotel chain’s food service department and takes safety very seriously. She sees her customers as welcome guests and tries very hard to take care of us.

    The regulations on food service can be very confusing and challenging to follow. Having health inspectors helps keep all businesses to a shared standard. I believe you would be VERY hard pressed to find a restaurant anywhere in the country that has never been cited for something. Those inspectors go out every day to see what could be improved on.
    Sometimes it can be challenging/ hard to see the merits of having a separate hand-washing sink, for example. (I am sure there is a reason…). Anyway, I certainly don’t have a cast-iron stomach, but have only had delicious meals at Mama’s. Especially the shrimp fettucine with red sauce, and the KK special.
    Remember, if the health inspectors feel that someone was at serious risk of being made ill, they can shut a facility down. Eat on in good health at our local jewels!

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