From Bartender/Rocker to Broker/ Rocker, Mike Molner joins Prudential NW

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by Scott Schaefer

You may recall Mike Molner as one of the more popular Bartenders at the Tin Room Bar in Olde Burien.

Or perhaps you’re a fan of his trippy, psychedelic rock band Trip Like Animals, who recently recorded an album in the historic Bubbleator from the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair (learn more about that here) and did the award-winning soundtrack for a locally-produced horror film called “The Invoking” (formerly Sader Ridge).

Well, now you can add Broker to his list of gigs – Mike recently joined BTB Real Estate Sponsor Prudential Northwest Realty.

Not bad for a native.

“I grew up in B-town,” Molner told The B-Town Blog. “The first song I heard and danced to was ‘Burning Down The House’ by the Talking Heads. Dad bought my first guitar, a Peavey Predator (I continue to play on it’s resurrected body in TLA). Became a Pirate. Attended College. Decided I like music better. Founded Trip Like Animals. Met My Wife. Now rocker/broker/husband.”

But does this mean the Rocker has cleaned up his image and gone corporate?

“I only changed my career from Bartender/Rocker to Broker/Rocker,” Molner said. “Rock and Roll is a huge part of who I am and that will never change about me. I AM Rock and Roll.”

But can one BE Rock and Roll and make a living in B-Town?

“I still need to make a living so I can provide for my family,” he added. “Soon Rock and Roll will realize the utter Treasure she has in Trip Like Animals. As a broker, I have a more open schedule that helps for rehearsals, songwriting, shows, tours etc. Also there is incredible potential for a greater income than bartending. The myth that you need to be a starving artist to be successful is a lie. How else can I afford Amps? Guitars? Sexy clothes?”

Molner decided to make the change about six months ago, when he realized that he wanted to have a better lifestyle for his wife and himself.

“The difference between bartender and broker is that bartending has a serious income cap,” Molner said. “The potential for more is always available as a broker.”

But why real estate?

“I chose Real Estate because I am fascinated with houses and their unique personalities, their histories and the people that live in them and work on them,” he said. “My dad loves to work on his house. It is an artistic extension of himself and requires much thought and creativity. That will resonate long after he is gone and whoever lives in his house after him will be able to enjoy and admire the thought and care that he put into his house. Every house is like that. They all tell stories.”

Molner says he chose Prudential Northwest after he had “interviewed” four other firms.

“I felt comfortable and at home as soon as I walked in the door at Prudential,” he added. “Branch Manager Lori Alden took the time to have a conversation with me on the spot and made me feel welcomed. The entire team here is incredibly helpful. You can tell they like being here.”

And like any talented musician, he is open to learning new things.

My HipstaPrint 991438789-8

Mike Molner listens to playback of a Trip Like Animals recording inside the historic Bubbleator from the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair.

“Learning under Tay Krull is an incredible experience,” he said. “It’s like being an apprentice under Obi-Wan Kenobi. Every sentence is a wealth of information. Also I am not stuck in a building for 8 hours a day. My skills aren’t limited. I can go out and make things happen. Make my own living, which is how I’ve always wanted to do things. I’ve always been a freelance nebula at heart.”

But does a new full-time gig mean it’s the end of “Trip Like Animals”?

“Trip Like Animals will continue in one form or another for as long as I’m alive,” he said. “Music is why God put me on this earth. To give people that gift.
Trip Like Animals is doing great. We’re recording a record that’ll flip your lid. I’m so excited. We hope to have it out this Winter. Great things will be happening for TLA this coming year.”

What’s the future hold for B-Town’s new Broker/Rocker?

“My career goal has not changed at all. In fact I have gotten closer to that goal by making this career change from bartender to broker. Now I am doing something I really like and believe I can really succeed in. My ultimate goal is joy. Joy for my family, myself and those around me. Working in Real Estate has already brought about the accomplishment of many goals. I get to work with great people at Prudential, in my hometown that’s growing and changing. And on top of that, I get to make incendiary rock records that will blow your mind. That, my friend, is joy. I believe that my success in Real Estate will contribute to my success in Trip Like Animals. Watch and see!”

Here’s a promo video for “The Bubbleator Sessions, Vol. 1: Trip Like Animals“:

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2 Responses to “From Bartender/Rocker to Broker/ Rocker, Mike Molner joins Prudential NW”
  1. lijo says:

    Good luck, Michael!
    i’d buy a house from you any day!

  2. Lori Alden says:

    Great story Mike! I am so glad you are on our team!
    I know you will succeed!

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