REMINDER: Our next City Council Candidate Forum is Tuesday night!

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REMINDER: This Tuesday, Oct. 8 will be The B-Town Blog’s second-to-last 2013 Candidate Forum for those running for Burien City Council, and all are invited!

The free and open event will run from 7:30 – 9 p.m. at the ERAC Building, located at 15675 Ambaum Blvd. SW, across the street from Azteca Restaurant and next to the Hi-Line Lanes bowling alley.

Candidates invited to this forum include:

  • Position #3: Joan McGilton (incumbent) and Debi Wagner
  • Position #5: Rose Clark (incumbent) and Nancy Tosta

You are invited to attend, listen, learn and, if you wish, quiz the candidates yourself.

These forums are free and open for anyone and everyone to attend.

Our next – and final forum – will be held next Tuesday, Oct. 15 at the same location, and will include:

  • Position #1: Lauren Berkowitz and Jack Block Jr. (incumbent)
  • Position #7: Steve Armstrong and Joey Martinez

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3 Responses to “REMINDER: Our next City Council Candidate Forum is Tuesday night!”
  1. Suzanne says:

    Great meeting tonight. It was great to hear from each candidate. While I don’t support some of the candidate’s positions, I do appreciate and respect each candidate putting themselves out there.

    A special thanks to Debi and Nancy for coming forth and advocating needed change. It’s nice to know that there are people out there that can see beyond how things have been done and are open to how they could and should be done. I believe your citizen and business focus platforms will help grow Burien’s top line and thus services available to the community. You’ve got my vote!

    During the candidate forum, Joan made a comment that permits and licenses generate revenue for the City of Burien and that any business coming to Burien would have to pay to operate in Burien. While on the surface this might seem reasonable, it made me question whether this was the best strategy to deploy when everyone’s stated goal is to attract new business to Burien. Based on Joan’s comments I thought I would familiarize myself with the 2013-2014 Budget.

    The 2013-2014 Government Fund Revenues (excluding Capital Project Funds) –
    Taxes $35.8M 67%
    Charges for Services $ 7.7M 14%
    Intergovernmental $ 6.2M 12%
    Licenses and Permits $ 3.5M 6%
    Other $ .6M 1%
    Total Revenue $53.8M 100%

    After reviewing the revenue breakdown above, I would think Burien’s strategy would be clear. We need to attract businesses and people to invest in Burien. To accomplish this, the City needs to understand that the citizens and businesses of Burien are their customer base. When a business goes after new customers, they do everything possible to make it a positive experience for the customer. Whether it’s offering incentives or providing superior service, their underlying objectives is to appeal to the needs of the customer. While I understand Burien is a City and not for profit organization, I do believe they can benefit from adopting proven strategies from their for profit counterparts, without sacrificing our commitment to the small town community feel and environment we respect and treasure.

    So while it appears reasonable on the surface to expect businesses to pay to operate in Burien, let’s not lose site of the many vacancies in the downtown area. Over burdensome processes, fees and restrictions won’t get us to the end goal – a growing, thriving, and sustainable community. A lot of times you have to give to receive. I would encourage City Council, City Management and the citizens of Burien to focus energies and efforts on maximizing revenues that have the biggest bang for the buck (i.e. focus on the 67% vs. the 6%).

    Based on what I heard last night, Debi and Nancy are the candidates we, the citizens of Burien, need to elect. Their willingness to listen and commitment to understand citizens concerns and issues combined with their determination to hold the City accountable and transparent, as any person would and should expect from ones government – make it an easy pick! Again, Debi and Nancy, you’ve got my vote!

  2. Terry says:

    Will B-Town Blog be posting a transcript or recording for those who missed this? In the past these have been very helpful.

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