LETTER: Andrea Reay endorses Joan McGilton for re-election to City Council

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The B-Town Blog nor its staff:]

To the Editor,

I think back on the months of hard work my fantastic team of volunteers and I devoted to my run for the Burien City Council in this year’s primary election and I am proud. I am proud of what we were able to accomplish with our message of common sense and common decency. We certainly didn’t get the results we had hoped for, but we accomplished great things in spurring productive dialogue door to door and within the political forums.

I certainly learned a lot from my political endeavor, but the most powerful lesson of all, was just how great our city and our citizens really are. I knocked on over 1500 doors and the message that rang true over and over again was the passion and commitment we all have to make our city the best it can be; not only for ourselves, but for our friends, neighbors and children.

We are hardworking, creative and devoted people. We come together to take care of one another and are invested in our future. Elections give us the opportunity to support leaders who share that passion and drive and demonstrate that strength of character with their actions every day. That is why I will be writing a check to Joan McGilton for her campaign, why I encourage those who supported me to do the same, and when those ballots come in the mail, I encourage you to return them with votes in support of Joan McGilton.

Council Member McGilton and I certainly had our differences of opinion over the years, but what encouraged me to offer her my support was her willingness to listen to my perspective, to really hear me, and her ability to offer practical real solutions based on fact and truth. I have every faith that we will see real and meaningful results as a city as long as she is able to retain her seat and offer the breadth and value of her years of service and commitment. We have come through a hard time as a country, but under Joan’s leadership as Mayor through much of that time, the City of Burien maintained a balanced budget, cut no staff positions, and never cut a single significant service offered to citizens. Burien is the only city in the region that can make those claims. She is the level headed, fair minded and the experienced leader that we need as a city as we enter a period of deep transition. She has my vote and I hope she has your vote as well.

Andrea H. Reay

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22 Responses to “LETTER: Andrea Reay endorses Joan McGilton for re-election to City Council”
  1. Question Authority says:

    That’s funny, throughout that entire letter not once did I notice where the both of you have “annexation” as one of your core beliefs and civic missions. Are you just just trying to help Joan lay low and sqeak out another term without mentioning that decisive topic that you both back openly, except right now? You got beat bad in the primary and if you recall not many of us care what you have to say, then or now for that matter because your “team” needs to lose again for the good of Burien, “mom’s” like you don’t always know what’s best!

  2. TbC says:

    Hey Andrea, When are you going to remove your signs on First Ave?

  3. John Poitras says:

    I totally disagree with Andrea Reay.
    Her rhetoric when she was running for council and lost out to Debbie Wagner is night and day from this endorsement. She actually fooled me into donating to her campaign.

    She said she was against annexation and dividing Burien into wards which Joan McGilton supported and will support again if given the opportunity.

    Andrea also said she was for transparent government and that council members should listen to the residents first before listening to special interests. Joan McGilton from my experience is not for transparent government and she is infamous for not listening to residents concerns and for supporting her cronies instead.

    I think Andreas letter is more about sour grapes because she lost out to a much better candidate for council (Debi Wagner) a woman who says what she means and means what she says.

    In fact Andrea’s letter shows me how two faced politicians can be and has left a sour taste in my mouth. I want my money back!

    • John Poitras says:

      Jimmy all you do is trash talk and attack people.
      You never seem to have anything relevant to say about the topic under discussion. Btw your research about me is incorrect.
      Do you even live in Burien?
      I get it >>> You support annexation so you support Joan McGilton >>> its not necessary to be so negative hysterical about it ,as it negates your credibility and also its not good for your blood pressure.

    • Mary says:

      Jimmy? You give low income people a bad name. Just because someone is low income (like yourself apparently) it does not mean they are uneducated.

  4. Lee Moyer says:

    Good Letter. It points out that there is more than just one issue. Overall, Burien has done quite well. Refreshingly, the letter avoids the name calling that seems to dominate the anti-annexation arguements. Overall, I support Joan McGilton. The lack of transparance is a problem for council members on both sides of the annexation issue.

    • Question Authority says:

      There is obviously far more at play here with the upcoming election than continued threats / wishes of annexation and the old baggage that it has become. The much needed forward momentum of Burien has been consumed by this for to long, so if you all just cast your vote for – Debi, Jack, Steve and Nancy we will have a council that has “Burien” in mind for once.
      Granted, we will still have some old council members that need to go but two more years till we can clean house will come soon enough and the “annexation” proponents will be gone.

  5. Andrea Reay’s campaign website is still up. http://andreareayforbcc.com/ Here you can read why Andrea is against annexation, how Burien is to small for wards, is big enough for a mayoral form of government, and you can read quotes like “It appears that the City Manager is leading the council majority.” Or “Our city has become a microcosm of the national political scene, where our leaders fail to produce the results we deserve.” Isn’t Joan McGilton on the opposite side of every one of the above?

    Andrea “As a mom of two young children, I teach them respect for others. I expect no less of my elected officials, and when they demonstrated that they wouldn’t listen to each other or the public, I realized that a mom needed to step in and set things straight. And that’s what I am going to do.” What do you teach your children about hypocrisy?

    Andrea, if you weren’t running against Debi Wagner during the primary I would have supported you, your platforms where nearly identical. Now considering your antics just before the primary election and now this, the lyrics of a Who song are now running in my head. “Here comes the new boss. Same as the old boss…”

    I have known Debi Wagner for a year now and her views have been consistent the whole time, as of now I can’t even imagine how you are able to reconcile your views of a few months ago with those of Joan’s now.

    For more on Andrea’s views from just a few months ago and how they opposed Joan McGilton’s, check out the candidate forum she was on sponsored by the B-Town Blog: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2he4NK9lmo

    • PJ says:

      Pat- how would have voted for Andrea over Debbie when you don’t even live in Burien???

      • Considering the attitude presented to us during Burien’s attempt at annexation I could only conclude that the Pro-Annexation side would ignore the 2-1 No-Vote and try again. Since then I have been paying much closer attention to Burien politics and have been recording most council meetings, candidate forums, and even the spring retreat and have been posting them on my Youtube channel Patssight.

        In the process I have met some very amazing people like Debi Wagner whom I now consider a friend. Fortunately I can’t vote in Burien elections but I have every right to volunteer my time just as Debi volunteered her time in the fight against annexation, an election she couldn’t vote in.

        I would always support Debi over Andrea but if Andrea had chosen to run against for instance Rose; I would have offered my support because her platform was nearly identical to Debi’s. In my humble opinion your government needs a major change in attitude as evident in this excerpt from Tuesdays Candidate Forum. http://youtu.be/m2peYu0DeIE Debi has been consistent this whole time, if you don’t believe me then check out the many insightful letters to the editor she has written on this very blog. I now see that if the situation where different, any offer of help to Andrea would have been a mistake. Why, because she has just done a 180 degree about face and now lacks consistency.

  6. DJ says:

    Isn’t it funny how the same crowd wants to shove annexation down everybody’s throat when it isn’t even and issue. What is an issue is public access to the lake. All 4 of John’s candidate favor privatisation of the lake and yet they don’t mention it. If the citizens of Burien don’t wake up, you are going to elect a city council that is going to change the zoning and you will be paying for a lake that you will never be able to see.
    Annexation is dead, public access to the lake is very much alive and not being talked about.

    • DJ, if annexation is dead then why is it the 2nd thing mentioned under Scope of Work in last months contract with Cleanscapes with 440 words dedicated to it? Why did both Joey Martinez and Lauren Berkowitz support annexation in the primary? Why did one of the key people on the pro-annexation side go before the Burien Council last week making an argument for annexation? If annexation is dead then why don’t Joan McGilton, Rose Clark, and Gerald Robison just accept the 2 to 1 No-Vote and say they will not support annexation again?

      Everything points toward another attempt at annexation.

      • PanderBear Jack says:

        SeaTac just negotiated the same contract with Cleanscapes. They have annexation as the 2nd thing as well.

        SeaTac as NO Potential Annexation areas. :-0

    • marty says:

      DJ annexation is not dead. It is an issue that “should” be dead but Joan, Rose and Lauren are determined not to let it die.

      Lake Burien? The truth is it is not a public lake and is not zoned to be one.
      If special interests like yourself with support from your candidates turn it into a public lake it would soon be an ecologically dead lake and then it will be too late to say I told you so.
      You must be allied with Lee Moyer as he is the only one that keeps bringing this up and he, like you, also supports annexation.

      • Lee Moyer says:

        Marty, you might want to check your facts.
        Lake Burien is a public lake surrounded by private property so it is a public rescource available only to a privlidged few. Zoning has nothing to do with it. Public access is not an issue now because there is no property available to be acquired for the puclic. You say public access would make it “ecologically dead”. Public access hasn’t caused that on any other lake in this state (almost all of which have public access) and there is no evidence that it will here either.

        • TcB says:

          Here’s the thing about public access.

          $$$ Money to police it for trash and dumping. Anywhere that people can illegally dump motor oil, trash, tires, whatever, they’ll do it. Once you have public access, you must have policing.

          – $$$ Loss of property value. Yes, it’s true. Real Estate will no longer be able to sell those houses as being on a private lake. Loss of taxable property value means loss of income for the city, which means less money to pay for sidewalks and programs.

          No real interest. There is virtually no interest in having public access to the Lake outside of a few, and they won’t be interested in hearing about the negative effects because they’ve built up in their minds that no one will treat the lake poorly.

          Past History. Those that are old enough and have lived here long enough know that the Lake was opened in the past, and the problems I’ve described happened. Trash and dumping and poor treatment of the Lake and the properties surrounding it, which of course affected the value.

  7. Mark Ufkes says:

    For folks who have a history here, Debi Wagner is a hero in the fight against the 3rd runway. She became an expert in the harmful environmental impacts of airplane noise on children and neighborhoods and how the expanded runway would hurt Burien neighborhoods. Her voice, along with Jack Block, were critical in getting stronger restitution payments from the Port of Seattle and the federal government.

    And for folks talking about Joan McGilton, remember that the first time she ran, she stated that she was going to fire the pro-annexation city manager. At the time, 2,700 Burien residents had signed a no annexation petition, so naturally Joan McGilton won. She helped fire the pro annexation city manager, then hired a new pro-annexation city manager and she became one of the greatest annexation supporters in Burien. Unfortunately, most Burien voters didn’t notice the 180 degree turn in her view. And now her small group who are trying to save her election are telling us over and over again that annexation is dead.

    And then there is Rose Clark. She did help on the 3rd runway issues, but became lost in the annexation discussion. The good news was than eight years ago, she did everyone a favor by pushing Steven Lamphear off the Burien city council and back it therapy (which by all accounts was good for everyone – coming from a guy who did therapy for a year. For Lamphear, it might take a decade though).

    I have been told by many, many of those who helped Rose Clark that first time, that she too, promised not to support annexation. Until she got elected that is. Then she became a tireless supporter of an issue that she campaigned against. Trust these two again at your own peril Burien.

  8. Question Authority says:

    Unless they stock Lake Burien with tasty plump fish that don’t taste like broken sewer pipes and lawn fertilizer runoff I could care less. Access to a lake I have never even been on is not high on my list of must haves to move this community forward. Boating looking at one’s backyard is not high on my list and if I want access I’ll buy a house on it like those who did.

  9. jimmy says:

    Sound Politics Washington State Voter Database
    County Last Name First / Middle Name M/F Number Street City Last Voted Birthdate Registered PAV Status Cong. Leg. Prec.

    Data is from Secretary of State’s Voter Registration Database public release of Feb. 29, 2012
    There were no matching voters for: JOHN POITRAS in King County. If you believe this is an error, be sure to carefully check the spelling of the name

  10. Fred says:

    Why would AndreaReay want to support Joan McGilton? Reay opposed everything thing that Mc Gilton stood for; annexation, wards, the renewed no bid contract to CARES, rude behavior at Council meetings and disrespect to citizens. That is why Reay said she decided to run for office or so she said on her website.

    For those who have studied American History and Politics, this move by Reay appears to be the famous Stalking Horse Tactic. A Stalking Horrse is a candidate whose candidacy is advanced temporarily to divide the vote to the opposition, used to cover one’s true purpose, a decoy. It has been rumored several times that Joan plans to resign due to health reasons, if she is elected. And perhaps Joan hopes to set the stage for who will support and promote her position on issues like annexation into the future. Perhaps claiming to support Joan’s positions is the way for Andrea Reay to move herself into favor with the 34th Dems and Joan in order to be Joan’s successor? Or perhaps Andrea always supported Joan’s positions? Remember it takes only 4 votes to get appointed to the Council.

    Contrary to McGilton’s statements, The city staff has been reduced and there has been reduction in services. Under Mike Martin, one third of the staff resigned, turned over or were written out of their jobs. Services that were reduced were Animal Control, Technical Services and the grant writing person was written out of her job, just to mention a few. MCGilton continued to support a City Manager who divided the Council. She has continued to treat council members, citizens and visitors to the Council meetings disrespectfully. The Proof is in the videos of the Council meetings. These are things that Andrea Reay claimed she would remedy by running against Joan. Now Andrea is hailing Joan as a leader the city can’t do without.

    By state law, the city budget had to remain balanced but McGilton allowed and voted for deep cuts into the city’s reserves rather than deal with the budget deficit. Burien is facing a structural deficit right now. Joan McGilton promised to start work on that in Jan. 2013. It never happened. McGilton has made claims to doing things in the city that were not her single handed work; such as the Seawall removal and the Environmental Science Center. Many people worked to get these done.

    Burien is the only city in the state to be sued and to have lost $11 million dollars to a developer/Westmark for case mismanagement. This happened under Joan McGilton’s watch as mayor. Citizens need to beware of the Stalking Horse, Andrea REay and her advice. Do not re-elect Joan McGilton.

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