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LETTER: Andrea Reay endorses Joan McGilton for re-election to City Council

[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The B-Town Blog nor its staff:]

To the Editor,

I think back on the months of hard work my fantastic team of volunteers and I devoted to my run for the Burien City Council in this year’s primary election and I am proud. I am proud of what we were able to accomplish with our message of common sense and common decency. We certainly didn’t get the results we had hoped for, but we accomplished great things in spurring productive dialogue door to door and within the political forums.

I certainly learned a lot from my political endeavor, but the most powerful lesson of all, was just how great our city and our citizens really are. I knocked on over 1500 doors and the message that rang true over and over again was the passion and commitment we all have to make our city the best it can be; not only for ourselves, but for our friends, neighbors and children.

We are hardworking, creative and devoted people. We come together to take care of one another and are invested in our future. Elections give us the opportunity to support leaders who share that passion and drive and demonstrate that strength of character with their actions every day. That is why I will be writing a check to Joan McGilton for her campaign, why I encourage those who supported me to do the same, and when those ballots come in the mail, I encourage you to return them with votes in support of Joan McGilton.

Council Member McGilton and I certainly had our differences of opinion over the years, but what encouraged me to offer her my support was her willingness to listen to my perspective, to really hear me, and her ability to offer practical real solutions based on fact and truth. I have every faith that we will see real and meaningful results as a city as long as she is able to retain her seat and offer the breadth and value of her years of service and commitment. We have come through a hard time as a country, but under Joan’s leadership as Mayor through much of that time, the City of Burien maintained a balanced budget, cut no staff positions, and never cut a single significant service offered to citizens. Burien is the only city in the region that can make those claims. She is the level headed, fair minded and the experienced leader that we need as a city as we enter a period of deep transition. She has my vote and I hope she has your vote as well.

Andrea H. Reay

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