Taggers vandalize Burien Annex and Skatepark over weekend; reward offered

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Burien Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services is reporting that vandals tagged both the Annex and Skatepark last weekend (Oct. 12-13).

“We’re still in the process of assessing the cost of damages, for example, obtaining quotes for replacement of the damaged basketball backboards, downspout repairs, etc.,” said Michael Lafreniere, Executive Director of Burien Parks. “I had a parks maintenance staff member spend a day and a half working on painting over what he could on the building. The skatepark will be serviced today (Wednesday, Oct. 16) by our graffiti maintenance contractor, CleanScapes.”

Lafreniere added:

“We pay $15,000/year on a basic graffiti removal service contract for 11 different playgrounds and the skatepark. In addition to that, nearly half the time of our one full-time parks maintenance worker is spent just dealing with the graffiti and vandalism problems that are outside the scope of that contract, which more and more is taking him away from just doing basic maintenance of our parks and facilities. It’s a problem that continues to get worse.

“To my knowledge, the Sheriff’s Office has no leads at the present time. We are examining whether there may be video from security cameras, however some of the cameras in the area were also damaged and stolen.”

A reward is being offered, and here are some pics of the damage courtesy Burien Parks (click images to see larger versions; or view a full set here):









“Burien Parks is asking for tips and offering a reward for information leading to the arrest of those responsible,” reads an announcement. “Anyone with information that can help identify the individual(s) responsible is asked to call King County Sheriff’s Office at 206-296-3311 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).”

Tips can also be entered online at www.CrimeStoppers.com.

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13 Responses to “Taggers vandalize Burien Annex and Skatepark over weekend; reward offered”
  1. Banker Bob says:

    Doesn’t the area have any patrol by our police department? It seems that since our youth is encouraged to go there, it would be a good idea to patrol the grounds not just for their safety but for the protection of the taxpayor assets. I motion for our own police department and that we begin the process to end the contract with King County.

  2. Marty says:

    Fill it in with dirt and make it into a real park that the majority of people can enjoy.

    Why are we catering to a very small number of skateboarders anyway especially when its a big tagging target and attracts a criminal element to the area?

    • TcB says:


      You kids get off my lawn!!!!

      • TbC says:

        Post YOUR address and we’ll send em over to decorate your yard?????

        • TcB says:

          A skate park attracts kids, not “criminal elements”. But you probably think any group of kids are a bunch a criminals too. This was done by a couple bad apples who need to be caught. We don’t need to “fill it in with dirt”.
          When is the Burien Community concrete sign going to be fixed, removed or replaced?

          • Marty says:

            Just a “couple of bad apples” ? Do you have personal knowledge of this?

            Tagging is often a sign of GANG activity .

            • Question Authority says:

              It is also a sign that the youth who tag do so as a way to express themselves because with the competition and need to stand out as a unique being in todays world. They realize the chance of getting their fifteen minutes of fame in popular entertainment and sports is extremely slim so they use their tag as a calling card for the world to see they exist. I know that gangs use tags to mark turf but not all tags reflect that element in society. So you know I in no way support it and would spray it down their throat if caught on my property.
              P.S. I am in my fifties and own and use three skateboards, not in parks but on hills by you!

            • TcB says:

              Gang tags are a reality. There are also kids who emulate what they see, they will tag with a known gang sign (that they’re not really a part of) to “Troll” the residents In Real Life. They laugh, you freak out.

        • TcB says:

          I have been decorated. The city pays for the paint to cover it up.

    • Ryan says:

      Would making it into a different type of park stop the groups of people that gather there to smoke pot? I doubt it. Let’s make it into a museum or something else that is educational.

  3. jimmy says:

    the gang unit or the detectives usually keep a list of gang tags and the real names connected to them so if it was a couple of gang members they will get caught sooner or later and will have to fix it or pay for it and if we close the skate park then you will see more kids skating in parking lots and on the side walks with more chances of some one getting hurt just because they ride a board with wheels is no reason to hate them they could be doing a lot worse things do you hate people that don’t drive the same car as you do you hate people that chose to walk or use the bus its just another source of transportation not all skateboarders are bad just because there happens to be a couple in they area that might do bad things they are not all the bad

    • Question Authority says:

      I agree, skateboarding is not a crime but marking up private or city property is. There is just as much tagging on resturants and offices in town, should we fill them with dirt also?

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