LETTER: Former Burien City Council candidate makes endorsement

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The B-Town Blog nor its staff:]

It is said that “brevity is the soul of wit”. This, therefore, will be direct.

As one of the vanquished during the recent primary, I wish to thank all of the people who cast their ballot for me. To those who worked so hard on my campaign, I will be forever grateful.

The issue now is the future of Burien as it passes through a challenging time of difficult decision-making and change. The next city council will, as they say, “hit the ground running”. Much of Burien’s future will be determined by council decisions within the first few months of the new year.

It is for this reason that I would ask my supporters to cast their ballot for Steve Armstrong in Position 7. Steve’s business history and his professional negotiating experience will be an enormous asset on the next council.

This is not to diminish the character of the other candidate, Joey Martinez. I found him to be a gentleman through personal experiences on the primary campaign trail. Although Joey and I differ on most issues, my opinion is that Joey is just not ready for the city council.

Again, a big thank you to all those who supported me and I encourage all citizens of Burien to vote – for position 7, I am voting Steve Armstrong.

Chuck Rangel
Former candidate Position 7

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24 Responses to “LETTER: Former Burien City Council candidate makes endorsement”
  1. Question Authority says:

    I could not agree more, Steve’s the candidate who deserves to win, not a groomed puppet.

  2. Chump says:

    Nice letter, Chuck. Do you have recommendations on the other races?

    • Question Authority says:

      Rather than wait for Chuck to speak on that topic, just fill out you ballots for Debi, Nancy and Jack for a winning team that includes Steve of course. Come on Burien, you know it’s what we need to move forward and refocus our energies on all the needs at hand. Thank you all in advance for your vote, why waste it on the other candidates who we don’t need!

    • Question Authority says:

      Please read the Saturday’s Seattle Times on the article about how Lauren Berkaditz is entirely the wrong candidate to vote for, out of touch with reality and skewed views.

  3. DJ says:

    That’s funny you would say that, Question Authority, because what I read is that Jack is pretty dumb in posting semi porn on his facebook. I don’t want someone who is not smart enough to watch what he says in public to represent me on the city council.

    The gist of the article was that every since one particular group that thinks they are upper class has tried to get their way, their has been dissention on the city council.
    Talk to other city councils and we are being laughed at for all of our bitterness.

      • SD says:

        OH MY!! Lauren’s comment on Facebook in September is definitely contrary to how she described herself at the candidate forum this past week. In my opinion, demonstrating in the middle of a four lane road is not collaborative, and using profanity is not respectful.

      • flashdog says:

        Thanks for that link, Ghost of Maplewild. From there, I clicked Ms. Berkowitz’s name and looked at the rest of her facebook page, too. Wow! Lauren Berkowitz really is a scary radical. Sorry to be so blunt, but “scary” is really the only word I can think of to describe her attitudes and opinions. Her remarks are not the kind of thing you hear from a fair, impartial city councilmember who listens to her constituents and represents their wishes and concerns.

        • SD says:

          I perused Lauren’s public Facebook page too. Comments like “Look closely and you can see the nasty rich people pointing down at us” speaks volumes.

            • Suzanne says:

              I am truly saddened. To hear a City Council Candidate post comments with such venom, which likely will result in the further divide across our neighborhoods and community is completely unacceptable. When I fill in my ballot, I expect the individual (s) I choose to act as a leader and live by example while promoting strong community. I certainly won’t be voting for someone whose actions encourage continued erosion of community and hatred between neighbors based on address or income. This madness needs to stop. Burien citizens need to come together in support of each to make this community stronger and rid themselves of the negative, angry, spewing individuals that will only hold us back.

              A week or so ago, I stopped by the CARE organization to drop off an old blanket and potty pads. A mother and her three children came in. The mother instructed the children to do a good job helping out. I was so impressed by the actions of this young mother and how she was demonstrating to her children to be active in the community. Why I am bringing this story up? Because this is the community that I want to be a part of and help foster growth.

              Let’s move forward and elect individuals that support where we want to be through their actions. Debi, Nancy, Steve, and Jack for Burien City Council!!!

    • Question Authority says:

      That bitterness has derived from the absolute failure of polite and civil interaction which should be commonplace in our city council. Granted, a differance of opinion is heathly in any discussion as it brings about reasoning for change. Fortunatly we have a choice to get out of this rut and create a working, civil, like minded council who will work together thru winning the upcoming election. Jack has stood up and represented us against the “gang” who need to loose the election and certainly needs to be reelected to continue working “for” Burien. He has admitted blame for a few photos but what he has accomplished will always outweigh something as simple as they were. Unite Burien again with your votes for – Steve, Debi, Nancy and Jack so a untited team can move us forward and bring back common good and forward movement here at our home.

  4. flashdog says:

    What a wonderful letter, Mr. Rangel. I voted for you because I thought (and still do) that you would have been an excellent city councilmember. Thank you for your thoughts on the upcoming election. I, for one, hope your political career is not over.

  5. DJ says:

    Question Authority, The problem with your “united team” is that they only represent the people from the lake. Most of the people in Burien do not live on the lake and deserve public access to a public lake. If your candidates are elected, most Burien citizens will never have a chance to see the lake. I do not believe in only the rich having access to nice things so I would never vote for any of the candidates that you are recommending.

    As far as the polite and civil interaction you talk about, take a look at the minutes from the council meetings and the planning commission meetings and see if you spot the same group of people attacking the council members and the commissioners. Find out what kind of Hell your select group of people has put the North Highline Unincorporated Council through. NHUAC is a group of volunteers who are taking action in what they believe and yet your group has had them audited, filed charges against them, attacked them personally and have done everything they can to silence them for fear that they will say something that your group does not agree with.
    I too believe that a difference of opinion is healthy but I do not believe in personal attacks and lies.

    • Question Authority says:

      Wow! Your statement about how “my” four candidates have only the rich and priviledged in mind is about the most conspiracy laden idea I have heard yet. It seems uneducated that you would think that is the entire reason they are running for office is just to support the less than .00001% of the voting public in Burien city limits who happen to live on that lake.
      If someone has something to address with the council, one should use their free speech to do so, unless it goes against your views by the looks of your ferver about the rich, which by the way I am certainly not, nor do I live on the lake or know anyone who does.

    • DJ, what are you talking about? What is this fixation about the people who live on Lake Burien other then a misleading distraction? To my knowledge none of the candidates on either side of this election live on the lake or support opening it up, the cost vs. benefit is to high.

      As a resident of White Center the NHUAC never asked myself or my neighbors whether we wanted to join Burien, rather these volunteers as you call them acted as dictators and told us we did not have a choice and would not take a polite no for an answer. Jack Block Jr. is the first person to throw a financial value on this ill-fated and unpopular attempt at annexation, $500,000. The group you support want to try it again. Good luck with that.

      • Question Authority says:

        Can we have that tax money back? I can think of a few hundred better ideas where it would have been more efficently spent by some on the council had the “pro annexation gang” listened to the populace and not gone down that rabbit hole. Just to bring this on home let’s remember this all started with – Vote for Steve Armstrong!!!!!

      • ATKMH says:

        Jack pulled that number out of thin air. He has NOTHING to back up his statement. But since he said it, it must be gospel. Seems whatever we spent on the first annexation is okay. It passed so all is good.

        • marty says:


          I think Jack as a council person who actually has the courage of his convictions has a lot better idea of how many tax dollars were wasted on the attempt to annex white center than you do.

          As far as the annexation of Area X ;it passed because it was slimed thru in August when the voter turnout was sure to be low without any opposition. The attempt to annex white center was also supposed to be slimed thru in august but it was shot down by a 4 to 3 vote in council and so the vote was held in November where it faced steep opposition from folks who were tired of being manipulated by politicians with their own personal agendas that had nothing to do with what was best for the residents of either community.

    • John Poitras says:

      DJ I speak from personal experience that the vast majority of the lies and personal attacks come from you and your pro-annexation allies.

      The only people that have an agenda about public access to the lake contrary to what you indicate are you and Lee Moyers.

    • marty says:

      Lets face it DJ you are an attack dog for Brian Bennett and Joe Fitzgibbon who has been interfering in our city government since Bennett got elected. Bennett and Fitzgibbon were the real pushers of the annexation attempt of white center. These con men used Mike Martin as a foil and the unrepresentative NHUAC as their foot soldiers so they could stay hidden in the shadows. They even persuaded Dow Constantine to lend his profile to the pro-annexation propaganda machine.
      The reason you continually attack the people who live near the Lake is because they have your number and are the greatest threat to your continuing manipulation of city politics.

  6. marty says:

    DJ .. Your allies on the NHUAC acted as the propaganda arm of the Mike Martin, Joan McGilton, Rose Clark, Jerry Robisons pro-annexation gang.

    These people pretend to represent area Y when in fact they only represent a fraction of the population. They are in affect a special interest group whose main thrust was to push annexation and now is to keep the same council members in power who aided and abetted them in their expensive excursion down the garden path of annexation that the vast majority of people in Area Y AND in Burien opposed for very good reasons.

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