LETTER: ‘I know Lauren, and she is a patriot in the true sense of that word’

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The B-Town Blog nor its staff:]

Dear Editor:

It is a shame that those associated with Jack Block have engaged in smear tactics against Lauren Berkowitz, most recently the letter of Charles Rangel.

I know Lauren, and she is a patriot in the true sense of that word: respect for the rule of law, putting people ahead of special interests, and accountability.

If you want to more of the same old politics as usual in Burien, vote for Jack Block. If you want to have a new voice for change and accountability, vote for Lauren.

It is that simple.

– John Parnass

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38 Responses to “LETTER: ‘I know Lauren, and she is a patriot in the true sense of that word’”
  1. ATKMH says:

    I agree. Jack is full of himself and thinks he can make any claims he wants. Lauren has my vote. She is a breath of fresh air. And seems to respect women to boot.

    • Question Authority says:

      Actually I do not want “same old poltics as usual” that’s why I am voting for Steve, Debi, Nancy and the return of Jack because “they” want to break us out of the rut the other candidates have no problem keeping us in. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

    • Question Authority says:

      Do you mean “patriot” like a Tea Bagger Party patriot? Just asking!

      • VERY TIRED says:

        First of all, calling a Patriot a “tea bagger” is moronic.

        Second of all, the Tea Party is the name of the movement which is attempting to restore a proper relationship between the government and the citizenry. If you like tyranny, enjoy your slavery.

  2. Chump says:

    You are kidding, right? If by patriot you mean attacking our police officers on her Facebook page, working for the Vietnamese Communist Youth Union (posted on her Linked In page), being a professional street protester (again, something she’s bragged about on her Facebook page)… then you have a different view of “Patriot” than the rest of us.

    Indeed, it appears that the once-again unemployed Lauren Berkowitz is nothing more than a privileged vagabond, able to move from one city to another every few years; from one job to another every few months.

    If one only watches the videos of the B-Town Blog-sponsored candidate forums, you will see that Lauren proudly proclaims her “radical left wing agenda” in response to her views about economics; she insists that she knows better than voters what is good for them, in response to questions about annexation, and repeatedly states that Burien doesn’t have a problem with crime.

    This is not about Jack Block, it is about an interloper who is merely trying to advance the agenda of the Brian Bennett and Mike Martin.

    • Question Authority says:

      Wow, a statement worth casting in stone for future generations to see and learn from. Well Put and Well Done!

      • TbC says:

        Chump is a champ!!!!!!

        • Question Authority says:

          In my neighborhood the Berkaditz campaign signs seen to have a problem standing up on their own, coincidence I don’t know? There are few, if any fans around here which may be an underlying problem supporting or defending her as a “true patriot” good for Burien.

    • Chump, thanks for mentioning annexation. The foundation of our nation rests in the idea of rule by the people. This is manifested in our right to vote. A patriot would hold the vote of the people sacred. We the people of North Highline (Area Y) voted 2 to 1 against annexation. Lauren Berkowitz stated at the 7-16-13 Candidate Forum “I would definitely try to annex the rest of North Highline” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QocQOix3_LM Lauren Berkowitz has demonstrated her contempt for the vote of the people. Lauren Berkowitz is no patriot.

  3. SD says:

    John, patriot or not, the use of profanity and name calling is not only unprofessional, it’s a character flaw.

  4. Buck says:

    I’d like to add my comments as a continuation of what Chump has said. John Parnass, the guy who wrote this letter, is an attorney who lives and works in Seattle. Why he is writing this letter is to defend his campaign donation to Berkowitz and try to conjure some story that she is a patriot. She has been no patriot in the City of Burien in terms of public service to the city.

    Joe Fitzgibbon, Brian Bennett and Jeff Upthegrove planned and headed up the campaign to annex Area Y/White Center in the spring of 2012. They got Jim Clingan and Steven Lamphear to run the campaign. The public records show this. Notice all of these guys are Burien politicians. At that point in time they vowed to get rid of Jack Block because he opposed annexation and a few other plans they had. It appears that when annexation failed, they then set another plan to get their pro-annexation stooges from the 34th Dems elected to the Council so that they would be able to try to take another run at annexation in 2014. This whole thing has been about annexation and the control of the Council (4 seats).

    Lauren Berkowitz is one of those 34th Dems they decided to aggressively push for a council position in the city. She had never served on any advisory boards, attended Council meetings, attended advisory board meetings or even written to the Council on issues of city importance. This is a 30 year old woman who claims to have gone all over the USA to lead protests, etc. and she hasn’t even taken the time for her own city in the last 3 years that she has been here? Earlier in her campaign she appears to have tried to convince the citizens she has been here 11 years.
    > In the late winter, early spring of 2013, it appears these guys ginned up a smear story about Jack Block over a facebook picture he posted. It appears they got a 34th Dems plant to bring it to a city council meeting to sensationalize it. It was a strange approach especially because it appears that at least one of these 3 guys has had a past in promoting these kinds of pictures on the social media for profit. Even with his past, Berkowitz continued to use him in her campaign. So where is her big respect for women? The gang of 4 on the council who wanted to maintain control over the council and again push an annnexation voted to censure Block over this insignificant, non city business issue. Citizens see more shocking images of women on their TVs every day or in underwear catalogs that come in the US mail to their homes.

    Then a story was hyped up about Block and how much he had spent on travel even though it appears that several other council members of the council had been involved in like travel. Bennett has constantly made an issue of Block’s travel but has failed to mention how much historically Clark, McGilton, Shaw or Lucy K. had sent on travel in the past. Bennett was the first big donor to Berkowitz’s campaign and he has donated to the other pro-annexation candidates in this upcoming election.

    What it appears is that Bennett, Fitzgibbon and Jeff Upthegrove have been the master planners to keep control of the council so that annexation can be tried again and very soon. That is why all three of them are supporting Berkowitz, Martinez, Clark and McGilton. While the Burien City Council positions are supposed to be non partisan, these big wigs of the 34th Dems are trying to push their political agenda on the citizens of Burien. Annexation is not dead.

    As Chump has stated,”This is not about Jack Block, it is about an interloper who is merely trying to advance the agenda of the Brian Bennett and Mike Martin.” And I would add, Joe Fitzgibbon and Jeff Upthegrove.

    I urge you to elect Block, Wagner, Tosta and Armstrong for the change that we need to see in the council.

    • Question Authority says:

      Such a poignant truthful letter should become required reading for anyone who lives in Burien, and also those who lack the backbone to stand up and change the current mess were in with their vote. If some of you would pull your head out you will again see the sun shining down on a bright future for Burien. Support Steve, Debi, Nancy and Jack with your vote as I do, because anything less than that is just down right stupid, are you by chance?

    • PanderBear Jack says:

      Show us the numbers Jackie-boy! $33,000 is a LOT of money! He keeps saying that other council members were also taking these junkets.

      You KNOW that Jackie-boy pulled the travel numbers for the other council members.

      YET he’s not sharing them!!! Must be worse than I thought!

  5. John Parnass says:

    If the facts matters, I live in Burien – not Seattle. A lot of the animosity seems directed toward the annexationissue. I am not heavily invested in that issue one way or the other. What I will not tolerate, however, is character assasination about Lauren or any good person who has the guts to run for office, openly, and not hide behind some Troll fake name on a blog. And by the way, to the person who tore down my Lauren yard sign last night, classy.

    • SD says:

      John, my apologies if my comment came across as a character assassination. While it’s my opinion that profanity and name calling are unprofessional and a character flow, I should not have been so general in my post. So each person can come to their own conclusion, here are a couple of excerpts from Lauren’s public Facebook page that I based my opinion on…“The f…ing swat team for a peaceful protest! No way” and “Look closely and you can see the nasty rich people pointing down at us.”

    • SD says:

      Oh, wow! John, if you live in Burien as I do, then you just received a flier from “Elect Berkowitz” in your mail tonight. I assume this messaging is endorsed by Lauren as her website address is Electberkowitz.com. The flier is completely silent on Lauren’s qualifications and strengths, but rather focuses on beating down her opponent. Any credit you give to Lauren for having “guts” to run for office is thoroughly diminished by this flier.

  6. John Parnass says:

    SD – I was not referring to your comment as character assasination, it was things other people having said. And yes, I agree Lauren’s FB comments are passionate and perhaps exaggerated. My hope is that we all look at the candidates in their totality rather than seizing on various FB entries as the be all and end all of who they are. We have all probably said things in emails or on FB that could be taken out of context. With that thought, I simply encourage everyone to study the candidates on their whole merit and vote.

  7. Fred says:

    To John Parnass-

    You have lived only a few months in Burien? and really have been involved in this community very little? And you clearly have not informed yourself about how citizens of both areas strongly opposed annexation. Burien citizens are angry over the waste of city resouces to try to pressure people to have an annexation they didn’t want. So for Lauren Berkowitz to say at forums that she just doesn’t think the right people voted in the annexation election is down right ignorant, rude and arrogant to those voters.

    Also, I would hardly call the rude and obscene comment that Lauren Berkowitz made about the police as just “passionate and perhaps exaggerated”. Your quoted comment appears to be an inaccurate statement to try to cover up for her. Was that your intent? Her comment was disrespectful and mean spirited toward the police. And she should never be in any position to act as a supervior to the police as council members do. At this point in time she seems to be too immature for serving on the City Council and her current actions, campaign materials and comments seem to support how immature she is.

    Right now I am looking at the campaign flyer Lauren Berkowitz and her manager, Mr. Upthegrove have just mailed out to homes using some portion of the funds you donated to her campaign. This flyer is pure smear and slime tactics against Jack Block put out by Lauren Berkowitz and Mr. Upthegrove. Patriots don’t mail out junk like this. This flyer speaks volumes to the how low Lauren Berkowitz will go to win an election. We do not need someone like this on our City Council.

    Lauren Berkowitz appears to have so few qualities, achievements, things that she has done for the citizens or the City of Burien that she and her campaign manager failed to note them on this flyer or tell citizens why they should vote for her. It is clearly a flyer intended to defame and discredit Jack flyer even if the facts are not true or inaccurately exaggerated. It is almost next to impossible to figure out who this flyer came from except for the address label which states Elect Berkowitz in small print. Shame on you for contributing to a campaign that puts out smear mailings and then tries to sell Burien blog readers and citizens that Lauren Berkowitz is a patriot. Perhaps you were just tricked?

    The upset citizen shown on this flyer is un-named but is a known officer in the 34th Dems. As Buck mentioned she appears to be part of the 34th Dems tag team to defeat Block because he dared to opposed their grand annexation plan.

    Smart readers and voters will elect Jack Block to the City Council.

    • jimmy says:

      on no she for annexation and she use a a bad word surprise surprise you guy are discrediting her as much as possible its a shame that you and the other people on here that will pick the smallest thing and try to turn it in to something so what she was at a protest the swat team showed up she made a comment about it now had she been on the side not for annexation you would of said nothing about this it would be a non subject and you know it so pick something else to complain about F**K oops now you can discredit me wait you probably already did

    • shari says:

      I don’t want to comment off-topic, but you mention her campaign manager, Upthegrove, and indicate he is pro-annexation. What do you know about the Upthegrove running for KC Council? I think the race for that seat is important because sounds like KC is eager to divest itself of unincorporated areas. So which candidate is better for Burien and SW KC…the seemingly nice fellow from Kent with no obvious investment in Burien but perhaps a fresh, unbiased perspective or Dave Upthegrove, with family roots in Burien ? I just dont know enough about either, but it seems that Burien better have a strong voice at KC Council.

      • Marty says:

        Dave Upthegrove was one of the power players behind the push for the annexation of white center. He will not be getting our vote. Annexation is good for King County and bad for Burien. Dave Upthegrove puts his political ambition first what is best for the residents of Burien is s distant second to what is best for Dave.

        • Dave Upthegrove says:

          I just want to clarify for any readers that I have never supported annexation of North Highline by the City of Burien. North Highline is not in my legislative district, and I have never been involved, directly or indirectly, publicly or behind the scenes, in North Highline annexation discussions or politics. I’ve had too much on my plate at the state level to get involved in this specific city issue. To date, I haven’t taken sides. I respect that this is a city not state decision. The person, “Marty”, who suggested otherwise is mistaken. Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks,
          Dave Upthegrove (State Representative, 33rd District). 360-786-7868

  8. john poitras says:

    Lauren Berkowitz is unqualified for city council. She would be a disaster as a city council member and her idiotic sidewalks everywhere would be funded my a significant increase in your city taxes. She is also Pro Annexation and pro-cronyism. Jack Block is a million times better for Burien than this loser.

  9. John Parnass says:

    Again, and for the last time, the issue is that Lauren was attacked for no good reason at all…such as that she is an “interloper” when in fact she lives in Burien and has taught in our schools..or that she is a “communist” , a charge made based apparently on the fact that she does support the right of workers to self – organize, which has been the law of the land for nearly 80 years, or that she supports country-to-country rehabilitation ties with Vietnam, a policy that has been been effect by our government by Republican and Democratic Presidents for more than 20 years. So, the smear attack on Lauren is not justified. Yes, people have disagreements over annexation, and that’s fine. But to go into the gutter as some have to try to bring Lauren down, who won the primary based on sincere doorbelling and outreach, is cynical at best.

  10. Fred says:

    To John Parnass-

    1.Chuck Rangel wrote a letter about your Lauren Berkowitz’s obscene language and disrespect for the police. That was not an attack; it was a documented fact. And it seems to be an important fact that should be considered when voting for someone who will be in charge of the police. And it seems to be a good reason/issue to discuss to during election time.

    2. Lauren Berkowitz did not teach in a Burien School or in a Highline School. She was an 18 year old volunteer who had no teaching certification from any state in the U.S.A. The school she volunteered in was in White Center. And by her own description she does not describe herself as a teacher. She worked at that briefly and not as a long term resident of Burien (as she orginally tried to get Burien voter to believe at the first forum).

    3. It was Lauren Berkowitz and her Campaign Manager, Mr. Upthegrove that started the campaing mud slinging way back in the spring of 2013 at Jack Block Jr. Lauren Berkowitz started her own camapign by using gutter tactics and they have continued and escalated right to this date. Look at the flier she mailed this weekend.

    4. I question how many residences Lauren Berkowitz has really doorbelled by herself or by using real residents in Burien to help her. About 3 weeks ago she went on to her facebook page to brag about the doorbellers they brought in on a bus. These doorbellers were not from Burien. The ones that came to my door could not say her name correctly, were not quite sure which position she was running for and had no idea of what she stood for. I wouldn’t call that sincere doorbelling or real community outreach. At least she and her campaign manager should have trained her bus, robot-like doorbellers how to say her name and what position she was running for.

  11. marty says:

    Lauren Berkowitz is a tool of the same special interests that are controlling the current council. We don’t need another crony on the council we need to get rid of them.
    Vote for Jack and the residents not Lauren and her crony backers.

  12. Terry says:

    Lauren Berkowitz is nobody’s tool. She is without doubt the smartest person running. That’s why I voted for Lauren in the primary — which she won, handily, even with her unapologetically progressive positions — and will vote for her again.

    If Lauren is a tool, what does that make you — a thumb tack? It seems this blog has an infestation Tea Party dittoheads.

    • Question Authority says:

      Her past statements, political positions and history were not a researched topic at that time, had they been everyone would have seen through her deception, lies and blatent unqualifications for the primary she unfortunately abvanced in. I did not vote for her then and I sure as hell won’t now or ever. Puppet, imposter and all wrong for Burien.

      • PanderBear Jack says:

        Acting like you voted FOR her then discovered all of these facts is a SHAM. I question your motives.

        You “Question Authority” yet don’t say anything about a Militaristic police presence at the peaceful protest. That’s a SHAM and a shame.

        • TbC says:

          Cop haters!!………..Nuff said!

        • Question Authority says:

          That’s because I don’t like hippies, I like cops and only “question authority” when it affects my employment at the government agency I work at. It’s a user name, I also comment on lost cats and dogs and not just political topics of concern like someone like Berkaditz and her blatent lies.

    • Marty says:

      Yes she is tool of the cronyism that currently infests our city council
      Her Pro Annexation position alone demonstrates that.
      Her support of splitting Burien into wards makes it easy for cronyism to flourish.
      He sidewalks everywhere whether you want it without stating how she would pay for it indicates to me she is not smart , she is canny or should I say her campaign is.
      And frankly being defended by one of her cronies or her campaign manager does nothing to enhance her credibility.

  13. Question Authority says:

    I once heard from a palm reader that I had a 50% off coupon for, and in addition it was happy hour, that I was the reincarnation of Vlad The impaler so that means I have you all beat. Now for my next act……….

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