LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ‘People of Burien be careful for whom you vote’

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The B-Town Blog nor its staff:]


Last night I attended the last(?) of the candidates forums for this election cycle. One issue was blatant and was not allowed to be brought up or just not enough time for the issue.

Only recently had I become aware of the attitude of candidate Lauren Berkowitz regarding police and public safety. Someone had posted a link to Lauren’s facebook in which she cursed the presence of a police swat team at a protest which she, Lauren, attended. Cursing in an obvious filthy way.

The issue of public safety was discussed by many of the candidates but no one mentioned Lauren’s scathing vulgarities toward police. Why not? I had even written a question dealing with exactly that comment but it was not asked.

During the Vietnam conflict I was in the Army as a Military Police officer. I heard many of those comments hurled at me but NOT in a public written record, as “facebook”, and especially not by an individual running for a city council seat. I am disgusted at Lauren’s attitude toward police.

Her post was not done “when she was young”. It was just last year. I cannot accept such an attitude would serve the public well each year when the budget is discussed. All of the candidates spoke of the need to ensure public safety. Now I am compelled to question everything she said last night against what it really means.

I hope that the people of Burien will view Lauren’s facebook and see for themselves what her attitude is about public safety.

People of Burien be careful for whom you vote.

– Chuck Rangel

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40 Responses to “LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ‘People of Burien be careful for whom you vote’”
  1. Question Authority says:

    She is exactly who we do not need, now or ever for that matter which is obvious given her behavior in the public or representing this community. That’s why my ballot has aready been filled out for – Steve, Debi, Nancy & Jack. Come on Burien, pull it together and vote for the candidates who have “US” as the number one thing on their to do list. Thanks You!

    • Miguel says:

      @Question Authority, I find irony with your username and dislike for a protesting youth….contradict much?

      • Question Authority says:

        If you so keen on knowing and must ask my “user name’ comes from my humorous dislike of any authority at the government agency I have been employed by for the last 22 years.
        I take great pride in never settling for the status quo, reference my choice of candidates if you must to understand.

  2. Linda says:

    I was happy to vote for Lauren Berkowitz! What a terrible letter for Mr. Rangel to put in a public forum.

    • Question Authority says:

      She put herself in the “public forum” on the web, so how is that differant than the letter you dislike?

      • Ghost of Maplewild says:

        She also put herself in the Seattle Times to sling her mud.

      • TbC says:

        Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.. If she gets elected will she treat law enforcement differently? I doubt it. She will by our worst nightmare… A councilperson who hates cops! I sure hope not. We have enough issues to deal with without giving the Police a hard time.

  3. ATKMH says:

    I’m sorry but I believe Lauren’s comment was more towards police over reacting to a situation. I don’t know what the demonstration was over, that wasn’t mentioned. But the SWAT team didn’t respond last night the demonstration on Capitol Hill. And it wasn’t a picture of her with someone unknown male in a compromising position with men. No one came to the Council meeting complaining about her disrespect of women. Nor did she post pictures of her behind after surgery. And most importantly, she wasn’t sitting on a City Council sharing her comments with everyone. Many of the candidates mentioned have themselves as number one, not the citizens of Burien. None of them have MY interests in their lists of priorities. Most have absolutely NO experience serving on a City council, let alone BURIEN, City council. They can talk all they want, but once they actually discover the laws and ins and outs of Washington State law and the confines in which they must serve, they will be sorely surprised. Inexperience is NOT

    • SD says:

      ATKHMH, I too do not know the story behind the picture. What is clear though is how Lauren chose to react to the situation. Using profanity is not how I want my City Council member to articulate their frustration. Lauren also described rich people as “nasty” in another photo posted that same day which is very disrespectful. Had she been on the Council at that time, I can assure you there would be people complaining about the disrespect she has shown to all citizens, not just women.

      • Matt says:

        People with LOTS of money have plenty of representation on government already. It would be good if the rest of us had someone (like Ms. Berkowitz I would submit)looking out for our interests. Car dealers can write big checks to Mr. Block to protect their interests. Who will represent someone living in the apartment complexes on Ambaum or off of 146th? They have a harder time writing those big checks to back their champion. ballance is what makes healthy government.

        • SD says:

          I agree having a City Council that is representative of its citizens is important, so I encourage everyone to vote for their favorite candidate — it’s FREE!

        • Question Authority says:

          Is that why Berkaditz had her team bussed in to ring doorbells because she is not connected? Actually all her backing is from outside Burien, what’s with that?

        • flashdog says:

          Frankly, Matt, I have trouble picturing Ms.Berkowitz looking out for anybody’s interests. As a matter of fact, pictures are what bother me about her. There has been much discussion here about her ill advised facebook pictures in which she is participating in what she describes as a “non-violent demonstration”. Something seemed familiar about those pictures, so I finally took a LONG look at them. The demonstration pictures were taken in Renton, on Rainier Avenue South, just north of where Rainier Avenue South turns into Hwy. 167, southbound. Let’s think about this — they are sitting on THE STREET on the busiest street in Renton, right where it joins the most important freeway in that area. Ms. Berkowitz is fond of telling us how she is the champion of people who work for a living. Really? And yet here she is with a bunch of crazies blocking the street so no one can get anywhere. Who drives that street? Mainly working people getting to or from work, delivery drivers, salesmen from nearby car dealerships taking people for test drives, you know — people trying to make a living. Then we have the issue of ambulances, emergency vehicles, etc. — that can’t get through. Now THAT is consideration for the needs of others, right? There is the possiblity that the section that they were blocking was closed because of construction. That street has been undergoing a complete rennovation. Of course, that means the demonstrators were causing problems for the guys trying to work on Rainier Ave. South. That would be blue collar type workers that Ms. Berkowitz claims to care so much about. Hmm, perhaps those police officers Ms. Berkowitz was jeering at were there to protect her and her…uh… colleagues from angry motorists and construction people who wanted to get on with their lives and earn a living.
          As far as money, Ms. Berkowitz graduated from an elite college that I suspect was quite expensive. On her website, she lists quite a few groups that support her campaign — presumably with money. As Question Authority observed, they are NOT Burien groups. Why would they support her? I would guess because they believe she will carry their agenda into Burien government. One of them is the reprehensible Cascade Bicycle Club that has worked diligently for years to completely cripple downtown Seattle traffic. Do we really want somebody they endorse on our city council? But I digress. My point is that Ms. Berkowitz appears to have plenty of money in her background. She is hardly “a girl from the projects” with firsthand understanding of the underprivileged.

          Our friend, Mr. Block, on the other hand, is a longshoreman. He operates heavy equipment. That’s a blue collar job that requires real live, hands on work — and he’s worked at this occupation since 1978. If I were going to pick a candidate who would be sympathetic to and represent the interests of people who are struggling to make a living, I would choose good old, working man Jack Block over Ms. agenda driven law student Lauren Berkowitz.

          • PanderBear Jack says:

            UH OH!!! Not the reprehensible cascade bicycle club endorsement!!! Noooooo!!!

            Nancy Tosta was ALSO endorsed by the reprehensible cascade bicycle club. Not you too Nancy!!! Noooooo!!!

            • Question Authority says:

              Nancy is actually qualified for a position on the council, that’s why no one has a problem with her, unlike your stooge Berkaditz.

    • Harry Hamlin says:

      Out of curiosity, if one is disqualified from sitting on the Burien City Concil from “lack of experience”, where, precisely, would someone start? Pacific? Algona? School Board?
      Burien is ALWAYS going to be run by neophytes, and there is nothing wrong with that.

  4. Miguel says:

    I don’t think her comments are as vile as you think Mr. Rangel. in fact its just an overall sentiment when people not carrying switchblades, guns, or even pointed sticks. She’s young but not the enemy, I’m sure there was no urge for anarchy here.

    • Question Authority says:

      Young and inexperienced is more like it, and a miss guided dreamer who is just a puppet and placeholder for an agenda that serves Burien in no positive way. No vote, no way!

      • Saundra says:

        She attended a protest is what I got out of that letter which makes me proud to have voted for her. We need change, people with a little fire in their belly. Oh my, she used the “f” word…let’s not overreact about this.

        • Question Authority says:

          Jack had his picture taken with a cheerleader, let’s not overreact about that either.

          • Maxine says:

            Let’s also not forget that Jack “Junket” Block chose to use our tax dollars to pay for his trip to visit with the Arizona cheerleaders.

            • SD says:

              Maxine, I’m going to assume this trip was supported and approved by the Council. Is your concern that Jack didn’t fulfill his obligation, that he skipped out of a business meeting/function to attend a game instead? I’m not quite sure how the cheerleaders fit into your concern.

  5. Maxine says:

    Yeah, like using our tax dollars for their vacations, like Jack “Junket” Block.

  6. Maxine says:

    Jack voted to spend our tax dollars supporting the first annexation, and they were spent, and he supported spending out tax dollars on the second annexation and they were spent, and then Jack had a sudden about-face. I doubt any other councilmember approaches $33,000 in travel expenses. Think of what kind of a vacation that would pay for. Well, you paid for it.

  7. jimmy says:

    wow she used a bad word GET OVER IT !!! already its just a sound you make your mouth

  8. Linda M. says:

    The letter writer, John Parnass, called Lauren Berkowitz a patriot. One just needs to look at her post on her facebook page from Sept. 5, 2013 at 3:25 pm.

    What kind of patriot is that??There on her facebook page is a picture of a police swat team and her statement is “The F…..g swat team for a peaceful protect.No way.” Go to her facebook page and look for yourself. The swat team is doing their job to keep the protesters safe and to maintain order for all.

    If she is elected to the council, she would be one of the persons that has a say over the Burien Police Department. Do we really a person who is so disrespectful and immature to be in charge of our police? However, she isn’t really that young. She is a 30 year old woman and should use her social media in a more responsible manner.

    If you look at the source of her funds on the Washington State PDC site , it shows that only 12% of her donors are from Burien citizens. That means that 88% of her donors are from out of Burien and those donors want something they can control because they helped to get her elected. John Parnass (the writer of the other letter shown on this blog site) is a donor to her campaign and worked for the same law firm as the Burien City Mayor. Bennett has given $700 to Berkowitz’s campaign. So why are John Parnass and so many other non-Burien people so interested in Burien politics? What do they hope to control in our city?

    Lauren Berkowitz appears to have done nothing for the City of Burien in the 3 years she has lived here. She has served on no advisory boards, volunteered for no service in the city and doesn”t attend council meetings or submit comments to the council on important issues. She claims to have worked at Mount View School 11 years ago but that school is in white Center and not Burien. Lauren Berkowitz has been no patriot to Burien and clearly has no respect for the police. I encourage the readers of this blog comment to Vote for Jack Block. Jack Block has worked for the citizens of this city for years.

    P.S. By the way, those trips Block took, are the same ones that other council members took to secure funds from the Fed. Govt. for building Town Square. The phony smear campaign issues put out by Berkowitz and her campaign manager are just that-phony for media hype. It is highly probable that the other council members like Nelson, Shaw, McGilton, Clark, Lucy K. and the city managers took many of the same trips. Giv them a call and ask. As to Berkowitz having great respect for women-if she had great respect for women, she would have selected a different manager who had a different history of what he did with the social media business.

  9. flashdog says:

    Ms. Berkowitz’s facebook page is profoundly disturbing in many ways. The pictures of the demonstration in which she made filthy remarks about police officers doing their jobs were pretty bad. The one that voters should REALLY be upset about (in my opinion) was the one about “the nasty rich people”. Excuse me? She interviewed these people and determined their income brackets? She interacted with each of them personally and knows them to be “nasty”? This kind of sweeping stereotype according to personal prejudice is 100% what Burien does NOT need. We need council people who LISTEN to individuals rather than dismissing entire groups as “nasty rich people” before even meeting any of them. If Ms. Berkowitz is elected does this mean that retired homeowners, successful business people, and anyone else who has an income above poverty level and a political philosophy that does not include the socialist agenda will be ignored and ridiculed?

  10. john poitras says:

    If you want increased property taxes to fund a ill advised sidewalks everywhere in Burien even if you don’t want them?
    Then vote for Lauren.

    If you don’t want more emphasis on public safety because she thinks we have plenty of police.
    Then vote for Lauren.

    If you want to spend another half a million tax dollars pursing another annexation attempt of white center we cannot afford.
    Then vote for Lauren.

    Otherwise Vote for Jack and put a stop to this nonsense.

  11. Learn the FACTS says:

    Wow, people…I have known Lauren for more than decade, since she was an Americorps volunteer in the Highline School District. She deeply cares about Burien, its citizens and its future. The smear campaign being launched against her is obviously one of desperation. I have lived in Burien for many years and this is the nastiest attack on a candidate I’ve ever seen. Those of you who are getting all worked up about this need to stop the dirty politics, and contact Lauren directly if you are concerned. You will find she is a genuine, down to earth, extremely intelligent, progressive candidate. The City Council will be very lucky to have her!

    • SD says:

      I must admit, I’m not impressed with Lauren Berkowitz’s choice of words on Facebook or Lauren’s recent flier that was a blatant smear campaign on her opponent, Jack Block. That’s why I’d like to share some excerpts from a flier I received tonight from Jack Block. Jack takes a balanced approach by contrasting the two candidates’ viewpoints. I trust Lauren’s quotes are accurate as citations were provided. If the quotes are not, then the community would to hear from Lauren. Jack comments on this blog. It’d be nice to hear from Lauren too!

      Jack: “I voted against the City Council majority pursuing annexation. White Center voted 2:1 against annexation. It’s time to stop spending money and to end this now.”
      Lauren: “I would definitely try to annex” (B-town Blog candidate forum 7/18)

      Jack: “The City Manager works for the citizens under the direction of the City Council.”
      Lauren: “As a part-time Councilmember, it’s not my job to contribute to running the city.” (B-town Blog candidate forum 10/16)

      Jack: “We have many great parks but new Burien park dollars should provide facilities and play areas in underserved neighborhoods.”
      Lauren: Would spend $5 million to construct a park in the wealthiest neighborhoods in Burien (Berkowitz campaign mailing)

      Jack: “No; we don’t need division. I want to protect and enhance ALL of Burien: we are ONE.”
      Lauren: “I’m in favor of wards. I’d like to see the city divided up.” (B-town Blog candidate forum 10/16)

      Jack: Our citizens don’t feel safe. We need more police officers. We don’t need to study it.”
      Lauren: “We need to study the situation to have a comprehensive plan.” (B-town Blog candidate forum 10/16)

      Jack: “I voted no on the CARES contract. I prefer we spend our precious resources protecting the public with a professional animal control officer. We need action, not more studies. More than $1 million has been spent on studies now gathering dust in the city manager’s office. Burien has been studied to death. We know what to do, so let’s get to work. Let’s do this!”
      Lauren: “I would want to create a task force to study the issue.” (B-town Blog candidate forum 7/18)

      PLEASE VOTE!!!!!

    • Question Authority says:

      Wow, are you for hire because I need someone to run my soon to be released Arizona ocean front property franchise. It requires much if not all the B.S. skills you employed here with your letter vouching for your current employer Ms. Berkaditz. Please don’t add any amount of fluff to your resume when you apply, it seems you have plenty of skill already.
      P.S. I want action on the council, not reaction that’s why I voted for Jack.

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