CRIME FOLLOWUP: Two teens confess to tagging at Burien Skate Park

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The city announced on its website Thursday (Oct. 24) that Burien Police investigating the recent rash of graffiti “tagging” at City parks have identified at least three suspects, two of whom confessed to the crime last week.

The school resource officer at Highline High School was able to identify the taggers through their markings, and two confessed in writing to tagging the Burien Skate Park last week. Police gained the identity of another student connected to graffiti markings at Burien Town Square Park.

Information on the incidents has been turned over to detectives for charging. Police believe more young people were involved in the tagging incidents and are actively continuing their investigation.

“We’re going to let them all know Burien is the wrong place to do this stuff,” said an investigating officer with the Burien Police Department.

A reward for information in the recent graffiti incidents is still being offered by Crimestoppers – all the Police Dept. 206-296-3311 or Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

Here are some pics of the damage courtesy Burien Parks (click images to see larger versions:







Read our previous coverage about these recent crimes here and here.

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21 Responses to “CRIME FOLLOWUP: Two teens confess to tagging at Burien Skate Park”
  1. TcB says:

    Release their Names, Faces and address to the public. Confiscate their personal property to sell on eBay to pay the city. An example must be made. Normally I’m not vindictive, but when it comes to burglary and public vandalism I say throw the book at them hard enough to knock them to Maple Valley.

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    • Question Authority says:

      Get them hooked on aerosol paint “huffing” they won’t be a problem once that habit kicks in.

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      • jimmy says:

        Yeah then they will start stealing stuff to support there new habit . So then you can turn around and blame who ever you don’t currently like running for the city council and the comment’s they might make about the police nice try!

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  2. Debbi says:

    Make them clean graffiti up every weekend for the next year

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  3. Lisa B. says:

    Seeing these pics makes me so angry. They need to pay ($$) for what they did.

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  4. Grant says:

    That’s Highline High School for you, full of criminals.

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    • Jennifer says:

      Really? What a blanket statement! There are many amazing kids in our community. It irritates me when people say things like this because of a few bad seeds. Also, TcB they can’t release pictures & names of minors.

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    • Kellie B says:

      sorry, both my girls went to HHS and both went to college successfully after graduation. It’s all in the mindset of the teen and there are a lot of productive, involved kids that go there. How about we put the blame where it belongs…right on the shoulders of the kids that did it knowing it was wrong.

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  5. Conner says:

    Wow… You people scare me.. Are you all proud parents? Senior citizens? Soccer Moms? Because all this is, are kids thinking they’re “Cool”, and spray paint their “TAG”. A fine, community service, and warning of further acts of “vandalism” should be all that’s necessary. These local young teens-kids are annoying in general and what me and my friends call, “Cabbage Patch Kids.” But for those of you flipping out and pissing your panties about this: Get your sh*t straight, please.

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    • JF says:

      what a moron. I wish you and your children good luck. you will need it.

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    • Kay. says:

      Cleaning up the mess, and other community service retribution should be enough. Although I find graffiti and tagging annoying, there’s no need for “overkill” Punishment to fit the crime. 🙂

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    • Seahurst Relic says:

      Unfortunately fines, community service and warnings (seriously warnings?) ARE NOT working, these kids laugh at that crap and are out doing it again the next weekend. Wake up dude these kids have no respect for personal or private property and no respect for themselves. Need to stiffen the penalties, need to make it hurt.

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  6. JF says:

    Just another example of poor parenting and supervision. My son knows if he EVER pulled a stunt like that he would not be able to sit down for a week. It’s time for some people to start being the boss of their children. Parents make the rules and if your kids don’t like it, tough. They can resent me all they want but they WILL NOT grow up to be punks and hooligans and mouthy little brats. They want respect, earn it…

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  7. H says:

    Glad to see that if the parents won’t discipline their kids, the police will. I have to wonder what these kids are (or aren’t) learning from their parents to think that this is acceptable.

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  8. Marty says:

    They need to be made an example of now because if they aren’t and don’t learn this is unacceptable behavior the next thing you know they will be misusing hand guns and robbing people. Their parents should be billed for the clean up. This is really all on them.

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  9. Darla says:

    As a tax paying local resident, local business owner and concerned citizen, I hope that these thugs – because that is exactly what they are – are fully prosecuted and held 100% accountable for their actions. My business building was “tagged” last month, we as your local business owners are trying desperately to make Burien your go-to, shop local experience a great one, without the added expense and time of cleaning up graffiti.

    I also feel that the parents of these thugs should be cleaning it up right along with them.

    Shame, Shame on them!

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  10. Nicky901 says:

    Wow, typical internet mob mentality here. The modern day, technical version of a witch hunt.

    “They want respect, earn it”? How about teaching them respect to start with? It’s not something to be earned. Your son likely has a healthy dose of resentment and disrespect you’ve passed on. Bravo.

    “The next thing you know they will be misusing hand guns and robbing people.”. Tagging leads to armed robbery? Did it all start from stealing that pack of gum when they were 5?

    These people already know what they’re doing is wrong. Yes, hold them accountable which should include cleaning up the mess they made and paying for the costs associated with it. They should have to work to earn the money but our legal system isn’t really set up to do that. Instead we pay money for them to sit in a juvenile detention facility.

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    • yeahwhatever says:

      Teenagers should already have that lesson. A little late to start with the teaching thing.

      That being said, I agree that cleaning it up and paying for any damages is enough here.

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      • othersideofthetracks says:

        So I guess you don`t think just cutting thier hands off is enough?..*lol*

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  11. marty says:

    Yes Nicky tagging is a good indication of gang activity. Gangs carry guns and yes armed robbery is an MO of gangs plus a lot of other bad stuff. Don’t be naive , nip it now in the bud BEFORE it gets out of control and Burien turns into gang banger playground.

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