Giant Oak chases down, nearly hits Seahurst Musician David Templeton

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On Saturday Seahurst Musician David Templeton found out first-hand – if a tree falls in the forest and you’re there to outrun it, does anyone hear it?

Here’s David’s story in his own words:

Yesterday morning at around 11:30 a.m., I knew despite the strong winds howling through Seahurst, I had to head over to Eagle Landing Park to hike the stairs. It’s a regular routine, come rain or shine, calm or blustery.

Hmmm, nobody’s out here today, I wonder why? I thought to myself…

As I was just nearing the final trail rise before the top of the big stair-climb, I heard a loud cracking-pop directly behind me. As I turned around to see where this loud, penetrating sound came from, the noise increased with a combination of loud twisting and snapping. Then I looked up to see an 80-foot giant oak careening towards me.

And wouldn’t you know it, just like in the movies, I ran directly away from the tree in its fall line.

“Run to the side you knucklehead!” I had always yelled at some “B” rated adventure film wear the klutzy camper would run straight in line of the tree’s falling trajectory.

Wouldn’t ya know it, when I needed it most, that couch-director intuition flew right out the window.

Ka-BOOM! FWASH! Limbs and flying leaves all around me. The tree had fallen across the trail through some ferns and than back across the switchback trail where I was standing. I was now at the very end of the tree top, my hiking boots covered in golden yellow autumn leaves and snapped limbs. As I stood there in awe, astounded at the power and fury of Mother Nature in such a beautiful and usually calm forest hike, I felt like I had timed it just about right. The ultimate adrenaline rush.

The next thought was, what if I had taken an extra 10 seconds to find my keys before I left on my hike? Good thing I know where I hang my keys.

I went back there today to take this picture (click image to see larger version):


Like a proud fisherman with a Marlin on deck, except I was glad this one got away.

– David Templeton

EDITOR’S NOTE: David Templeton’s latest project is Composing and Performing the score for the local indie film “The Maury Island Incident,” coming in 2014!

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