LETTER: ‘Remind people about the scoop law!’

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The B-Town Blog nor its staff:]

I just moved from Alki Beach to Three Tree Point so that I could get away from the city. I love my neighborhood, it’s quiet and for the most part the people are very friendly.

After living there for a few weeks, I noticed that the neighbor’s dogs wander the streets without any supervision so of course, there is dog poop everywhere because the owners aren’t picking it up.

I have stepped in it twice while walking my dogs or just getting out of my car. I saw an elderly man walking his dog along Sylvester road this morning, his dog pooped and the man kept on going without picking it up. I asked him if there’s a poop scoop law, he said yes so I asked him why he didn’t pick up after his dog, he told me that he didn’t have a bag and to call the cops on him.

I’m not going to call the cops but as a responsible pet owner, it’s our duty to pick up after our animals. I am utterly appalled by the lack of respect because Burien is such a beautiful city, this isn’t Amsterdam!!

– Donna Woodcock

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One Response to “LETTER: ‘Remind people about the scoop law!’”
  1. Name (required) says:

    1. Well, now with the legalization of drugs here in the State of Washington, we are indeed like Amsterdam!

    2. If you are such a caring citizen, why didn’t you offer to help pick up the dog poop for the ELDERLY man? Perhaps he is arthritic and could not stoop over to do it himself?

    3. After you live in Three Tree Point for a while, people not picking up dog poop will be the least of your problems.

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