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BTB Reader seeking witnesses to recent sideswipe hit & run in Burien

BurienCarDamage [1]

BTB Reader Heather Byr Ecks [2] wants everyone to know that on Sunday, Dec. 15, her car was sideswiped (photo of damage above) and the suspect drove off.

“It was around 4:30 p.m.,” she told The B-Town Blog. “There was a LOT of witnesses and we’re hoping this post can help find them. We were in a dark blue Dodge Caravan (minivan). We were all at the traffic light at the corner of 1st Ave South and SW 146th Street facing east, right in front of the Shell/7eleven. We were going to make a right on 1st headed to Rite Aid. We were pulling up to turn and the light turned green. The other car came over 3 traffic lanes, swiped our driver’s side, and then turned left headed in the direction of Fred Meyer.”

Heather adds that the car appeared to be a silver SUV, “maybe a RAV-4 or something that looks like that.”

“The first part of the license plate appeared to be Z84-,” she said. “There was actually a police car there in the lane headed west who was stuck behind another SUV trying to turn in to get gas, but when the accident occurred, they didn’t appear to still be there. The silver SUV may have blue paint on the front passenger side, maybe even a light cracked or smashed. 

If someone saw this to help back us up or who may have made a note of their license plate, that would help greatly.”

Heather said that a police report was made, but that it would help to get more information.

“There was my mother in the car who is disabled and my young son,” she said. “My mother is still shaken up and my son was scared. This is the only car we all have to get around in. And if there is someone who knows someone with the car described who has that license plate and that may have some other paint or damage, please do the right thing. People shouldn’t get away with a hit and run in any form.”

If you have any information about this incident, please contact Heather via her Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/hbyrecks [2]

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