Major crash on SR-509 Wednesday morning critically injures two

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Two people were critically injured in a serious, five-car crash on southbound SR-509 at 128th in Burien Wednesday morning (Dec. 18).

According to the Washington State Patrol:

Vehicle one was headed eastbound on S. 116th Street when it failed to stop for a stop sign. It went over an embankment and came to rest on southbound SR-509 on its roof.

Vehicles two, three, four and five traveling southbound SR-509 approaching 128th struck it.

Vehicles one and two came to rest on left shoulder in lane two.

Vehicle three came to rest in the ditch on the right side.

Vehicle four came to rest on the right shoulder and vehicle five came to rest in lane one.

Initial reports indicate that drugs or alcohol were also involved.

Here are Tweets sent out by various agencies involved:

Initial reports are that two people were critically injured.

Here are more Tweets and pics:







Here’s a pic of the crash scene Tweeted out by Noah Bond:

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7 Responses to “Major crash on SR-509 Wednesday morning critically injures two”
  1. othersideofthetracks says:

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    • H says:

      It’s not like they could get onto the freeway to take pictures.

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      • Not that it really matters, but the reason I posted these Tweets was a) because they were available, had pics and told the story and b) because I was dealing with getting my kids to school and couldn’t get to the scene.

        If you’d like to volunteer for the blog, please email me at – we’d love the help!


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    • Wanker says:

      I was watching this unfold from my desk at work this morning. at 6:00AM Twitter was the place that had the most frequent, current, and descriptive info. For something like this that impacts rush-hour traffic, I would much rather see tweets than nothing at all.

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  2. Christine says:

    Any update on the condition of the injured couple? I really hope their condition has improved. It is hard to shake the anger of what this man did to this poor family.

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    • Missy Allred says:

      The victims, of who I was their maid of honor at their wedding just 4 months ago, are not good. My best friend remains in a coma like state with a serious brain injury. Her husband, although not as serious as she, also suffered a brain injury. Both remain in the ICU ward. This is just horrific, we are all worried sick about their recovery. This person has caused such misery to all of us and especially to two of the nicest people who were simply heading to the airport for their honeymoon. Please pray for their speedy recovery. Thank you. XO

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      • Christine says:

        Thank you for posting this update. I am very angry they are so injured and hope the drunk low life who hurt them will be kept from ever hurting anyone again! I am thinking of them often and hope they are able to recover.

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