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Joe Fitzgibbon finds self in hot water after Tweeting Arizona is ‘racist wasteland’

34th District State Representative Joe Fitzgibbon – a Democrat from Burien – found himself in a bit of hot water after the Seahawks lost to the Arizona Cardinals Sunday, when he sent out the following Tweet (which he deleted shortly after sending):

JoeFitzgibbonTweet122213 [1]

As you can imagine in this modern era of instant reactions, the Twitterverse exploded [2] with numerous responses like these:

We managed to get a hold of Fitzgibbon, who offered this explanation to The B-Town Blog:

I think folks are taking my lame attempt at sports trash talk a little too seriously. I clearly miscalculated the appropriate boundaries there and I regret that some folks in Arizona take what I said as an insult to them. I also think, and the federal courts agree, that many of Arizona’s recent actions targeting immigrants are of questionable constitutionality, and that message didn’t come through in my 140 character message. I’m sorry for the offense caused and would rather be spending this time talking about the need to fix our broken immigration system and expand, not deny, voting rights.

We’re curious to see what our Readers think of this – was Fitzgibbon out of line? Was the strong reaction justified? Please leave a Comment below…

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