Welcome four new councilmembers to City Hall Monday night

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Burien’s new councilmembers are, in alphabetical order and clockwise from top left: Steve Armstrong, Lauren Berkowitz, Debi Wagner and Nancy Tosta.

The public is invited to a reception for the four newly-elected councilmembers this coming Monday night, Jan. 6 at 6:30 p.m., just prior to the first Council meeting of 2014 at Burien City Hall.

These four new councilmembers will be sworn into office at the meeting, joining Lucy Krakowiak, Bob Edgar and Gerald Robison:


Position #1: Lauren Berkowitz

Position #3: Debi Wagner

Position #5: Nancy Tosta

Position #7: Steve Armstrong

A Mayor and Deputy Mayor also will be named.

Burien City Hall is located at 400 SW 152nd Street.

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18 Responses to “Welcome four new councilmembers to City Hall Monday night”
  1. Question Authority says:

    This event seems like the perfect opportunity to start the recall petition for the removal of Lauren Berkaditz from her undeserved council position, I will pass around the form there.

    • Joey Martinez says:

      The threshold for recall elections are very high in this state.

      Disagreeing with and not liking someone who just won, squarely and fairly, hardly qualifies.

      I wish all the council members luck, I think they’re going to need it!

      Joey Martinez

  2. TbC says:

    “Disagreeing with and not liking someone who just won, squarely and fairly, hardly qualifies” You are right Joey. It’s just too bad when ill informed voters elect a socialist cop hater. I hope the council censures her for her innapropriate facebook posts.

    • Joey Martinez says:

      Anyone who loses an election, or has a candidate lose an election, could easily call those voters going the other way “ill informed”. Trust me on that one! 😉 (and I am not doing that myself)

      I got to know Lauren on the trail fairly well and I can tell you she is no cop hater. I think you missed her point on WHY a heavily armed SWAT team came to a peaceful demonstration. Unless of course you’re advocating to never have civil disobedience – which would mean you would have sided for the British in 1776?

      Joey Martinez

      • TbC says:

        Apples and oranges Joey… That protest created a public safety issue. The police response was, imho,appropriate. They were protecting me and YOU Joey. I sincerely hope that if Ms. Berkowitz ever needs those “F#*&@*G Police they stop for donuts first. You of all people Joey ,Who ran on the issue of reducing crime in Burien. Shame on you for supporting anyone who would even think those thing about our law enforcement officers. You are so full of it. A “Polititian” in the true sense of the word. Good day, Sir

        • Joey Martinez says:

          TBC I am glad this is America. We value separate opinions in this country and I felt the response was overkill for a peaceful protect.

          I’d rather have those officers in cars patrolling the neighborhoods, where in my opinion they would have been more effective. Apples and Oranges indeed.

          Joey Martinez

          • TbC says:

            Joey, Well we agree to disagree on that police response. O.K. My real point was Ms. Berkowitz wanted a council member held responsible for his posts on social media because she felt offended. I feel she should be held responsible in the same manner for her posts. I am VERY offended by her posts on facebook and I feel everyone who supports our law enforcement officers should be offended. To me it speaks volumes about a person who supports her posts. And yes, Thank God we live in America where we can all share our separate opinions and even put up with Jimmy’s non punctuated posts. Still, what’s good for the goose……….

            • Joey Martinez says:

              You’re 100% right, you have every right to be offended. Berkowitz was offended and ran against Jack as a result.

              Lauren wasn’t a council member when she said what she said. In fact, what offended you came out during the election and the voters voted her in anyway. We have come full circle!

              And thanks Lee, I had to read that twice!

              Joey Martinez

      • Lee Moyer says:

        I’m sorry you lost but can see why you did. You take the effort to understand and explain while this format seems to attract those who prefer simplistic answers. Most writers prefer name calling to issue analysis.
        I’ve always felt that those who live in a black and white world may be a little short of gray matter

  3. jimmy says:

    well Tbc it seems like you want people that are in any political office to have advisers or lawyers to tell them what to say and what not to say instead of stating there honest opinion in a situation. This is where these people that get voted for screw up if you vote for some one you want there honest opinion not there fricken advisers or lawyers opinion on situations or whats the point of voting the person. If there just going to end up being a puppet on set a strings

    and this has nothing really to do with comment Lauren Berkaditz made it has to do with politicians being honest yes she made a comment in a situation on her own get over it she a adult humane being not a robot even if you have different political views than her you have to be a least proud that she did this on her own with out being a political puppet

    • Question Authority says:

      She is and will continue to be a political puppet, if you recall she was supported by the local Democratic party even though the election was non party based. Why is that you ask? Because that way they would have a stooge on the council who would support the party and at a later date attempt annexation again. (oops I said that word!) You see the big picture if you stand back and think about the population make up of Rat City, it is ripe pickings for the Democrats, and Burien taking it on would only strengthen the local party.
      I started this whole thread asking for a recall because she is not who she made herself out to be and will turn out to be some shape shifting alien on top of all this. Get rid of her now and Burien and the earth will have a chance again.

      • Joey Martinez says:

        I do have to add, and this is NOT an attack against Nancy Tosta, but Question Authority, Nancy was ALSO endorsed by “those” democrats. If you’re there handing out recall petitions tonight they better have Nancy’s name on them as well. Otherwise you’re a hypocrite. Didn’t you support Nancy?

        For the record, I do think Nancy will do good work on the council and I don’t wish that either Nancy or Lauren be recalled.

        Again, good luck to all Council members!

        Joey Martinez

  4. Chris says:

    I have this funny (actually not-so-funny) feeling that we’ll see Lauren Berkowitz proposing $15/Hour minimum wage legislation at some point during her term. With what has transpired in neighboring Seatac, and what the Seattle mayor is proposing, it seems that this is the legislation de jour right now. With her political leanings, I pretty-much expect that this is going to come up.

  5. TcB says:

    Welcome to the new Council members.

  6. Like it or not this is how our republic works. To ask for a recall before an elected official even takes office is disrespecting the process and the voters who took part.

    If you are opposed to Lauren Berkowitz, just remember she is most likely going to be in the minority so how much harm can she cause.

    As for this new comment rating system my concerns have been validated by seeing one of Joey Martinez’s comments being hidden. Whether you agree with it or not It is a valid opinion and should not be hidden.

    • Lee Moyer says:

      I agree. This rating system discourages real discourse and enables a faceless mob of those who do not think enough of their own opinions to put their real name on them to censor those who openly stand up for what they believe.
      Democracy and freedom of speech depend on open dialogue, not the reactionary mob.

  7. Rob says:

    All this and no one is concerned that a tea partier was elected???

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