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FOUND: Male dog found in Top Hat/White Center area

This male dog was found in Top Hat/White Center off Myers Way and 99th:

FoundDogTopHat [1]

“Had to take him to Kent shelter,” said Willow Fulton. “We couldn’t manage keeping him here till finding the owner or a home and after we had him here for a short time, he jumped our fence to get back into our yard.  He’s sweet but needs behavior training.”

The Kent shelter case is #430305, and the dog’s owner has until Wed. Jan 8, or he becomes property of shelter.

If you recognize this dog, please call (206) 296-3936.

For more info on missing pets, see http://www.kingcounty.gov/safety/regionalAnimalServices/GetHelp/MissingPet.aspx. [2]

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