Accidental shooting injures man in parking lot of Elmer’s Pub

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Just after 1 a.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 2, an older man was accidentally shot in the thigh in the parking lot of Elmer’s Pub, located at 15027 Ambaum Blvd SW in Burien.

When deputies arrived they found a 66-year old Burien man inside the pub with a gunshot wound to his upper leg.

Apparently the man had been outside smoking with a friend when the topic of guns came up.

He then pulled a gun out of his car and accidentally shot himself.

He was taken to Harborview and is expected to survive.

A trusted source who was there said they didn’t hear a gunshot, and added “you wouldn’t know the victim was shot until he walked in.”

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7 Responses to “Accidental shooting injures man in parking lot of Elmer’s Pub”
  1. Sonja says:

    What an idiot! That is 1 man who shouldn’t own a GUN!

  2. jimmy says:

    alcohol and guns are never a good mix if he was drinking witch it kinda makes sense that he was or he did not use the proper handling of a fire arm.
    KEEP YOUR DAM FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER unless your under attack or safely aiming at your target. This guy needs to get his guns and any hunting permits taken away for a year and have to get some firearm’s safety training before getting them back . Unless if it was a error in the gun it self witch also sound unlikely but you never know

    • Tom says:

      let’s see, what are the the odds that a drinking fool, showing off his gun had a mechanical malfunction (as opposed to a brain melt)…………..yeah, about zero

  3. Gunowners Have Moobs' says:

    These gun owners are all pu$$13s. I can challenge that claim by pointing out the very fact they even need a gun in the first place, to feel safe. I have lived and survived the worst of the worst places this country has ever seen; years on end. To see suburbanites stock up on firepower is disgusting, selfish and horrible.

    Guns are killing women and children. Statistically speaking the odds of a legal gun owner successfully using their firearm to defend themselves is about as likely as them using their Toyota Truck to tow their mobile home to a new trailer park.

    Sure, in a pinch a good piece of trailer trash could probably pull that off; but what is the likelihood, and is it really necissary?

    Look at all the gun owners you see. TRASH. Look at their fitness. Look at the fact they get more and more embedded in a fear culture and very early on they will not even take a dump in their own home without their gat by their sides. It is a sad joke. It is comical.

    Unless you are a LEO, or military, or a something of that nature; leave the guns alone.

    The majority of gun owners I know (quite a few, sadly) are such HORRIBLE shots, all they will ever hope to do with their gun is draw down on an unarmed drug crazed criminal and hope he lays down until the cops get there. The statistics on law enforcement and military combat firearms exchange are astoundingly poor. Keep in mind these guys fire 1000’s of rounds under expert guidence, training with tactical training scenarios including low light and moving cover.

    The average gun owner is worthless at 99% of the scenarios they have in mind when they get a gun. These guys get moobs, and they get scared to even go out to eat in public. It really is pathetic, and it is downright emberressing for the rest of us who share their skin color, their neighborhood, their demographics.

    I know what you are saying : “I have a friend who saved a school bus of orphans from a meth crazed nazi using his AK-22!”

    Sure, and I have a friend who made a million dollars with his home recording studio he made a hit song on…RIGHT,

    Truth is; statistcis do nto lie. If you can’t fight your way out of it; you shouldn’t even be in it. The rest of us don’t need your idiot misguided ordinance flying over our heads along with the crackheads’.

    If you can’t fight em, run. Fight or flight. The idea you will stay and shoot it out, typically in a public place is so stupid and wreckless. The idea you think you will get your overweight a$$ out of bed on the drop of a hat and stop a burgler with your pea shooter is stupid too. They are TAKING your gun, and they are shooting your a$$ if they ven THINK you have a gun. That becomes a reality I believe most gun owners wake up to and see once they start the C&C process and start packin’.

    Man up. The odds dont outweight the risk. If guns saved lives; Aurora and Comolobine and all the other nonsense madness would not have gone so far. Save the excuses. top the gun violence and stop being cowards.

  4. VANHOLM says:


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