Hey 12s – send the Seahawks off to the Super Bowl in SeaTac this Sunday!

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This Sunday (Jan. 26) at 10:30 a.m., 12th Fans are invited to rally in the city of SeaTac to help send-off the Seahawks to Super Bowl XLVIII against the Denver Broncos!

Team buses will make their way from Virginia Mason Athletic Center to Sea-Tac Airport around 10:30 a.m. Sunday, traveling along SeaTac’s South 188th Street, where 12s will line the roadway.

Parking is available at nearby Tyee Educational Complex, Chinook Middle School, Bow Lake Elementary School, SeaTac City Hall, Angle Lake Park, and paid parking is also available at adjacent airport lots.

For more information visit: http://shwks.com/fa2t

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9 Responses to “Hey 12s – send the Seahawks off to the Super Bowl in SeaTac this Sunday!”
  1. Question Authority says:

    “Yawn” I find it all to be quite boring and a waste of time, better spent doing more important things like having a life not based on some overpaid goons playing tag.

    • Spelunker says:

      Participation is not mandatory. Go on about your day with out trying to prove you’re better than others, because as long as you behave that way, you won’t be.

      • Question Authority says:

        I do not need to belong to a “group” just to feel better about myself, or “fit in” That’s why I don’t care or need to be a (12)

      • jimmy says:

        It also not mandatory to be a ass just because someone doesn’t like a overpaid corporate [email protected]#$%fest you know it great the team made it and all but when it cost about 4 grand Togo see a football game and that’s without air fair and hotel and every company involved is going to make over a million dollar’s in profit then yes there a bunch over paid goons

        • Spelunker says:

          How was I being an ass, I am not the one who made a pretentious comment. Yeah, it’s expensive to go to the Super Bowl, it is every year.

          How about rather than focusing on the negatives, you focus on tge positives. Based on the Seahawks success, employees of Century Link field had 2 more games to work and get paid for. The bars and restaurants around the stadium had 2 more game days to draw large crowds. The servers had 2 more game days to rake in tips from the crowd. The hotels here had fans from New Orleans and San Francisco, plus the teams, support staff, broadcast crew etc. I am sure there are many other examples of service industry folks that benefit from the Seahawks success.

          But I guess it’s just an overpaid corporate Fu#!fest that doesn’t benefit anyone. So please save your pretentious attitude for yourself when others want to support a team that has actually helped the community.

          • jimmy says:

            ok we get it your a fan you need to really post 3 or 4 comments we get it already go watch the game have fun its what ever I am not a fan there are few people out there are not fans of sports and feel there overpaid ok there are some people out there like the game its what ever so take breath of fresh air man or woman or who ever you are ok calm down
            and when you sit and think about do you think anyone on the seahawks or any nfl team would pay 4 grand to watch you work a overtime shift at your job I mean your a professional at what ever you do you train to do a go job will they pay $100 bucks for shirt with your name on it or $10 for a water down beer to drink why they watch you work I don’t they would but if you want pay the money to see them then go right ahead its what ever

            • Spelunker says:

              The fantastic part about it, is that I will watch the Super Bowl for free, with family, and have a great time. I’m truly sorry if you only see the negative side of the Seahawks making the Super Bowl, but I wont let your negativity rain on my parade. GO HAWKS!

  2. Spelunker says:

    So, I just got back from the Seahawk send off, and was amazed at how many people showed up. Literally thousands of fans showed to wave at 3 busses as they drove by. My wife, who is not a football fan even had a great time, my daughter who is a.toddler, was squealing with enjoyment as all the vehicles drove by honking and cheering.

    Say what you will about football, the players, or the business side, there are very few things that can bring so much positive energy to the community. It’s almost as if the Seattle Freeze had temporarily melted.


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