Here’s what all the police activity was in Burien Thursday afternoon

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If you saw speeding police cars or the King County Sheriff’s Guardian One helicopter circling over Burien early Thursday afternoon, here’s the reason why, according to Sgt. Cindi West:

“There was a burglary at a house in the 12300 block of 8th Ave SW around noon.

A neighbor called when they saw a car pull up to a neighbors house and 2 men got out.

They apparently rang the doorbell and then went through a garage door.

When Burien police arrived the 2 suspects ran from police.

One was apprehended and the other is still outstanding.

Guardian One and K-9 attempted to find the 2nd suspect with no luck.”

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26 Responses to “Here’s what all the police activity was in Burien Thursday afternoon”
  1. Sherrie says:

    Hooray for thoughtful and viligent neighbors!

  2. Ian says:

    Thank you Police! Good job on getting the first one, im sure the other will get nabbed soon too.

  3. Ian says:

    All right, good one, residents and police will make the area safe!

  4. Lee Moyer says:

    To learn more about the police/citizen partnership, check out the Police Academy course coming up soon. It is a very good class, except, maybe, for Sgt M’s bad jokes.

  5. Spelunker says:

    Does this have anything to do with the 8 cop cars and multiple suspects being detained at the sketchy apartment complex on 124th just off Ambaum?

  6. TcB says:

    Anyone that sees anyone walking through the neighborhood ringing doorbells call the cops on them. They’re casing your house, to see if you’re there, or if anyone is paying attention.
    shopping list:
    More wireless cameras
    4 rotor drone copter with camera function

    • jimmy says:

      Just keep your finger off the trigger until your sure the suspicious person is up to no good on your property and a red dot can get a criminal to run pretty fast so make sure to practice shooting some type of moving target’s

      • rose says:

        From research online, Burien is the 2nd most crime-ridden city in washington, and in the worst 2% nationwide

        what will change that? I think im moving.

        The area looks like trash too. no sidewalks, mess, etc

        • TcB says:

          What does “Research Online” mean?
          Please cite the studies, years, and types of crime you’re mentioning, otherwise I will need to go to costco for the huge bags of salt I will have to take with your statement.

          And then you throw in that the area looks like trash…no sidewalks, mess, etc.

          How soon can you move?

          • jimmy says:

            I think it means “rose” type burien crime stats into google and believes everything they read online in stead of checking with the actual city of buriens crime stats then decided to post her so called findings repeatedly on this blog in other words “rose” its time turn your motor off and drop your anchor

            • TcB says:

              I like that “city-data” .com shows stats from 1999-2010 and is all mixed up everywhere. No mention of crime stats from 2013-current.
              Crimes should be understood to be 3 basic types
              Crimes against property (burglary, etc)
              Crimes against Persons (assault, etc)
              Crimes against the state (rebellion)
              I wonder if the argument is that Burien is #2 in all of these areas?

              Let’s find constructive ways to end our crime problems. Let’s form block watches through these discussions. Let’s not just whine and complain and name call and snark at each other about how terrible it is here.

              • Spelunker says:

                Is city data based off of census info? Since the census is only done once every 10 years that could be the reasoning for it being a few years old. I’m not saying it’s a good source or bad source, just trying to figure out why they are missing a few years of data.

          • rose says:

            jump on to google and take a look. Type in Burien- Crime Statistics.

            This website is also helpful. It says that according to reported crimes, based of the Burien population, 1 in 13 people will be directly impacted by a crime consisting of either burglary or asualt.


            im not whining etc im just sharing an interesting link. And as far as making an effort to do something, yes i have personally had a 30 minute meeting with the Burien area development director, discussing code enforcement etc so please dont accuse me of doing nothing.
            When comparing to Bellevue, Kirkland, or other aesthetically nicer areas, the Burien staff do a good job, its just they dont have the same standards that other areas have. thats just how it is. Its like, why is Medina nice and White Center not. it all comes down to effort.

            • jimmy says:

              Here go look at this it from the police department it show that some crime is actually going down all I had to do was go to the city of burien website and type crime and on the side. I clicked on 2012 Annual Police Services Report to Council sorry rose but some of the sites you have talked about in your post stats seem to be a little off. If you think about most of crime is stuff that can be prevented.

              • rose says:

                i agree, if i was a cop i sure wouldnt want anything but good to be said about the ‘lowering’ crime rate.

                Go back to the site and divide the number of reported crimes by the population.
                Let me know what you come up with. 🙂

                • jimmy says:

                  I don’t have do the math. I have lived in this area for almost 30 years and have seen how some of the crime waves come and go in the summer months you get more car prowls and home invasions witch can usually be prevented by people not leaving expensive items in there car. Some people tend to leave there boxes for there expensive electronic items out next to trash or putting there big screen tv in front of there main window on the street side of there house with out thinking about it. Then theirs also making sure that if you have kids that meet new friends in school make sure you get to know there friends and there parents very well before you let them in your house and if find that one them has so called sticky fingers you get on top the issue immediately. These can help in preventing some crimes the assaults and domestic violence are a little harder to prevent but that just people have to learn how to get along in life. Then you go on to the mail issues that can usually be prevented by getting your mail as soon as mail person puts its in the box or getting a box with a lock also getting a security camera or even just a sign that says your watching can help in preventing any issues also keeping a eye out and if you have a neighborhood watch keep in contact with them if you see something take a picture or wright down any info like descriptions of the person or car and e-mail it or call them or if its something major call 911 first then contact the head your neighborhood watch if we all did this we could put a end to a lot of criminals habits in the area and they would ether leave or get busted by the police

        • Name (required) says:

          Highline School system ranks in the lower 20% of Washington state. One third of Highline High School students drop out. (See Highline School Report Card.)

  7. gary says:

    My locked white and red trek road bike was stolen from the bike rack in front of elliot bay brewery between 5 and 8 pm Friday Feburary 7th. Did anyone see anything suspious on the major 4th and152nd SW interdection.

  8. mcq1974 says:


    ‘Why is Medina nice, and White Center not’ ? MONEY, rose…MONEY ! We (Burien) have few KCSO Deputies (‘Burien Police’) contracted to cover our city at any given time/shift. The only way to squeeze out the ‘sludge’ in this city, is to raise property values (yes, taxes go up !) and push the criminal element farther south (Sea-Tac, Federal Way, etc..). Oh, and just PRAY that the new BTC development planning EXCLUDES section 8/low income housing tracks.

    • rose says:

      yes exactly, money is an issue because nice areas do not accomodate low-income people basically. or at least makes it difficult for them to live there. i know we do have to be sympathetic, and i agree supporting low income people is good, but it needs to be very controlled as often crime is very high.
      im at a loss as to what the remedy would be. Basically if Burien asked for $500 bucks per year from each household in Burien, there would be funds available for some serious area improvement.

    • rose says:

      also, i guarantee you Medina would not allow a Methodone distribution center, legal or not, like Burien does. From everything i can find, thats what that camper van is at Donatelli’s market every morning.
      Money, and standards.

    • Earl Gipson says:

      Hey! We here in SeaTac got enough problems of our own.

  9. JME says:

    What is going on in Burien???!!!! My husband and I have filed (3) police reports in the last 6 months! In August of 2013 vandals smashed in multiple vehicle windows in my neighborhood, including our vehicle parked in our driveway – no items stolen – just senseless vandalism! The damage was annoying and expensive. In November 2013, all of our blocks mailboxes were broken into and mail stolen. We purchased a new mailbox ($150) with a secure lock. In December 2013, our next door neighbors car was broken into with multiple valuables stolen. In her defense it was Christmas Eve and she was just stopping home to load her vehicle with gifts when the theft occurred. Yesterday, (2/13/14) my husband’s work van was broken into! They broke the door lock and removed valuable items including reports with all of his personal information on them.
    Before haters say anything – We are very diligent in reporting suspicious behavior, we look out for our neighbors, we even have increased security measures, but these idiots continue to terrorize our homes and neighborhoods. I have put flyer’s in all of the neighbors mailboxes warning them to be on alert. We are beyond frustrated!
    My husband has lived and worked in Burien for most of his life – I moved here 2 years ago and – I am tired of living in a community with such high crime and if selling our home and moving was an option – trust me – we would be gone! What is being done about any of this….not much. I have found that most people are not good neighbors here, they don’t want to be bothered to look out or be involved in any way. I have spoken with community leaders as well as the police department to find out what more can be done. Needless to say – we are left with a feelings of defeat, frustration, and continued helplessness. What more can be done I ask?

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