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LETTER: ‘Citizen/Consumer Voice needs to be in new Economic Development Plan’

[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The B-Town Blog nor its staff:]

Burien’s Citizen/Consumer voice needs to be reflected in the new Economic Development Plan.

Not since 1998 has the City of Burien written an Economic Development Plan. The serious slump in the economy worsened conditions for businesses in Burien so citizens and small business owners on numerous occasions asked the City Council to develop an Economic Development Plan to study and come up with a plan to stimulate the business sector of the city. Also small business owners felt that the city needed to make some changes in its approach and attitude to how they dealt with current businesses or new ones that wanted to open in the city.

In 2010, the City Council promised this plan would be done by 2012. It didn’t happened because the city became distracted with annexation. However, in 2013, the city finally hired 2 consultants to help to develop an Economic Development Plan. The contract written for this consulting firm only included one public meeting for citizens and that meeting really did not gather information on what small businesses and citizens wanted as economic development for their city. This firm was awarded a $50,000 contact for this job.

In March, 2014, the consultants plan to present their plan to the City Council and the public. However, before that plan is finalized I believe that citizens should get to voice in what they want for economic development for their city/neighborhood and that should be considered in the plan. Right now the majority of the citizens have no voice in this plan. I have contacted Survey Monkey to help gather what it is that citizens feel that city needs in terms of economic development. Survey Monkey only allows one hit per site. Survey Monkey will tally the results and they will be published on this blog site. The B-Town Blog has agreed to let this site be used to collect citizen input. The B-Town Blog did not write this survey.

When you think about Economic Development think about businesses and services you would like to be in Burien. Also think about recreation kinds of businesses you would like and support if they were in Burien. Don’t list a business that you wouldn’t stay in the city to use or support. This information could really help current businesses as well as businesses that are willing to relocate know what Burien citizens want and are needed and in what areas of the city. After all, it is the citizen consumer that decides what businesses make it or don’t make it in a city. Also these businesses and services attract new citizens to a city. Let’s help to get business going and moving ahead in the city. Survey Monkey will only collect your answers for 2 weeks so please vote soon.

https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ZVN7B7B [1]

– R. DeLorm

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