Another power outage hits – this time in Burien’s Seahurst neighborhood

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Seattle City Light is reporting that an “equipment failure” has caused a power outage near Seahurst Park in Burien Thursday afternoon (Feb. 20), affecting some 148 homes.

Seattle City Light says that the estimated time of repair is 12:13 a.m. Saturday morning, Feb. 22.

UPDATE Feb. 21 7 p.m.: We just received this explanation from Scott Thomsen at City Light:

We believe the outage in Seaview was caused by a failed underground cable. This powerline is directly buried cable, meaning there is no conduit that houses it. That means crews have to dig up the cable until the find the spot where the failure took place so they can fix it. Unfortunately, in this area we do not have another circuit we can switch to in order to restore service while repairs are made.

Crews have been on-site, working non-stop since 7 pm yesterday trying to locate the failure spot. They may have to cut through pavement in some instances to get to the cable just to check it. They have not yet found the trouble spot, which is why we don’t have a good estimate for restoration.

We recognize the inconvenience this has caused for our customers. Our crews are working hard to find the trouble spot. Once they do, the repair should be fairly quick.

Resident Margaret Fehrenbach is upset about it – this is what she emailed us this morning:

Today’s power outage by Seahurst Park from 12 midnight to supposedly 8 am seems to be a “planned” unplanned power outage as they fix the sea wall. Can you look into why 8 hours for 148 customers with no weather, etc. Our new groceries were impacted, etc There is a truck just sitting at the closed entrance to the Park but the trucks are coming and going with no problems. Will there be more of these for us near the Park without due notice?

Now it is 11 am and the trucks keep going out now

All food has to thrown out and for what?

No work at home this morning either

Seattle City light says it is a broken cable.

Did the workers break it down at the Park and who will pay for over hundred persons’ thrown out food? Ps Seattle City light said up 36 hours in refrigerator for food-FEMA says only 4 hours for most food!

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6 Responses to “Another power outage hits – this time in Burien’s Seahurst neighborhood”
  1. Carol says:

    Why does your food need thrown out? Eggs, butter, vegi’s, fruit, milk and mayo are safe if kept in a cool place for many hours. Even meat does not need thrown out if kept cool. Now if it was 80 degrees or higher you may need to toss it if not kept cold but even then an hour or so at that temp will not kill you..

  2. Jim Reno says:

    It’s now past 3PM Friday and still no power. Now its 15 straight hours of no power as it went out at midnight. Looks like a major failure as crews are still working on underground vaults at park entrance area

  3. MJ says:

    Power is still out! This is redicoulous. I have two little kids one is 10 weeks old and my house is freezing cold. We will probably lose all of our frozen food and possibly all of the food in the fridge because they keep pushing back the time it should be restored. Now they are saying it won’t be back on until closer to 5pm. I could have planned better got ice chests went to family’s house to wait it out, etc. but they have given so many different times as to when it will be back on that we really can’t plan. The power was lost the night before as well for at least four hours. Why is this happening? Are we suppose to just count our losses. We have already spent a lot today on ice and eating out, so my kids could keep warm. Not to mention all of the loss from our freezer stash of food.. I’m totally frustrated.

  4. C Desilets says:

    I have a 12 week old baby and have had to spend the entire day away from home and now it appears the night too. This is unacceptable.

  5. Margaret Fehrenbach says:

    As I told Scott, how could they have been working on the problem 5 hours before it happened? And we do not live on a sub- we live in Seahurst! Inconvenience? Does not sound like it was just a bothersome time but it had real life consequences and this was comments from only 5 residents that found an outlet from their frustration.

    It turned out to be over 20 plus hours and yes, food had to thrown out- since even at one time they said that there was no known time for restoration (at around 3 pm ). Sad when an official cannot take the time to get it right and let us know what reapply happened.

    How come our city does not protect us from this type of crash of important services possibly from contractors working for our city? There should be reimbursement provided for since it appears like it was breakage at the Park construction site and better communication to residents during the time of outage since it was not weather related…

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