Learn why there’s a ‘Buzz about Mason Bees’ on Sunday, March 9

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Learn why there’s a ‘Buzz about Mason Bees’ at a free Sustainable Burien presentation on Sunday, March 9 at the Burien Library.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Coffee & Cookies at 1:45 p.m.
  • Meeting begins at 2:00 p.m.
  • All ages welcome!

Mason bees (Osmia Lignaria) are native to PNW.

Mason bees DO NOT STING! They look like a fly with antennae.

They are fabulous pollinators and live in holes they find or we provide. You may already have some in the shingles of your roof or holes in your fence.

Mason Bees are very gentle and non-aggressive.

Perfectly safe around kids and pets.

Here’s more info:

Why should you consider having bees in your yard?

I started with a small number of bees – like I offer to others — and now have more than my property will support.  I’m maxed out, so to speak.  This was intentional as I wanted to grow my colony so I could reach out to you and encourage you to get involved in this wonderful work.

We’ve all heard about the plight of honey bee die off and our dependence on bees for food.  I provide you the opportunity to get involved and contribute to the resurgence of bees in general.

I really believe our food supply around the globe is in trouble.  Encouraging one native pollinator, our Orchard Mason Bee Osmia Lignaria, is how we connect to and become part of the solution.  By hosting bees in your own yard you will encourage others to think twice before buying that can of RAID or washing their car with “stuff” that ends up in our streams.  It’s time to take responsibility for our actions and stop using pesticides and herbicides.  Our food supply and our lives depend on it.

It’s time that our community (and the rest of the world) learns there is something WE CAN DO EASILY AND INEXPENSIVELY in our own back yards to help the bees.

Each of us can decide our own level of commitment. You may want to buy bees and a box and learn how to successfully care for them.  Invite me to speak to your group.  You may say,  “What, me wash bees and store them all winter?  No way!”  That’s why I’m here, offering you the opportunity to rent bees, have all of the fun, and let me do the work.  (Sort of like grandparents enjoying their grandchildren and then sending them home to mom and dad.)

Or you can ignore the whole situation.  Your choice.  Only from knowledge can we make informed decisions.  Let Missy provide that knowledge for you.


Schedule a talk by contacting Missy at [email protected] and find lots more information on her website www.rentmasonbees.com

To Provide a Habitat, You‛ll Need:

  1. a dry place to hang the nest
  2. spring pollen-bearing plants
  3. mud

This Community Meeting is sponsored by the Weed Warriors and the National Wildlife Federation‛s Program to Certify Cities as a Wildlife Habitat Community.

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