LETTER: ‘Two weeks ago, you were asked to participate in a citizen survey…’

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The B-Town Blog nor its staff:]

Hello Neighbors and Members of the Burien Community,

Thank you very much for your ideas! And thanks to Scott Schaefer for allowing space in The B-Town Blog to collect your ideas.

Two weeks ago, you were asked to participate in citizen survey so that some information could be given to the City and the consultants the City hired about what the citizens really wanted as business and recreational opportunities in the City. As of this last Monday, there were 126 citizens who submitted ideas.

This is a preliminary report on the first 100 replies. There is more to be teased out of your responses but I promised I would get some results to you at the end of two weeks.

First off, 68% of you knew exactly which neighborhood you lived in, in Burien. The other 32% of you knew you lived in Burien and could mention local streets, schools or churches that were close by but couldn’t identify with a specific neighborhood. That is probably because Burien doesn’t have a Neighborhoods Map and hasn’t done a neighborhood plan with your area. Neighborhood plans are supposed to be part of the Burien Comprehensive Plan for all neighborhoods in the City.

The highest scoring item of a business you wanted in the City was a movie theater or Cineplex, 26%. Ten percent of you wanted a YMCA. It is very likely that a number of you have seen the one in Sea Tac and would like something that here in Burien. Maybe this will give the City some idea of what you want in the new Community Rec. Center that the Council is talking about building.

A high quality restaurant that serves steaks and seafood got 8% of your votes. While there were a number of comments about wanting arts related businesses, specific ones were listed as single vote items and will be given in a follow up report.

Next was a desire for live theater which tied with a department store with good quality clothing, hats, etc. Target received 3% of the vote and, PCC Foods got 2% and Home Depot, Lowes and Whole Foods received each 1% of your votes.

These other things each received 3% of your votes, Boys and Girls Club, a place for teenage activities, an indoor playground, an arcade and gymnastics and dance. Live music/Dance club and an arts and crafts store got 2% each of the vote.There are a list of items that each got 1% of the vote and they will be discussed in a later update to this survey.

The recurring theme in your responses was that you want more family activity kinds of place in Burien for kids, teens and their parents; arcades, places to run, dance, exercise, swim, eat together in a casual setting and play games. You also want some places that groups can get together in.

While someone can certainly criticize that this survey wasn’t scientific,it was cost effective, quick and it seems to give a quick snapshot of what Burien citizens want right now. I will send these early results on to the Burien City Council, Economic Planning Consultants, the Burien appointed citizen advisory group and hope that they take note of what the citizens have indicted they want and will support in Burien business. Hopefully Discover Burien will share these results will people wanting to start new businesses in Burien.

Thank you again for adding your voice to this conversation about how to make Burien a better and more robust City. Go Burien.

– R. DeLorm

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3 Responses to “LETTER: ‘Two weeks ago, you were asked to participate in a citizen survey…’”
  1. eric says:

    The desire of live theater is interesting. Burien Actors Theatre has been in Burien for 34 years. (Was BLT.) “Noises Off” is on stage right now at the old Staples store at 14907 4th Ave SW, having moved following the first at the annex. Check out the review of “Noises Off” http://b-townblog.com/2014/02/21/review-noises-off-from-the-ashes-of-tragedy-comes-a-comedy-so-hilarious/

  2. Whole Foods, Chicos, a technology and or trade school, Boutique Hotel, Office buildings, a unique convention center tied in with the Airport, Theater, All Event Center, unique shops and art stores.

  3. J says:

    Curious to know the mapped area of responses.

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