Serious injury accident on SR-509 at S. 128th Thursday morning

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The Burien Police Department is reporting that a serious injury accident occurred on SR-509 at the S. 128th exit in Burien Thursday morning:


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6 Responses to “Serious injury accident on SR-509 at S. 128th Thursday morning”
  1. whats up says:

    Whatever happened at the Social Security Office yesterday? These bits and pieces reporting sucks!!!

    • From what we gathered, something happened at the SSA office on SW 156th but since it’s a Federal entity, local police (including the King County Sheriff’s Office) were not involved.

      We have been trying to get more info and will do an update if/when we find out more.


  2. jimmy says:

    hmm some body did not see the big red WRONG WAY sign’s from what it looks like nice car to bad its a chunk of scrap metal now hopefully the driver heals up and learns a lesson from there mistakes

  3. hassie44 says:

    this accident happened right in front of me – had just gotten off 509 and was waiting for the light to turn green so i could make a left on to 128th. the other car involved (who was 100% at fault) was coming from west bound 128th (red car in picture was going the opposite direction). from my perspective, it looked like the other car was speeding and trying to make a left turn on the off ramp where i stopped at maybe thinking it was an on ramp to get to 509. had it not been for the red car that slammed into him, the other car would’ve probably slammed into me had he been successful in making that left turn.

  4. Becky says:

    Driver of red car not at fault other car truned to go up off ramp . Driver is my nephew.

  5. sallie tierney says:

    I live three blocks from there – this explains all the sirens. Yikes!

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