Two arrests made in Sound Transit Light Rail assault in SeaTac

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King County Sheriff’s detectives working for Sound Transit Police announced Friday (March 28) that they have arrested two of five teens suspected of assaulting a man and breaking his jaw on a light rail train last week.

Detectives reviewed surveillance footage of the March 20th incident and arrest two teen boys, 15 and 16 years of age, the day after the incident. Both teens were booked into the Youth Services Center for Investigation of Felony Assault.

Police said they are still seeking three suspects in the case and will continue to work the case until they are in custody.

The assault occurred on Thursday, March 20 aboard a light rail train heading to Seattle from Sea-Tac Airport. The victim was repeatedly punched and kicked by the five suspects when he tried to defuse the group after they harassed another passenger on the train.

The King County Sheriff’s Office contracts with Sound Transit for police services.

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5 Responses to “Two arrests made in Sound Transit Light Rail assault in SeaTac”
  1. Question Authority says:

    Where’s Bernie Goetz from NYC subway fame when you need him most.

    • krm says:

      No! Only the police are to intervine in a case like this. Good sheeple have no need for self defence. Be good and let the police take all control.

  2. John Poitras says:

    I hope the victim sues the parents for a large amount of money. Thats the only way to teach these punks a lesson . Maybe if it hits their pocket the parents will step up to the plate and do what is necessary to keep their children from committing felonies.

  3. John Poitras says:

    The PARENTS need to control their children and stop them from continuing down the path to eventually serving hard time. I hope the victim hits the parents with a huge lawsuit to cover all his medical and pain and suffering. THEY are responsible for their childs behavior. Maybe hitting them in their pocketbook will serve as a wakeup call for these ineffective parents .

    • Mark says:

      Usually the kids who do these types of things come from the types of “parents” that have pockets deep enough to sue. YEAH RIGHT!!! Where is the logic of your post John? Not all “good” parents raise “good” kids. Not all “bad” parents raise “bad” kids. Some “good” parents raise “bad” kids, some “bad” parents raise “good” kids. You are assuming that those parents of the “bad” kids have deep pockets. I think statistics show that most “bad” kids usually come from the kinds of households which have little money and no resources to fill your pockets with.

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