Burien Police: passengers convince driver of stolen car to surrender

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The Burien Police Department reported on its Facebook page a story about how the passengers in a stolen car convinced the driver to surrender just as he was about to run into an officer on Friday:

We have very proactive officers who keep busy looking for criminal activity when not responding to 911 calls. Sure, they enjoy a cup of coffee with their partners from time to time but take even more pleasure in keeping your neighborhood safe. Once such Officer is Pete Copeland, prior recipient of our “Officer of the Year” award.

On Friday Officer Copeland saw a car driving at SW 128 and 2 SW. Knowing the car is a model which is commonly stolen, Officer Copeland turned around in order to get behind it and run the license plate. As soon as the driver saw him do this, he rapidly accelerated and ran right through a red light at 4 SW. We always stop at red lights, and bad guys know this and try to create distance between them and us by committing such a reckless act.

The driver then turned a corner and up someone’s steep driveway in an attempt to hide from the officer. This didn’t work and Officer Copeland pulled in behind him. This is where it gets scary: The suspect put the car into reverse and rapidly accelerated towards Officer Copeland who was now on foot and his police car. Sometimes this places an officer in a tactically unsafe position and in an attempt to avoid getting run over, officers sometimes shoot at the driver to stop the threat. We train our officers to avoid this whenever possible. Cars are easy to fix, but we don’t want our officers run over and we don’t like shooting people…ever!

Officer Copeland reacted quickly and positioned himself out of harms way, ordering the suspect to stop. The passengers in the car also were yelling at the driver to stop. We like to see examples of positive peer pressure and this time it worked. The driver stopped his desperate attempt and gave up.

Of course, once the situation was stable and backup officers arrived, it was determined the car was stolen. The suspect also had a ring of shaved keys, demonstrating his chosen occupation as an auto thief. Suspects take car keys and shave the teeth down so they will work in lots of other cars. Nice work Officer Copeland, who knows what shenanigans the occupants of this stolen car were up to! Now they are enjoying powdered egg substitute and institutional oatmeal.

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2 Responses to “Burien Police: passengers convince driver of stolen car to surrender”
  1. watchful says:

    The driver was a potential killer, thanks to Officer Copeland, for putting a stop to him. Lets see how long before the driver is out on bail and back to work!

  2. Greg Duff says:

    I have always said that Burien/King County has the finest police department anywhere. Officer Copeland is another example of a well trained officer who cares.
    Thank you Officer Copeland.

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