Undercover Burien Police Officers bust drug dealers near City Hall/Library

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On Thursday night (April 10), undercover Burien Police officers busted three adult drug dealers near the City Hall/Library/Town Square area, confiscating two scales, a glass smoking pipe, methamphetamine and a pellet gun; and arresting one.

“Scales are not used by drug users, rather by the dealers so we know we got the right people here,” reads an announcement on the Burien PD Facebook page. “One of them had a pellet gun when he was arrested. The gun was very real looking and we’re thankful it didn’t come into play and result in a tragic use of deadly force by our detectives.”

Burien PD added:

“We’ve had some problems with a criminal element hanging around the City Hall and Library complex. A fair number of young adults spend a lot of time hanging out at the park adjacent to the west side of the building. Some of them are good people, many are not. We’ve spent a lot of time there encouraging people to behave and holding those who were causing problems accountable for their actions. We want people to use the library or go to city hall without having to stroll through a gauntlet of those who are misbehaving.”


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22 Responses to “Undercover Burien Police Officers bust drug dealers near City Hall/Library”
  1. Jack says:

    Misbehaving is what little kids do; they are breaking the law as adults. I walked past four young men two weeks ago who were lighting up drugs right by the library. Why do we tolerate this?

    • Question Authority says:

      The Police can only dedicate a few officers to the downtown core because they have so much “business” in North Highline / Rat City border. Feel free to go online and look at the crime map statistics before you come charging out with your support of the “da hood”

  2. jolie says:

    Thank you, Burien PD. Please keep at this. I had to walk through a sea of obscenities to enter the library last week, and was glad my child wasn’t with me. I’ve considered buying a condo at Town Square but this element is a major drawback to making that investment.

  3. Tom says:

    It would be nice to use the library without the feeling that being armed would be a good idea.

  4. Jace says:

    Good to hear but there’s many more! There’s a few growing & dealing houses in my neighborhood and nothing has ever happened to them. It’s lovely to go outside and smell growing ops and smoke. Also the increase of quick visitors especially on Fridays/Saturdays. Police have been informed over 5 years ago – been going on for over 15 years.

    • jimmy says:

      It sounds like they most likely they have a medical permit to grow for other people also you kinda sound like ex smoker that just wants a bong hit but can’t do to there employer

      • Jace says:

        Are you serious?!? I guarantee it is not medical – not that I condone that either. Also, I’m self employed and not a drug user.

        • jimmy says:

          Well have you ask them or let them know you can smell it and its bothering you and most likely they will fix it or if you have a neighborhood then contact your watch captain and they can contact the local police for the area and they check on if neighbors have a medical permit and anyways they could be doing a lot worse then growing some dam pot

          • Jace says:

            Sad to hear all their illegal activity is acceptable to you. More than one home is not only illegally growing, distributing and smoking it outside (which is illegal even for medical) – any knowledgable person knows additional illegal activities go along with these practices.

            My neighborhood doesn’t have a block watch. Also, try having asthma and breathing toxic air all the time, bad for kids too. We don’t even have guests over anymore because they’ve complained when they’re here.

  5. Loren says:

    We tolerate it because this is what our society has become after decades of liberal policies. Elections have consequences. 2+2 does not equal 5.

    • Question Authority says:

      That’s what you get for policy when you vote for left wing candidates like Lauren Berkaditz, she’s all about “hugs not handcuffs”. Drug dealers have rights to express themselves too.

  6. Marianne says:

    It is always a frightening experience to get in and out of the Burien library when it is dark outside. Thank you Burien PD for helping to make it safer.

  7. jimmy says:

    In about 25 to 30 years of living in this area I personally have never felt unsafe going to the burien library I think some people watch to much crime drama crap on TV and 24 hour news channel tend to get people worried about anything and everything if you see someone dealing illegal drugs then tell the staff in the library or call the police and why is it that some people around here tend to blame teenagers for anything oh no there’s teenagers at the library oh no what could be worse oh no there always on the computers oh no they listen to a different type music then me oh no they ware clothing that is different then what I ware they must be all be criminal’s ahh it north BURIEN fault ahhh the sky is falling ahhh

    • jason dawgs says:

      i dont know where in burien you are but it is a huuuge problem here it is everywhere and the users just keep getting younger and younger i see it everyday and yes it is unsafe to walk alone in burien at night.i was almost jumped by 5 juggalos or whatever they are called because i was walking home alone .

      • jimmy says:

        Did you report what you saw to the staff and have them call the cops on the guy and as for the jugalows they all need to eat a bullet most of them are loser’s that herd a song and decided to paint there faces like clowns and call them self’s a gang if out at night yes it can a little unsafe if your buy your self and are kinda small I suggest if you feel that unsafe then carry a small high powered stun gun and learn how safely use it

    • jimmy says:

      Oh dam my haters did not like this one ahh hit to close to home I guess some people around here tend to think if teenagers are not wearing a polo shirt and khaki pants then there a criminal probably some of the same people that basically disowned there kids/teenagers in the late 90s and early 2000s for hanging out at the park and ride all day and not wanting to play dress up or learn how to play elevator music

  8. jason dawgs says:

    I can’t believe it took so long for the burien pd to do something about the drug problem at the library,one day i walked in the bathroom and there were a line of kids waiting for the guy to weigh out there drugs right out in the open i mean come on it has been going on for so long and they are not discreet at all about what they are doing.there are 13 year old kids on meth something needs to be done in burien about this epedemic its really disturbing to me and i personally dont have any children but if i did i would not want them any where near that library and its sad because kids who are trying to dot he right thing need to go there for schoolwork i really hope there are more busts like this

  9. jason dawgs says:

    also did anybody hear about a 19 year old kid commiting suicide by jumping off the transit center parking garage????????

  10. jason dawgs says:

    i am so sorry i dont know why there was no police report or anything.i actually know a few people who were freinds with him and i didnt know if it was true or not again im so sorry for your loss.

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