ELECTION: Early returns show Prop. 1 losing

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The first round of returns has been released by King County Elections, and Proposition No. 1, a Sales and Use Tax for Metro Transit, is losing by nearly 11 percent – a deficit that may be hard to overcome.

If approved, Prop. 1 would have authorized the district “to impose, for a period of ten years, a sales and use tax of 0.1% under RCW 82.14.0455 and an annual vehicle fee of sixty dollars ($60) per registered vehicle under RCW 82.80.140 with a twenty dollar ($20) rebate for low-income individuals.”

King County Transportation District Proposition No. 1 Sales and Use Tax and Vehicle Fee for Transportation Improvements:

(Precincts ( 251/ 251 ) 100.00

  • Yes: 162508 • 44.72%
  • No: 200887 • 55.28%

This measure requires a simple majority to pass.

We’ll post an update Wed. night when the next round of results are released.

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