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PUGET SOUND WEATHER GEEK: Wet May, and another storm

by Chris Scragg [1]

Press PLAY for live streaming video by the Puget Sound Weather Geek! [2]

Last weekend’s storm started May off surprisingly wet. Some areas in Western Washington were dumped on for hours and gained up to 2 inches of rain.

High precipitation as last storm approaches Washington.

Thunderstorms were forecast to be possible last weekend, yet no lightning strikes were detected by the National Weather Service in Seattle. One possible reason why none of the strong cells produced lightning is that there wasn’t enough convective heat generated by the sun and radiated off the ground. Last weekend’s system was very moist in the mid to upper levels which produced a lot of cloud coverage which then kept the sun from heating the ground and firing the extra pop needed for a storm to produce lightning. Storms in Seattle do typically experience a lack of lightning activity. Below is a loop of the visible satellite images for the day, you can see how little sunbreaks there were across the area limiting the convective power of the storms.

A similar low pressure system to the is forecast to arrive on Thursday. Like our previous system, it will bring in heavy bands of rain and breezy 25-35mph winds. I will release updates on it as approaches.

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