Extra patrols will be out, seeking unbuckled & distracted Drivers

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Unbuckled or texting Drivers beware – the City of Burien will be participating in extra emphasis police patrols that will take place between May 19 and June 1.

“On the heels of the first-ever statewide distracted driving extra enforcement campaign, law enforcement officers will be out once again searching for not only unbuckled drivers but distracted drivers as part of the annual ‘Click it or Ticket’ patrols,” reads an announcement.

In King County, during the recent distracted driving campaign which took place between April 10th and 15th, 836 cell phone and texting violations were written.

The “Handheld Cell Phone Use” law became a primary law in Washington in June 2010. Prior to that law taking effect, on average, 700 drivers were cited for cell phone use per month statewide. After the law went into effect, the number of motorists cited for cell phone use increased and has stayed consistent at approximately 4,000 per month.

Likewise, after the primary seat belt law took effect in June 2002 seat belt violations initially increased and then the seat belt use rate increased. This model of high visibility enforcement has proven to change behaviors and is now being applied to distracted driving. Texting and cell phone usage is aggravating to so many motorists and it remains a growing public health and traffic safety issue.

That is why between May 19 and June 1, motorists in King County can expect to see extra seat belt AND distracted driving patrols.

Last year, during this same time period, officers on extra patrols statewide issued 2,963 seat belt violations amongst the 11,666 motorists who were stopped.

Also last year during this time period, 1,897 cell phone and texting violations were written. However, taking a historical look, in 2010, (when the primary law went into effect) only 63 drivers were cited statewide at this time.

In King County, the Auburn, Bellevue, Black Diamond, Burien, Covington, Federal Way, Issaquah, Kent, Kirkland, Lake Forest Park, Maple Valley, Mercer Island, Port of Seattle, Redmond, Renton, Sammamish, SeaTac, Seattle, Snoqualmie, Tukwila and Woodinville Police Departments as well as the Washington State Patrol will be teaming up and participating in these extra patrols, with the support of the King County Target Zero Task Force.

These and all extra patrols are part of Target Zero—striving to end traffic deaths and serious injuries in Washington by 2030. For more information, visit www.targetzero.com. Additional information on the Washington Traffic Safety Commission can be found on the website, www.wtsc.wa.gov.

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13 Responses to “Extra patrols will be out, seeking unbuckled & distracted Drivers”
  1. John Farrar says:

    Nice PR- This is just revenue generation when cops write tickets for victimless issues ( mala prohibita i.e. breach of contract) .
    These cases leak like a sieve in court, but the general public is to stupid and ignorant to defend themselves because they don’t know that it’s an issue of breach of contract.
    And two, there’s no corpus delecti, so enforcement is achieved through the consent of the defendant who has NO IDEA that “failure to object, it appears that you agree”.

    • Wanker says:

      Sounds like you’ve gotten your share of tickets! Thank you Burien P.D for making the roads a little safer, while putting up with self-righteousness, self-taught wannabe attorneys.

    • Lee Moyer says:

      Your logic seems to be a boves excredus case, which is a right to which you are entitled by the first ammendment.

      If it was just revenue generation, they would not publicize the campaign.

      If these were victimless crimes, there would be a lot fewer articles about property damage, injuries and death by distracted drivers. Wearing a seat belt inproves your chances of controlling your vehicle in an emergency and thus reduces the likelyhood of victims.

  2. Kex says:

    So, when you see a cop driving down the road with a cell phone to his ear, who should you report it to? When you see a Burien police car on I-405, driving in the carpool lane with only one person in the car, speeding, with a cell phone to his ear, who should you report it to?

    • Joey Martinez says:

      Checking the law on that Kex. It’s in the law that they can drive in the car pool lane (single vehicle) and talk on the phone while driving.

      I agree that they should be able to drive (single occupant) in the carpool lane. They’re on our dime and are an expensive resource. I’d rather they be “fighting crime” over being stuck in traffic.

      The phone to the ear on the other hand….

      Joey Martinez

      • Question Authority says:

        Strange thing about your logic is, why should a cop have a phone to his or her ear when they receive all dispatch and information over the computer or radio. Talking to their loving spouse about what’s for dinner or how their kid did at T-ball does not justify risking my life while they drive distracted. I suppose it could be cop to cop on the phone talking about pulling over that hot redhead and keeping it off the radio might have a bit to do with it. And while I have your attention, why do I have to pay a “fighting crime” cop to drive a city owed vehicle to and from home outside the city limits on I-405 if that was the case? Talk about on the dime and expensive, just like using Burien cops in Rat City like you support.

        • Lee Moyer says:

          When I did a ride along (with no advance notice to the officer, by the way) a couple years ago I noticed that he had the radio, department cell phone and computer for police use. The cell phone obviously reduced the chatter on the radio. It was used for things like confirming the ETA of a back up officer on a domestic violence call. Hardly something that needed to be broadcast to all units.
          As I recall, it is county policy for the officer to take the car home. Since the officer is “always on duty” he needs his car available. He is also responsible for keeping it maintained and fueled. I was told that since it is always the same car, the cars seem to last longer. A State Patrol officer neighbor of mine brings her patrol car home as well.
          It did seem that all this communication equipment was a distraction for driving but I didn’t see how the situation could be improved.

          • Question Authority says:

            As a multi decade public servant I can say with great confidence that no law officer whether it be city, county or state is going to spend any of their own money maintaining, let alone fueling a vehicle, checking the oil and a quick wash is all you are obligated to do. If they are aways “on duty” how come they they allow them to take vacation and leave town?

            • Lee Moyer says:

              Q A
              Of course they don’t spend their own money on the vehicle. No one said otherwise. I used “always on duty” with quotes because it is not to be taken literally. Their training does include significant responsibilitiesand appropriate actions for situations they could encounter when they are not on scheduled duty, out of their jurisdiction and out of uniform. .

        • othersideoftracks says:

          When you really need a cop, who gives a rats ass where they come from? As long as they are there.

  3. jimmy says:

    I feel as if you buckle your seat belt and drive correctly and your vehicle is in working condition you have nothing worry about.

    p.s has anyone else notice that “wanker” and “Question Authority” are all of sudden going opposite direction of each other instead of agreeing with each other and replying to each other back and forth hmm kinda interesting but not interesting at the same time nice try bert

    • Question Authority says:

      Hey Jimmy? Take off your foil lined hat and get back on your prescribed medication because your assumption is just that. I certainly do not take the time, or care for that matter who, or who does not agree or not with me and actually never will care. I have no alter presence on this site so you are incorrect and miguided.
      P.S. I appreciate the contributions of law enforcement, as long as rules/laws are followed.

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