REPORT: Six shots fired in parking lot Wednesday night

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BTB Reader Lisa Bosques reports that there was a shooting in Burien Wednesday (May 21) in a parking lot located at 17730 Des Moines Memorial Drive South.

“My husband and son (who was holding the letter from Sylvester Middle School about the boy and his gun) were waiting for me in the parking lot, and a car drove by and fired at least 6 shots into the parking lot between my office and the My Goods Market convenience store (177th and Ambaum Blvd S),” Lisa said in a Comment. “We left but my coworker saw the police come to search the parking lot and put up crime tape. I am hoping to get more info about this incident and find out if these guys were caught.”

We contacted Capt. Bryan Howard of the Burien Police Department, who said:

“Yes there were shots fired there.

One male was hit, he drove himself to the hospital for treatment. It was not life-threatening.

Deputies are still working to sort out what happened but at this time it doesn’t appear this was random as the parties involved may know each other.”

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10 Responses to “REPORT: Six shots fired in parking lot Wednesday night”
  1. Tonya L says:

    It is my understanding it had nothing to do with BZ’s, it was a customer of the small grocery store next door that was involved. You should consider changing your headline so as not to bring undeserved bad publicity to a respected Burien business.

    • Lisa B says:

      Sorry about that, I used that business name as a reference point in my original comment to the blog. It is a decent size parking lot surrounded by several businesses. I’m glad that part was removed.

    • Wanker says:

      Are you really more concerned with which business the customer who opened fire was from, rather than the fact that someone felt it was okay to start shooting in the first place?

    • TbC says:

      ” a respected Burien business.”

      That’s a good one!

    • Harry Hamlin says:

      We moved here from West Seattle in 1959. Burien was then an area of infinite prospects, most of which have been thrown away.

      Back in the early 1980’s we had a rash of gang related shootings in Burien. The subsequent influx of more conscientious immigrants and the aging of the crime prone demographic moved us away from that.

      Now the cycle seems to be repeating itself. This is unacceptable.

      In 1963, If a local policeman saw a car with 5-6 youths in it at 2:30 AM, common sense alone dictated a stop and check. A few times I was in that car. We never even thought of complaining to the ACLU.

      The same rationale applied to groups of kids in parking lots and on street corners. Nobody questioned the right or authority of the police to check I.D.’s and enforce the curfew. That’s right, curfew. Unless you were on your way home from work, an under eighteen person on the streets after 10 PM was violating curfew. This wasn’t terribly restrictive, since most of us had after school or night or weekend jobs after we turned 16. In the sixties there was always more work to be done than hands to do it.

      Usually the police just drove a curfew violator home, unless he mouthed off. Then, they called his parents away from Johnny Carson to pick him up. Then he was in big trouble.

      A curfew violation was grounds for a frisk, too. I never heard of a policeman taking a firearm off a kid, though occasionally they got a jacknife with a blade 1/2″ too long. If it was a work knife, they ignored it and handed it back; a “show” blade or dagger was broken right there against the curb. Nowadays, they’d probably pick up a dozen handguns every night.

      Re-imposing the curfew might not be a bad idea.

      There are no real Constitutional barriers to this; any racial objections can be overcome by equal application. Please feel free to stop my blue-eyed blonde descendants.

      • Question Authority says:

        In the mid to late Seventies I also had to explain on numerous occasions to the Law why I was out and about in Burien, usually I was headed to, or away from causing some trouble.
        I certainly learned respect for the Law because handcuffs hurt and I fully support the polite violation of everyones “rights” because when out in public all bets are off for your privacy.
        Knowing right from wrong is your responsibility, just give the Law a reason to jack you and you will quickly learn what you should have learned from your parents at home. Billy club beat downs serves as an excellent learning tool every time.

  2. tony t says:

    I am wondering why anyone who saw a car shoot at someone would be wondering what was going on. When you called and waited for the police you probably would be informed then. Oh wait, you just drove away. What a great person you are.

  3. Lisa B. says:

    Note to self, no more commenting on anything ever.

    • Lisa B says:

      …except to say that a) we all thought it was backfire from their junky car, b) we DID call the cops to let them know what we saw and c) we were right there but did not see the shooting as it occurred behind my husband’s car with visibility partially blocked by trees. They don’t come out to every report of shots fired. Before my last comment posted I wrote a much longer explanation of what happened but something happened to my comment.

      • Tonya L says:

        Dont let one person being a jerk have any influence. You did the right thing by calling it in and getting your family out of there. There was no way of you knowing if you were in any danger, if they were going to escalate it or return, etc. If I was in that situation with my child I would have high tailed it out of there too!

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